Realtor to Live Stream 24 Hours in House for Charity | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

I’m Melanie Atkinson realtor with Smith
and Associates and I’m campaigning for the 2019 Tampa Bay Woman of the Year
join me this Saturday for a 24 hour livestream on YouTube to raise money for
the West chase Charitable Foundation co-hosting with me because I can’t do
this by myself is Jen talks forever hey the name says it all we’re gonna have a
great show for you with Tampa Bay trivia a chance to ask Melanie real estate
questions an actual open house you’re invited to and a few surprise guests the
only thing missing will be sleep Tampa businesses we’re looking for you to
anyone that donates $100 or more is welcome to come by and we’ll put you on
air now this is something we’ve never done before so we really have no idea
what’s gonna happen but let’s be honest that’s the best part
for you the viewers so be sure to tune in this Saturday to support a great
cause and see if we can survive 24 hours live

  • Melanie Loves Tampa Bay

    Join us this Saturday LIVE for 24 hours raising money for the Westchase Charitable Foundation – donations can be made via a special GoFundMe page:

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