Realopedia Webinar for Miami Association of Realtors Members – Broker/ Agent & Real Estate Company

good morning Miami good morning from
Dubai is good afternoon from Dubai and good morning to everyone. thank you for
attending and registering on the Reolopedia introduction series that we
present with Miami. I believe this is our 36th or 35th webinar with Miami so
it’s quite exciting. We’d like to take you through Realopedia and update you
with what is happening on Realopedia and the advantages to being Realopedia. My name is Laura Choueri. this is me I
am the founder and CEO of Realopedia and very happy to be working toward this
beautiful concept where we connect real estate professionals globally. I have
with me today our team we have Paul, Peter, Jay, Michael, Dexter and
Florence from the UAE team that are all logged in and attending the webinar with
us. a little bit about Realopedia now for those of you that have not been on
the webinar before and I see there are a lot of people registered and names I
don’t I cannot remember so let me just give you a little brief about Realopedia
it is a global real estate portal. It’s a business networking marketplace that
brings together the industry specialists. under one platform it is a platform
where investors can search for commercial and residential properties
and investments, agents and real estate companies at developers and service
providers which is why we like working with government bodies and associations
to ensure that we always bring the professional to the real estate investor
Realopedia has a crowdfunding segment with our us partners that will be live
in October. it is the US office that creates the opportunities that will be
listed on Realopedia will appear we are not and we are not an equity crowd
funding platform which means that we do not raise money we simply list the
opportunities and our us partners are involved in the compliances out of the
United States. we also offer a data bank of real estate in sight new statistics
reports webinars podcasts exhibitions education training through its knowledge
hub which means that members on Realopedia that are part of packages can add
podcasts audio and visual to the website they can view different exhibitions that
take place with our partners in MIPIM and in format and others they can
view different education degrees through Realopedia. Now one of the providers of
education is a master’s degree program with the government in Dubai and one of
the UK universities and we are structuring an online education
opportunity for those that want to be able to take these this master’s degree
online with a UK University. Realopedia is also your gateway to real
estate was so with why with worldwide connectivity in global reach hence the
name Realopedia real for real estate and Pedia for the information the O represents the globe and the information that is listed on Realopedia will appear through the
association’s is by grace of let’s say the Miami Association and other
associations that provide us with information on the respective cities or
countries. while we go through the webinar there are quite a lot of people
that are registered today please ask questions along the way type your
question raise your hand whichever way is more comfortable and we’ll be more
than happy to guide you along the way just a little bit about myself before we
continue I have been personally in real estate for 36 years I’m originally from
the US I come from a Middle Eastern background from Lebanon and born in the
US we have been in real estate as a family for
36 years and I’ve been in Dubai for 22 now it was through the need in the real
estate market being a CIPS designee being a member of NAr are being in a
member of FIABCI i’m still not able to connect in ways that i want unless i
get on a plane and travel to different exhibitions to network what Realopedia brings to you is a platform where you do not need to fly to every exhibition
around the world and where the connectivity of Realopedia is brought
to you on a central platform the topics that we’re going to be discussing today
are the free packages that you receive as a member of the miami association of
realtors how to access your back-end back and login upgrade upgrade your
profile and the promo how to use the promo code that we’ve created for you
for discounts on packages just for Miami Realtors and this is for upgraded
packages so there’s a free segment and there’s the upgraded segment and we will
show you the benefits of both and then we’ll talk to you a little bit about
other other things that we’re doing on Realopedia so let’s start with the
broker agent now broker agent realtor we’re talking about the individual not
the company this is how you manage your profile and what is for free. so you as a
realtor or broker or agent you can create your own information on Realopedia which means that you create your profile you add your specialties your
professional specialties your professional designations languages that
you speak enhance your profile so that those that seek you in different
segments of Realopedia can find a full embodied profile on you add your company
name and logo your website your contact details so if you’re an individual that
is working under the umbrella of keller williams or under the umbrella of Remax
or solder bees or Christie’s etc you can add the logo of the company that you
work for but you are now logging in as an individual realtor not as the
owner of the company and that is another function that will explain to you. you
can well automatically have your listings on will appear Realopedia via
the Rex feeds that we have with Miami so your data in terms of your listings is
on Realopedia now let me be very very clear for the one thing that you need to
know is that you own your own listings nobody can extract your listings from
our site it’s blocked to go and upload it to their portal it’s it cannot happen
what happens is that our agreements with the Association in this case Miami
brings you an opportunity to expose your data to expose your profile to expose
your listings on to a central platform whereby the investors reach out to you
directly there is no middleman envelope idea it’s a direct contact between you
and other agents or you and the developer or you and the investors so
it’s a b2b and b2c portal you will then be in the directory of real estate
agents where you can be found by search of City or search of video or search of
language or whichever search button the investor or the member chooses to
use they will find you so you make please make sure that your pictures are
updated make sure your data is updated make sure your designations are there if
your CCIM or ABR or CIPS etc please make sure that you put these designations and
I will explain to you why as we go through the presentation we have
developed a very exciting segment for a broker’s worldwide and designations are
hugely important you will gain visibility in the directory so as the
updated picture that you put your details your full profile will be there
and you’ll be able to be found now for the real estate camp
many things are similar but a little bit different you as a company you can add
your company name your company logo and your details you will be then found in
the search directory by city by state by country and your your company profile
will be there so make sure pleased that you add your company name logo website
contact details so you can gain visibility and the broker company
directory now the free benefits for the real estate company and for the real
estate agent access to industry research reports that’s all for free access to
knowledge hub you’ve got interesting data that’s there you want to know about
other markets it’s there we actually have people that callate the data we
have researchers around the world that are not researchers around the world we
have a researcher and a copywriter that lives in different parts of the world
that brings forward the data from different markets and we also we also
bring forward at you know many articles on a daily basis so we’ve uploaded on
one central platform you will always receive customer support by email if you
log on to the homepage of Realopedia you’ll see the the globe there’s a
little orange button at the bottom of this of the screen when you click it it
opens up send a message we’re on GST times so there’s a difference of eight
hours between us and Miami but we will always be able to access your messages
the next day or even the same day we have people working at different hours
and if they don’t answer you they’ll answer you on the next day so please don’t
worry to send the message to us and we’ll be more than happy to assist when
you upload your property and which is on Realopedia and the property that is
already on Willa p div of the Rets feeds all the property is social media enabled
which means that all this data can be shared on different platforms
forms it helps us with social media sharing your data and it also helps you
if you choose to share your data from the Realopedia platform. now a little
bit about about how people find out about you now before I talk about the
statistics we have an inbuilt system on Realopedia whereby investors receive
latest data that’s on will appear and if your property meeches their criteria
search your property will always be on the email of the investor of the
member you will also you will also be updated yourselves on Realopedia you’ll
receive a newsletter from us which will tell you the latest you know the latest
webinar coming up the latest link for the talk show we had a talk show today
in France where we mentioned Miami association being part of the exhibition
that’s taking place in dubai and miami is also our new global marketing partner
as well as being as well as Realopedia being a service provider for resources
for you the members a little bit about the statistics on Realopedia and where we
are to date as I said earlier we’ve conducted over 35 webinars we are listed
in 29 languages upload of property is always in English and then the search
can be in 29 different languages we have 125 countries that we have reached which
means 125 countries have come in to Realopedia and looked at the property
and those are countries where we are all looking for investors so it’s quite
interesting to see we have over 67,000 agents and a lot of you are in that
number we have over 170 at seven thousand properties your properties are
within that number and we have seventeen point four million hits in impressions
from the beginning of this year up to today so this is pretty amazing for a
portal that went live officially December of 2015
now what we’re going to do now is before I I take you through two incredible
modules Jay from our IT department is going to take you through the clarity
dashboard log-in so your clarity dashboard has the logo of Realopedia
which is the globe and Jay will explain to you how to navigate the back end once
you log in when he’s taken you through that please if you don’t understand
anything remember at the end of this webinar you will receive a tutorial that
will take you through this process of back end but this is for the bait this
is just to take you through it now and then I’ll come back to you and take you
through some very interesting new modules so just bear with us a bit and go
through this a little bit of technical data. good morning miami on your miami
clarity dashboard login and click to really push a button which is this one
you will automatically be signed in in Realopedia where you will find a
summary of all your details your total views impressions your total properties
and your total leads. you will also find all the necessary tools to update your
broker agent profile or enter your real estate company you can also add your
agent that’s applicable for the real estate company you can add your property
you can manage your leads and you can use your chat messaging system for the
upgraded package after clicking this button on your clarity dashboard you
will be redirected to this page where in you will see your dashboard you can see
the total profile views the impressions the total properties the total leads and
all the necessary tools that you are going to use when updating your profile
when adding your properties and managing your leads now I just want to take you
through on how are you going to update your profile as an agent on your miami
on your dashboard just click account management and click manage broker
agents you will be redirected to this page
where in you will be able to edit your profile just click this edit button and
fill in all the necessary information that you want to update once done just
click Save so after saving all the information will be updated on our front
end another feature that I can discuss to you is how are you going to add your
property so on your dashboard click property management and manage property
you will be redirected to a page where in you will see the list of all your
property under your account so as a Miami Association of Realtor members
all your property will automatically be uploaded in our site via our Rets feed so
if you want to update the price or if you want to update the description of
your property just click the edit button then you will be redirected to a page
where in you will see all the fields that you want to edit just say for
example the description just type any amendment on the description and then
just click Save once done that’s all for editing your property now how are you
going to manage your leads so as an agent just click lead management then
you will you will have an option to manage your property leads and mannered
manage your broker agent leads so if you will click one of this you will be
redirected to a page where in you would be able to monitor how many impressions
you have how many page views you have in each of your property this is the list
of your property that you have on your account and then how many leads you have
on a certain property so leads can be counted as a sent message or an email
inquiry or a phone clicks so it will be listed here so another feature is if an
investor send you a message as a chat message so you would be able to bend to
be notified via via email or if you’re on your dashboard you will be able to be
modified here as you can see we have one chat message this is just a sample
account just click this one and click see all messages so you will be
redirected we’re in you will see the message that’s coming from the investors
worldwide so as you can see the status is on with you can click then read but
the unread button and then you can interact with each other via chat
messaging system so that’s all for our real estate agent now for the
real estate company they are they have pretty much the same functionalities but
for the real estate the only difference in real estate company is in real estate
company you can add your agents under your broker company. so how are you going
to do that so in account management just select manage broker agents in manage
broker agent you would be able to add your agent since at this company as you
can see here that we have a total of fifty agent so that means I would be
able to add 50 agents under my company so how how am I going to do that just
click add a broker agent and then fill in the necessary information like the
specialty is the the license the educational degree and any other
information just fill in all of that and then just click Save one style so once
save the agent will be displayed in our front end so that’s all for now for we
prepared a tutorial available on your dashboard if you want to know how to add
your property how to add agents how to edit your profile how to add business for
sale adding jobs it’s all here how to upgrade your account and by add-on so if
you have any other question please let us know we will be able to attain it and
answer it too hello everyone this is Laura again I
hope you enjoyed the tutorial do you have any questions so far with anything
that Jay went through or anything I went through please do remember that if
you’re confused or if you need to to any information that we will send you a we
will send you a tutorial right after this so that is everything that you
receive for free now let me take you through the advantages of being on an
upgrade package and also take you through two different modules and also
take you through the promo code that we have developed for in Miami I’m sorry a
question came through that said Realopedia is for ? it is for real estate
agents it is for real estate brokers real estate companies developers and
service providers as in banks legal interior decorating company’s property
managers auction houses anybody that supports the real estate industry it is
a connecting platform for real estate agents to link together on a global
platform and network now please send me any more questions that you have and
i’ll be more than happy to answer them and to clarify now a little bit about
the packages that we have put together for the broker agent when I say broker
agent again I’m talking about the real estate agent the realtor different
countries use different terminologies so I think realtor should actually be the
international name for everyone so real estate broker agent realtor you can
access your leads and your inquiries on your dashboard you can expose your
business your listings through the social media platforms remember that
they are on the portal for free but if you want to expose them on a larger
scale then you can do that on Realopedia we will do that for you you
can access the Realopedia social networking group on facebook now a lot
of you will say well you know what I’m on Facebook do I really need that well
this is for real estate and the reason why this was created is I’ve noticed
when i come back from meetings or exhibitions i wind up having 20 30
people that log me on to facebook and a lot of people like to use facebook to
share pictures with their friends and their families and all of a sudden is
turning into a business a forum so it gives you the opportunity to socialize
on the platform if you want to now the business networking platform in
marketplace which is going to be live the end of this month is amazing and i
will explain this to you as soon as we’re we move away from the let the next
two slides I will take you through this platform being a part of the developers
preferred agents program again is amazing and I will take this take you
through that as well in a few minutes the messaging chat system is what you
are also able to up once you upgrade your package you will also be able to
access this feature for the real estate company everything is the same as what
we’ve just mentioned the difference is that you the real estate company will
want to add your agents so if your real estate company you might have ten agents
or 20 so where the agent or the realtor is the individual paying for his
membership here is a real estate company you might have a particular deal with
your agents where you pay for your agents or your ages pay and do what you
wind up getting a discount through being a company so you have up to 50 agents up
to 100 agents anything over and above that is is really a global package and
that’s something that we can discuss now the promo code for Miami in any
membership that you upgrade is RSMAR101 so all you need to do is you need to
when you’re going through the payment gateway after you’ve chosen the package
that you want to news which is on your back end you just
clicks packages and you can view and see which one suits you then you use the
promo code and you can get a 20-percent discount through the cybersource payment
gateway which is secure US gateway and we only use visa Mastercard for your
security benefit now additional information before we get to the other
two segments that I want to talk to you about is that you will receive the
tutorial after this after what you’re done and it’ll guide you through the
back end how to navigate it etc and we have ongoing webinars at all time yes
absolutely I will send you the webinar we will tape the webinar and send it to
you tomorrow we’ll be more than happy for those of you that have logged in
late we will send you all a link to the webinar so that you can use the you can
access it please if you have any questions send an email to [email protected] will be more than happy to take you through a personal
presentation taking time difference into consideration now let me talk to you
about two fantastic modules that you receive on an upgraded package and then
I’ll tell you what upgraded packages are and then and what you will really be end up paying at the end of the year now the developers preferred agents
program for brokers for real estate agents real estate companies why
was this put together this was put together because when the crash came in
2008 all of a sudden a people like myself that have been in real estate for
a very long period of time we’re thrown developers projects from all over the
world whether it was from Spain at the time or was from Miami or LA or New York
Singapore there’s a gorgeous project in Malaysia or it was Thailand or the
Philippines or it was endless or will fly you here to see that or we’ll fly
you there to see this you cannot be everywhere it is impossible and it is
very very expensive to maneuver around the world finding the right product so
what does this program you for the real estate broker and the
agent well for the the developer will choose to a portray project to
real estate agents around the world by being part of the developers preferred
agents program to reach all of the agents that are on Realopedia the agent
then can apply to their program and once the developer has entered this program
they have a commitment to upload a commission agreement they have a
commitment to upload floor plans and EDM Flyers brochures anything that they can
put into a library for you the agent broker to use and white label to send
directly to your clients so you as the agent will browse the developers page
see you is on the DPAP program click the orange button Act agents just the
data from the site itself about you will go to the developer the developer will
either say nay or hey depending on the profile of the project and then you’ll
have a discussion and then you will have access to the commission agreement that
you will sign directly with the developer and then the developer will
you will have access to the to the marketing material where you can white
label the product and send it directly to your clients now you will receive for
those of you that are on the webinar you’ll receive a newsletter two
different newsletters one is a general newsletter you can unsubscribe from it I
know that in the US you receive loads of emails and I know you may not want to
receive another one we’re actually changing the format based on our
conversation with Miami to make it a little bit easier on the eye and
basically you’ll but we’ll send you the one that we have in place now until we
restructure the other one for next month and you will also receive the developers
program on the developers a mailer you will have
currently there are three beautiful projects from Dubai one is on palm
island another two are on palm island jumeirah maybe many of you have heard
about this if you read international projects and there’s there are two
coming in from cyprus and one or two from lebanon and we’re also talking to
people in Brazil and in in the you in the u.s. so the developers mahler will
will be a continued a continuous effort now one of my friends is to realtor said
to me but Laura what happens to us the broker how are we going to secure our
position if the developers are putting their project on Realopedia well here’s
how you then can secure your position as the exclusive international broker for
that x developer negotiate a commission of let’s say two percent you are the
face of that developer project and you have to work with the developer because
they have to upload the data and then agents and brokers around the world that
apply to this program wind up applying to the agent that is that representative
so the agent not only receives their Commission if they make a direct sale
but a referral fee on every single or whatever it is that you negotiate with
the agent so if the developer pays you two percent you might want to give half
a percent a one-and-a-half percent to the agent and keep half a percent or
whichever way you want to formulate it’s entirely up to you but it gives you the
ability to represent real estate developers on a global scale and being
the forefront of that development project to agents around the world where
eight developers may not have that time to sit down and have the admin costs to
manage the calls that come in or the requests that come in you will be that
person the forefront so it’s a fantastic a feature for you as a real estate agent
when you apply to the program and you go to the developers page this is the
button that you will see the little arrow when you click that the ID your
data goes on to the application goes directly
to the developer and you take your conversation forward with the developer
before you get to the application you have a button that says become a
preferred agent so any real estate project that you look at on the
developers page wherever the project is there’s a project and there’s a detailed
page wherever it has a green button that says become a preferred agent click that
and then apply and you know the rest is is pretty simple the online application
form looks like this it takes your name out of the your name your data and it
says I agree to terms and conditions you click that and you submit the
application by the way the terms and conditions are the conditions of the
site and if you want to read them you can read them on the on the homepage of
the Realopedia basically in a nutshell it means that you’re an ethical agent and
you’re working according to international norms of real estate
professionalism which is standard in all cultures around the world integrity is
integrity doesn’t matter which language is translated into and that is what you
are signing when you sign I agree to the terms and conditions you can access the
marketing resource file with project information pictures brochures etc and
we make sure that the developer ensures that this segment is always available
for you to white label and send directly to your clients and the newsletter
that’s on here we’re just revamping it and beefing it up a little bit to make
it look a little bit nicer where you can attach all the different text all the
different information that you need to send out to your particular clients and
your clients are private so there is no data of your clients that goes to anyone
not the site not the developer and that is done for the security of the agent so
that they know that they are completely protected in the way that they work
online with their clients now last but not least as the global
business networking platform and marketplace that’s going to be up by the
end of this month I am super super excited about this and this all of these
modules that we’re talking about came out of a need of being in the real
estate myself and where I found there was a lag so I hope you like it as much
as I do I hope you benefit from it as much as I do so what is the business
networking platform and marketplace it is a b2b and a b2c-segment in
the portal and this is again accessible from the back end of your dashboard why
we tell you to make sure that you fill in you all your details on the on the on
your profile with your designations because this is where it’s going to show
up on a bead of these segments you will be able to reach out to other
professionals around the world so let me explain to you what this slide is all
about on one side of the page it says global marketplace as you are on your
computer or on your telephone you look at the news you look at CNN or BBC or
whatever news you look at on your app and you see the news and you click
what’s interesting to you and this is exactly what you see here in the
marketplace you can have and post an opportunity of it as an investment
opportunity these are not pulled out from Rets feeds you have to upload this
manually a lot of information that goes in here is not necessarily information
that you want to share in terms of an address example you have at your
commercial agent and you have a marina for sale or a hotel for sale or your
residential agent and you’re selling a building we all know that you cannot put
the address of that property but what you can put is an NDA and a commission
agreement so what this gives you it gives you a feed whereby you can view
the opportunities that are uploaded into this global marketplace from like-minded
professionals around the world whether they’re residential or commercial and on
the top right hand side you will see the people that
are in the marketplace and then you have my network which are those you’ve added
to your network and then you have my marketplace and my marketplace is all
about what you post in terms of opportunities and what you post in terms
of what you’re looking for so let’s just say that you post an opportunity for
sale when I come in and I click that opportunity I can see your full profile
and your full full profile is going to tell me why which company are associated
with what are your designations I’m going to see your full profile your
history what you do where you’ve worked where you’re working what languages you
speak the more information you have there about yourself the more Sosa
linkedin similar to LinkedIn whereby I can see your entire profile I don’t want
to go on to LinkedIn and find you I want to find you here on this page you as the
broker the agent the realtor you upload I will read this brief of this product
that you’re uploading it could be a 20 million dollar or a
hundred-million-dollar villa or a hotel it could be anything but this is a
property that’s sitting in a high category where you want to reach
investors around the world specifically into this marketplace so you upload an
NDA you upload a commission agreement whether I’m a real estate agent broker
or an investor I will have to sign that NDA and that commission agreement before
you give me access to the information or before you upload different files on
this particular so it’s like a workroom whereby you post the data based on the
NDA and the commission agreement that you receive I connect with you send you
a message you can choose to connect with me it would be great you can choose not
to connect with me up to you but this is a connectivity whereby you build your
own marketplace with people around the world you can post requests I can post a
request so I’m sitting in Dubai and I need a hotel in Miami with an ROI of six
percent or I need a particular property on Collins Avenue or I need something in
New York or I need a one Marina for sale or I want to buy five
births in the marina or I wanted something in Boca Raton I post my
request for all the agents around the world to see if you don’t have my
request we all know Marcia for instance Marcia Collins is an international
broker when Marcia reads this she might say wow I don’t have this I’m in Chicago
but I know somebody in Miami that has this and therefore you can build your
own referral network with like-minded professionals around the world from an
investor’s perspective what an investor will see is this opportunity so he can
view the opportunities that you post and he can also or she build their network
and they can also send you messages so that segment of messages are messages
that they will send to you once you’re in their network to go back a slide this
is the professional profile of what the investor or the like-minded broker is
going to see so the more information you put you can when you fill your profile
you will click the different designation so we have all the designations that are
there you can just keep on clicking all the designations that apply to you
because once you’re in this segment of the profile details I view I can see
every I might want to search somebody by ABR or ccim or somebody that’s involved
an only selling military product or whatever you have the search button and
you can search by category you can search by country and you can search by
keyword so this is the business marketplace and this will be live
September the first and any of you that have any information please send it
across will be more than happy to talk to talk you through it if you need more
information this is the global marketplace it is not part of your read
speeds this is for unique property that you want people to view how do people
view it members are sent newsletters and they are guided into the marketplace
investors receive newsletters when we have our show at the end of every month
with today we mentioned the global marketplace on our show in france and i
will send you the link of the show in the next two days for all of you that
have been on the webinar will also send it to lizette haynes to share it with
you this is where we talk about the marketplace we also have a marketing
company that we’re dealing with that are going to be sending the news out with
press releases and data so it’s a hugely important very exciting part of the
portal and for all of what you have seen today the packages are on the portal we
are very very aware of costs that are paid on different portals and to be very
honest with you to access this segment of Realopedia is for a real estate
agent one hundred and ninety nine dollars a year if they want to access
the business marketplace and you get a 20-percent discount the reason why i’m
saying that is that it’s a lot of data for you it’s a lot of connectivity for
you we give you transactional tools to deal with we give you the links that you
need to reach out to the marketplace I just came back from India and I was part
of the NAR India exhibition that just took place there and I was invited by
FIABCI to be part of that I was also i went on behalf of dubai government as
one of the delegates and we just came back and it was fantastic and they loved
Realopedia and now we have the Indian market that’s coming on board so it’s
just about linking and connecting people all the time creating webinars in our
time zones creating webinars in your time zones introducing Realopedia and
connecting connecting connecting and that’s what we want is just to keep on
connecting brokers professionals on board essential platform so if you have
any more questions please type them I do have a few that came through again as I
was talking about the investors I had a question that said how can i benefit
from Realopedia alcon refine my profile again please make sure
that you fill in all the data on your profile I know it’s cumbersome but you
only have to do it once and once you do it you’re there and it’s great and in
terms of the u.s. if there’s a limit on the classic free package no it’s a
yearly membership that’s renewed you want to stay in classic for free you are
more than welcome to do so your listings are there to be viewed you will not be
able to access certain segments of Realopedia and we would love to be able to
bring you onto the developers preferred agents program and onto the the global
marketplace which is hugely important so by all means please if you have anything
that you need send us an email to [email protected] and we will
definitely send you a more information you don’t have to how is to receive the
additional information we will send you if you can type me your email address
will send you the information for the person that just sent me that question
how to receive the additional information we’ll send that to you on an
email perfect so Maria so Maria will send you that and will send you that on
an email in terms of how to access just please go to your dashboard and you can
click on memberships and you can see the different packages that are available
we’ll also send them to you on an email and we’ll also tape this webinar to send
to you in the next two days along with the new link of the radio talk show that
came on board that we will have on board will appear in our media center which
you will see live in one week and you’ll have all these webinars that will be
taped and accessible on Realopedia remember it’s all about real estate
professionals is all about connectivity it’s all about closing deals why be on
Realopedia it is the portal to go to to close deals and connect with people and
like-minded individuals and on a global platform so you’ll
receive an email at the end of today’s webinar or by tomorrow morning actually
and you will have information again on what we’ve discussed please email
[email protected] we’re more than happy to take you through
everything last but not least charities that we support Realopedia of supports
charities for underprivileged children around the world we had our first
initiative where we built a school in Nepal with Dubai government Dubai Cares
and so at the end of every year we take a look at different charities around the
world and we give a percentage of paid memberships to these children it’s
something that is in our hearts and something that we are hugely usually in
favor of just to sign off we’d like to say thank you to Teresa Kinney CEO of
miami association for all of the support over the years debra bozo valedor and
lissette haynes god bless you for the ongoing support with the webinars and
sending them out to the 43 45 thousand members all the team at Miami and last
but not least again miami association of realtors is exhibiting for the first
time as a global marketing partner of Realopedia at Cityscape in dubai will
send you loads of pictures after the event and we’ll keep you posted via
facebook social media will be twittering it to death and so everybody’s knows
about Miami and the synergies between Miami and Dubai so god bless have a
great day and let us know if you need anything from us you

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