Real Estate backlit led window displays, Learn how to Boost your Sales and attract more customers

I’m Alexandro Jimenez Director of
Momento Zero Group our company, the real estate showcase
is dedicated to advise customers who are buying new construction
projects on blue prints: cottages, apartments, offices, homes,.. this is our company. The first install of the LED poster displays was in our office in a commercial mall
in the main front store windows which is very well located. Since then it has
been catching a lot people’s attention. Regarding the sales requests at our
our office before. People walked by without stopping at our front store window
Since installing the LED lightboxes,
we have had a customer increase of 30%. Since people are now exposed to the
brightness of our LED light boxes, they spend longer time at our window
as a result this exposes our business
much longer to the attention of passersby. so today first of all, we’ve
made a huge difference with others real estate companies
and we have drawn people’s attention through a new different product
attracting more customers, getting a greater visibility from our
storefront and more time from visitors approaching our office and allowing us
to reach a higher conversion rate by talking to them.
The product features I like most are the very good quality, the presentation,
the flexibility and the versatility. We have been able to take our LED poster displays
to a real estate exhibition and bring them back to
our office without any issue. The customer service from NegoLuz who
provided the LED displays was definitely excellent, from
the first contact until the delivery and the post-sale service, it was very
professional. The LED enlightened box product is definitely oriented to any
business who want to draw more people’s attention, have flexibility,
show their products, stand out from competitors
with a great quality design. So I guess for any real estate,
product or service business the LED display is an excellent
marketing and advertising alternative.

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