Real Estate Agents’ Obligations

So you’re ready to sell your house, and you’ve got an agent on board to help you through the process. Ever wondered what a real estate agent’s obligations to you actually are? There are a few things that an agent must do when selling your property and it always helps for you to know what they are. Firstly they must give you a written estimate of the sale price of your house. It needs to be based on market conditions and recent sales of similar properties. They also need to provide you options for your sale, whether it’s by tender, auction, or at an advertised price. Remember buyers make react differently depending on the way the house is being sold. Your agent also needs to tell you how they’ll calculate the total commission you’ll pay the agency. An agent must also explain in writing the costs of marketing your property. You should know up front, and agree to, what advertising they will be covering and what extra you might have to pay for yourself. An agent’s job is to look after your interests throughout the sale process. Therefore, an agent is not allowed to place unfair pressure on you as a seller. If someone they know is interested in your property, they must declare this as a conflict of interest and go through a particular process. Your agent must give you the opportunity to seek legal advice and you should always take it. It’s very important to make sure everything is in order before going ahead and signing. The main thing is that you are kept informed throughout every stage of the process. Those are the key requirements to make sure your agent is delivering on. But there are many more that could come up. It depends on the circumstances related to you, the buyer, the agent and anything else that might affect a transaction. For more information on their obligations when selling your property, visit

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