[Real 2PM My House] Broadcasting station is My House

Ending of “My House” is the broadcasting company. Because fans are sending delicious food to here, this is the house. Uh, what’s this? Have it What’s this? How can I open it? Actually, it’s a bomb There are foods Look at them Fries, Beef jerky. Isn’t it for drinking? And fried rice If you thought 2PM’s “My House” is a real one, that’s not true Were you thinking those are our houses? No, this is our dining table. This is our house. Is it delicious?
Yes Uhm, it’s good. I am fool It’s sweet. Chansung, stop eating. Your teeth will decay It’s tasty. By the way, this cake is from the owner of Jeongseon House, Producer Na Young-seok, presented to us as the first guest. Hello. I am Junho. I love Denver and Noopy. Hello. HOTTEST, I love you 2PM is back. It’s the fifth album, isn’t it?
Yes Time flies fast. We’ve released five albums during eight years, and now working with “My House”. Today’s concept of “My House” is to show everything about Wooyoung. He will be dare to take off. I used to stay naked in my house
Me too When I visited to Wooyoung’s house, he was having a drink with Michael Jackson. I will take a picture of him in later… Chunsung, stop eating Chansung likes an ice cream. He likes everything which is eatable I am going to interview Taewoo bro. How do you think “My House”? I like “My House” I firstly came up with J. Y. Park in the song, but it was surprising that Jun. K composed. I called them to complement the song right after I listened to it My wife said, “They are something different.” When I asked what’s different, she said, “They are sophisticated.” He’s level is like our audience
That’s why my wife really likes 2PM Let’s go up, everyone Jun. K looks cool Don’t say that Why
I’m not Good My role is to monitor in “My House” There will be a huge exposure Broadcast accident It’s level is about the Pacific Ocean Wooyoung looks younger after a hair bang There are Johnny and Wal in “My House” Do you know where it is? Doesn’t it look familiar? Here is MBC And I’d like to introduce My House. This is 2PM’s waiting room Hello~ There are our staffs Also that side has many staffs, too This guy is not that important Ahjussi (mister), can you come out and clean up here. They are Taecyeon and Wooyoung You don’t have to say that Do you think so?
Yes You shouldn’t think that Hello, this is 2PM’s Taecyeon. How are you? Please stay healthy. Then can Wooyoung introduce.. I don’t think I have to tell who I am I think everyone will know Wooyoung Why I’m only wearing a white tank shirt? I look like ahjussi You’re an ahjussi (mister) What~ you are drawing? I listen to music, play game or draw something when I am in the waiting room
He doesn’t sleep Help me.
I will push you (support you) a lot, so be confident.. What to push?
I will push you! Open your dream confidently The body looks good My body Please draw Wooyoung and I
It’s difficult Are they eyes?
They are hips Those eyes are which haven’t slept for a week? They look tired. Wooyoung is.. I draw my best
I will show it. That’s Jun. K First is Nichkhun Looks tired~
Because you have huge eyes Next is Wooyoung What’s this?
I draw the bang. People like his bang hair
Is there no back hair? We are now preparing for the broadcasting stage Why you are just appeared? Where were you? I went to up there What was up there There is a stage
What did you do I danced
With who?
With you After I broadcasted My House, Johnny and Wal were angered very much. They complained why I publicized their house without a permission Johnny has very charming and sharp voice
Hello, this is Johnny I feel annoying to imagine if Johnny in “My House” would have this voice I hope you don’t talk to me. It will be irritating with that voice to hear, “Master, are you arrived?” You are a master Say, “Master, are you arrived?” Master, give me a meal Starting from Chansung’s house, there were Taecyoen’s and others’ houses to show diverse colors. We wonder if you could enjoy REAL 2PM episodes. See you again in this time~


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