• If i transfer my property from my scorp to myself will i be hit with capitol gains tax?

  • you can always double up you general liability policy.

  • Why do they charge conveyance tax when you quick claim to your llc and there's no exchange of money .

  • Thanks! I didn't think about the property taxes.

  • You slipped the tongue and said moving it
    Into a "trust" which opened a new door

  • thanks straightforward helpful advice !

  • Would it change any if you buy a property in a llc rather than deed an existing owned property to a llc? Assuming property taxes triple, as an llc can you protest or dispute those property tax hikes?

  • Friend of Jesus Child of God

    Thank you so much. We decided not to go to LLC route after watching your video.

  • I've been watching your videos and find them very helpful. I am still trying to determine if this LLC idea is the best fit. Our lawyer mentioned doing this also as a vehicle to transfer ownership (upon death) to our children at some time in the future as well which is the original reason I started looking into this topic, but I digress…my husband and I have a mortgage on a double (connected) lot. We'd like to build garage with apartment over and rent just apartment on one lot – was thinking of initiating an LLC as we endeavor into the rental arena – BUT, how do I move forward with putting property in LLC if mortgage held by bank on both lots that is in our names? I'm thinking we'd have to pay the one mortgage off…

  • good video

  • Say you own one rental property outright and have what's commonly refereed to as landlord insurance with 1 million in liability coverage. Would this be an acceptable alternative protection wise to a more complicated LLC?

  • the whole system is a scam.

  • oh my god I have been hearing about llc but I did not it would triple property tax! So I now I have to check on property tax. Thank you! This will change the way I purchase property, I will have to use your method property in my name then transfer to llc. Thank you for educating me on passive income! I am a member of prepaid legal service you have given life changing information! I am starting to purchase properties. Do you have a legal service membership for Real Estate my email [email protected]

  • Thank you SO MUCH! The last few videos that I've watched of yours, have given me the answers I've been looking for!!! Nobody tells you all of this… they just try to sell you services to put your stuff into an LLC or trust… they don't tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each! I have been looking for this answer for days!!!! Including asking attorneys online directly, who merely told me to just seek council from an attorney, (since they don't know my specific situation) which obviously would require $$$$ … It was a GENERAL question, that only required a general answer…. it's not that difficult…. why is it so hard for other people to answer it?!! Guess it goes back to that almighty dollar…. I appreciate you not making money your first priority when making these videos…. When people aren't so tight lipped, they stand a much better chance at getting my business! I will not only, be consistently referencing your videos, but will refer others to them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • ItsInTheDetails

    Thanks for the info. I just contacted my insurance company and tax office and both said they won't charge more for buying a property in an LLC! Good thing!

  • Good Info

  • Life Is Hilarious

    House Passes Bill Corporate Secrecy
    H.R. 2513: Corporate Transparency Act of 2019. How would we handle things if this pass the Senate?

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