Playing Matchmaker With A Buyers Consultation – Behind The Scenes With The Costales Team

My name is Joraine Costales with The
Costales Team. I’m a wife, mom, and a full-time real estate professional since
2004 and have been nationally ranked among the top half of 1% of all real
estate professionals, in the United States. I’m excited to share with you my
tips, strategies, and a behind-the-scenes look on this journey called life. So a
buyer’s consultation is basically a free, no obligation service that we provide to
potential buyers, to kind of get to know them and explain the home buying process to them, talk about qualifying guidelines, talk about the lending process. And
basically give them this picture of what it takes to purchase a property, in
this market. It’s a good opportunity for us, to meet our new clients face to face
and make sure that we’re a good match and that we gel well together, in person.
Assistant: So if someone purchased a property before, should they still meet with you, and
if so, why should they?
Joraine: My answer would be yes because, depending on when they
purchased the property, the qualifying guidelines might be different, and also
depending on their specific situation, we might be able to show them new
strategies, maybe that they haven’t taken advantage of before. It also helps give
clarity to home buyers, who may not necessarily know what they want or know
how to get the process started. Buyers that have been unsuccessful previously,
at another time or working with a different agent, sometimes will come to
us for new strategies and tactics and we’ll be able to get them into a home, where previously they were unsuccessful. Sometimes people have purchased a home but they didn’t necessarily have the best experience, and so we want to
provide that for them and kind of give them a do-over and show them what their
experience was supposed to be like when they bought their first home or their
previous property.

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