Pelosi wants the Senate to clean up the House’s work: Grassley


  • Son of the Allfather

    Is Pelosi holding on to the articles of impeachment hostage, while making demands from the Senate considered a "Quid pro Quo"?

  • Now Pelosi wants tell Senate what to due cheat lie an steal
    Pelosi adam shifter nadler jail time cell next to Hillary mopping floors

  • That old man needs to retire and get out of dodge.

  • Clarence Warsavithana

    Honorable members of the Senate please don't let HIM down!

  • Absolutely nothing will be paid, except lip service. The Republicans are dirty too.

  • You don't need witnesses at all.
    If the IMPEACHMENT does not meet under our Constitutional amendment , just throw it out in the garbage can.
    You dont want any further.

  • Dems would like Trump if he was a democrat because he is so successful and they are such failures. Time to bring each of them to justice by hangings, prison terms, banishments, town square pillories, beatings.
    cf. my youtube: The Art of Men Acting

  • These are not crimes at all technically, so he's not facing legitimate charges at all, like him or not

  • Turns out the ig proved the only thing they ever had was the Dossier, Shift never got the nude orange man pics …

    Used illegally and fraudulently with the fisa court, who is now demanding answers to save face

    Trying to stop a railroad sham is not obstruction of anything

    The railroad sham in fact is the only case of obstruction of justice as Trump was looking into the true CRIMES…

    How about that..


  • “No one is above the law”, says Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler. She might want to rephrase that to, “No one is above the law except for Democrats, liberals, and Juicy Smellit”.
    Just saying

  • YEAH..Question: How Long Has It Been That Nancy Pelosi Cd-(CA) Been Holding The US-CANADA-MEXICO Trade-Bill From Being Voted On?? Passed Or Not Passed..WELL??… Oh "Cd" Means (COMMISTS demoRAT).

  • He has not been impeached over high crimes and misdemeanors. He has been impeached on policy disagreements!! We the people know what the Democrats are up to. Impeach at all cost. This will come back to bit them!!!

  • Someone give Nancy a wakeup call. THERE IS NO AGAIN NO BASIS FOR THE IMPEACHMENT…THE Democrats look SOOO PARTISAN AND DUMB…

  • We(the American people) see what's really going on! No matter what they say,show on TV,or how phoney they play"this is so sad,and we wish we didn't have to" we're not falling for this fake sham of a witch hunt!

  • Anyone who proclaims to be a Democrat today is either anti American or stupid on steroids. There are no other options left.

  • The Republican eagles are lining up like planes waiting to land in Chicago. When they touch down on the Democrats it will be all beaks and claws.

  • BS… they don't want the Senate to clean up anything… They want the Senate to stay dirty and unfair the same way the house has been.

  • To you 291 thumbs down get your heads out of the sand you know as well as I this was a witch hunt ever since day one. Go get Joe Biden he's the real crook send him to jail.

  • fake impeachment

  • Lost Coast Pirate

    We the citizens of the United States DEMAND that our "representatives" pay back the tax money wasted on this nonsense out of their own pockets

  • They absolutely should go to jail, they FALSIFIED EVIDENCE.

  • The pendulum is about to swing back dems wolnt have that smile too long

  • Sen Grassley is Alright, Kind Of.

  • Oh, this Civil War is tearing us apart! Lol

  • colin-man yeates-clan

    David F

    3 days ago

    She can not hold on to it once the vote has been made. That's called obstruction of justice and abuse of power!

    colin-man yeates-clan

    1 second ago

    Judicial misconduct, selective prosecution of a lawful activity and failing to prosecute actual crimes well known with sufficient prima faciea evidence but we know that criminals must protect one another lest honest prosecution will put them in jail too.

  • Maria your reporting is shameful! Grassley,really !who's your next act Maria , rep dingle?

  • An unfair hearing deserves an unfair trial!

  • Agree with Lucy lulu.
    Trump should have initially thrown out all who served under Obama administration

  • Very soon Pelosi will be charged with obstruction of Senate.

  • If she doesn't send it over the Senate should call the whistleblower and Biden and get to the bottom of it

  • Anyone going to ask Guilliani to come in to show all his evidence against Joe Biden corruption?

  • The Democrats are backwards on everything, investigating people that did nothing wrong (president Trump) and the ones that clearly broke the laws (quid pro Joe Biden) are being left alone with the help of the MSM. We the people are watching this, more everyday. Payday eventually will come, always does.

  • this ant aboute Republican or demcrats it's aboute Nancy would love to swap slobber with Donald Trump and Donald want let her

  • This impeachment will die in the Senate faster than a Clinton witness.

  • Don’t forget Hillary beat trump by over 4 million votes. So not going to some places who are sick of trump’s lies does not mean they will vote for trump?

  • So therapy teaches one that you can't control the actions of another. Sounds like Nancy needs a good therapist.

  • Hey grass let, I see you took time off with your drinking, don’t worry you can get back at it next week !

  • The Republican's will cowtow tuck tail and give Nancy what she wants.

  • Pelosi is trying to save herself and all the democrats that voted for this impeachment. She knows along with all the democrats that they are soon to be brought up on charges for treason against the United States and obstruction of Justice not to mention corruption. She is scared to send anything to the senate

  • President Trump Abuse Nothing But Cleaning Out Obama And Hillary Benghazi Crimes Obama Eric Holder Crimes Millions in there Pockets Selling True Americans GOV Guns and Obama Giving Trillions too ISIS Groups on the Runway Airport in the Middle Nite ,,Behind the True Americans Back ..These Democrats are the ones who have Abuse there Power for 8 Years ,,Nothing got Done ..Because Comey FBI Lied Corrupt. The Hillary And Obama Corruption ..Along with Bloomberg Soro Bought Own Communist Media ..Crooked Liars ..President Trump Stays you Evil Demons Democrats are done out of our State Districts You Democrats Run ..

  • Is Joe Biden guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors? He even has a video where he brags about it. That’s the evidence and he admits to it all along with Quid pro quo. However, if HRC wasn’t found guilty of destroying evidence and obstructing justice then I guess the Deep State is like the House of Representatives-too many Democrats

  • I think Pelosi wants to oust both Trump & Pence, & become President! May it never be!

  • There is zero chance that Pelosi will not send the Impeachment bill to the Senate early in the New Year.

  • She is what is known as a two-faced liar

  • Impeachment is nothing more than a distraction from the Dem corruption in Ukraine

  • The notion that Trumps legacy will be impeachment is ridiculous. This Congresses legacy will be one of corruption and anti-Constitutional acts…and hopefully their prison numbers permanantly attached to their names.

  • It isnt even impeachment until pelowski sends it to the senate lol, why wait….. chicken!

  • The Real RacerX Tablet

    Pelosi's Botox habit is melting her brain!

  • Please don't send FBI or FISA investigation to the House and senate..Nothing will happen there it never does. This needs to go to an actual trial in a court.

  • obstruction of justice

    n. an attempt to interfere with the administration of the courts, the judicial system or law enforcement officers, including threatening witnesses, improper conversations with jurors, hiding evidence, or interfering with an arrest. Such activity is a crime.
    So how is the Democrats not breaking the law right now?

  • Americans please educate yourself on what is happening concerning 2A rights in Virginia. The mainstream media is radio silent on this issue!

  • Pillooooosi is pulling her own Quid Pro Quo ….. making demands, … not allow the cancer of the house to invade into the senate.

    Trump should wear the partisan impeachment badge as a badge of honor.

    Patriots Fight !!!
    Trump 2020
    VoteDEMout 2020

  • Impeach shifty Schiff Pelosi &
    Gonadless Nadler for high crimes & treason.
    Nepotism Hunter, Not quidJoequo (the
    launderer) was mentioned by President Trump to Ukraine Pres. Hunter is not a political rival! False premise against US
    President Trump.

  • They don’t need to proceed. Tell enough lies and eventually they will believe it.
    Not only that but he’s legally not been impeached. In order to be impeached the dems need to deliver it to the senate and the senate needs to accept it.
    Look at everyone who said he’s been impeached….even on the right.
    It was successful from their vantage point.
    No need to send it on.

  • This discussion really hit a chord here on YouTube! The talk about political bias isn’t documented on purpose—duh! The rule is that if it ain’t written down then it didn’t happen.

  • Den. Grassley your to old for the job. No pep in your step. Your sitting back waiting on others to do the work when you should have been all over this when it started. See what being an elite politician for to long does to you. If you can not then look at the speaker of the house at her behavior. Listening to you sir is like hearing a man so out of touch with reality about the lies that have been fed to us all. Buy the entertainment empire of mass insanity propagandist to hide the real truth.

  • What is the longest word in the English language?


    There is a mile between the 2 Ss.

  • Sad….Trump horrible Ethics

  • She can ask to see 😄

  • Trump lied on Obama For YEARS

  • He should RETIRE

  • Impeach Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler.

  • Hearsay is Not admissible in the court of law. There. I cleaned it up for ya.😜

  • 10K👍 compared to 316👎 proves that the Majority are fed up with this coup attempt.

  • Grassley concedes too much good will to liars

  • Bleed the country out you f**** politicians, you already 5 feet under.

  • Nancy and Schiff deserve to be ran out of office. They abused their power and lied multiple times. They will pay a high price in the near future.

  • RepubliCONS will say ANYTHING BUT TRUTH…Lmfao…old racist white males strike again

  • New standard for Republican presidents. If you don't get impeached by the crooked democrats you weren't a successful president. Trump 2020 baby 🙂

  • Why is MSM reporting that the articles of impeachment include high crimes and misdemeanors when they clearly don't????
    Can we sue the bastards???

  • This impeachment sham is such a waste of time and money!

  • The loon Pelosi thinks she is co-President.

  • Nancy wants secret basement hearings in the Senate too. She also again wants no Republican witnesses, because they are ‘irrelevant’….

  • Democrats are looking like a bunch of yahoos

  • Stephen Prewoznik

    Pelosi wants to continue power in her hands. ALL the press helps her by giving her legitimacy speaking how Pelosi wants fairness. She is not fair herself. She does NOT lead a fair political party. They conducted secret meetings. NADLER SHUT DOWN NON-DEMOCRATS questions, deprived the accused American of legal rights. But, looks like press wants something to say.

  • Nancy should just retire and the only cleaning senates need to do is the stench of the last 4 presidents left

  • Trump faces no charges of high crimes and misdemeanors. None are listed in the articles. Pelosi wants to protect democrat senators from taking the vote. She got to the party too late to protect democrat representatives from taking the vote. It's interesting that they've already lost a seat. I'm sure Pelosi didn't see that coming.

  • The only abuse of power is Pelosi ……

  • This impeachment needs to be removed from record once it’s thrown out.
    While we’re at it throw Schiff …Comey …in Jail.

  • Trump will be triumphant

  • Under perceptions, Pelosi is obstructing the Senate and abusing power!

  • Beatrice Lutchmiah

    They’ll never reach impeachment they are fools

  • Senate is broken. Stupid Mitch if he is back in 2021 will be a Senate Janitor.

  • California Native

    What a complete joke. The dems have been calling for Trumps impeachment from the time he was elected by the people. They change what Trump’s offenses are time and time again. Bottom line is the dems don’t like Trump for his political position on illegal immigration (their political golden goose) and this is their way of trying to get him out of office.

    If they’re so confident Trump did wrong, they should send the articles to the Senate now. Here’s another example of the Democrat corruption and changing the rules as they go along

  • Pelosi and her clowns don’t do anything fair, so why do they ask for anything more

  • Michaelangelo Right

    1970s DNC Career politician Pelosi is a Dictator. Nancy, i want i want i want aka BarackH.O BidenHo HillaryH.O Banana Republic politics! BANANA REPUBLIC IDEALS!

  • This is hogwash!

  • A "Fair trial" is guaranteed to the ACCUSED, not the accuser.

  • Until she turns it in there is no Impeachment, The Republicans are about to dismiss it for no evidence at all..Which needs to be done really bad and let the man continue doing his good work…

  • The Artist Shay Mallory

    Can you imagine next year's Halloween costumes? Nancy Pelosi you get a red jacket a mousey brown wig and a set of dentures. Bernie Sanders a polyester jacket glasses a pamphlet on how to throw up hand signs.

  • Lol, the Senate will and SHOULD expose the real corruption via trial, not just end it. Expose Obama, Clinton and Biden. They need to pay for everything they've done.

  • What a joke

  • Republican for Trump 2016/2020 here!! But Tulsi will be the next Dem President unless something extreme happens.

  • This leaves a nasty taste in the mouth of Democrats….have a mint Pelosi…

  • Chuck, stfu! You are such a moron. It's not about cleaning up the Articles of Impeachment trial, it's the fact Donald Dumb F Trump didn't allow witnesses to testify! What a way to serve the people who elected you, close your eyes and ears. So much for bipartisanship and the oath of office you swore to uphold!

  • Grassley you P.O.S

  • The House's work? You mean lies.

  • what we REALLY NEED is an investigation by the FBI into the investigation into the investigation into the investigation of the investigation into the investigation until we get to the bottom of the investigation of the investigation!

  • The democrats created a fake impeachment and televised it for their presidential campaign! PAID FOR BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

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