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– What’s up, everybody? My name is Tommy Jordan, thank you so much for joining me today on my YouTube channel. Today I’m gonna make a real simple video, it’s gonna be an “About Me,”
where I’m just gonna share about me and we’re gonna
get to know each other. ‘Cause if you’re gonna be here and if you’re gonna press
that little subscribe button, I hope you do! You need to know who I am, basically. So yeah, my name is Tommy
Jordan, I’m real estate agent here in the Coachella Valley. I’ve been living here that
last few years, full-time, but grown up my whole
life coming to the Valley. And my family always had a home out here by Indio, La Quinta, where all the Coachella
Festivals are at now. I know if you’ve got some
younger viewers watching, and some older ones,
everyone knows Coachella! That’s like, all the rage! Anyways, ’cause it’s fun,
I’m not hating, by the way, I’ve never even been, so sad,
I’ll have to go this year. But, yeah, so I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful little baby. I’ll do a little clip here, boop! – [Wife] (laughing) Go, ah! You did it! – So I grew in San Clemente,
I’m a little beach boy. We had palm trees there, like we do here, but it was different. There’s seagulls and ocean and stuff, but it’s gorgeous out here. I grew up by the beach,
sort of normal life. Always wanted to be an
entrepreneur though, that was always burning in my soul. I knew I just wanted to be my own boss, I wanted to get what I put into life. You know, squeeze it like
a lemon, make lemonade, squeeze that orange to make orange juice. Lame metaphors, anyways… It sort of happened, I
sort of fell into working for my family’s non-profit,
the Fred Jordan Missions in downtown LA. There’s an area outside of
downtown LA called skid row. It’s one of the largest
stable homeless populations in the world, it’s crazy. People are sleeping on tents,
cardboard boxes, it’s sad, it’s really sad. So it’s a big problem
right now, for the city. My family had a homeless shelter, right on 5th and Towne,
and I actually lived there, right outside my doorstep
people were using drugs, drinking, there was prostitution going on. I mean, it was wild, wild-like place, sort of life the wild west down there. So we were there to try to help them, be a helping hand, try to serve them, show them that this
isn’t how life has to be. There could be a better life for you. We fed them food, we had
chapel, prayed with them, gave them clothes, everything. Mentored, we had job training
programs, you name it. Long story short, I was
doing that and loving it, but I didn’t feel like
it was my true passion. You know, that thing I really, I don’t want to say born for, be born to be a real estate agent, most people don’t want to
grow up and be a realtor. But maybe now, ’cause all the TV shows. I had my license since I was 18, so I’d be working at the Mission and back of my head I was always thinking, “Real estate, oh real estate.” I’d be getting a cup of
coffee and just like…. I would see a little foam
that sort of looked like a little house inside my coffee cup and I’d be like, “Real estate, what?” No, that’s not happened,
but you get my point. I basically, I’ll back the story up, I’m sorta all over the place. Two years ago, my grandmother had a stroke and she was the matriarch of the family and she ran the entire non-profit. So things got sorta crazy, in turmoil and I basically had my wife,
who was pregnant at the time with our son, who’s now 15 months old. Super cute. And we had to go and we moved
to the Coachella Valley, La Quinta area, that’s 30
minutes from Palm Springs, if you know where that’s at. And I just started doing real estate, I started door knocking,
I started cold calling. Doing anything and everything
to try to generate sale, get a business, feed my family,
put some bread on the table, you know what I mean, put
some waffles in the toaster for breakfast. And it sorta worked out! My first year I sold 10
homes, which isn’t crazy, people do 100 homes, but
for the average person, that’s pretty great. I’m learning, I’m still
new in the business, this is gonna be my second year. But I’m studying, I study all the time, I’m a voracious reader, I’ve had coaches, and all kinds of things, always learning. Always trying to grow as a person and do better every day. So now I’m here and I
wanted to start this channel really to share with you about my life, what it’s like to be a realtor, because I’m sure some
of you have had thoughts of being a realtor before. I want to highlight the
different, special people in this community, and in
different places in this community that are awesome, that my
family and I, we love to go to. So if you’re ever here you could be like, “Oh, what’s a good boba
place or coffee joint “that’s different than Starbucks!” Not that I don’t like
Starbucks, ’cause it’s October and they have the pumpkin
spice stuff going on, which is great. So anyways, I think that’s
sort of the wrap on my video. Pumpkin spice lattes don’t
really know where to beat that, go from here, so you know,
thank you for watching this. And I hope you continue
on your journey with me. Please make sure to
subscribe and let’s do this. I’ll upload videos, trying
to commit to doing it weekly. And if anybody’s out here
looking for real estate, of course, I’d love to help you. I’m all about low pressure,
so any of my clients, whether you wanna buy or
sell, that’s up to you. I’m just here to advise you and I just want to build
that relationship with you and be a resource. So if you even have questions
out here about the schools, or anything, just hit me up! I’d love to help. So yeah, all right, YouTube, thanks again. I hope we’re gonna be best friends. Super cheesy, turn the camera off.


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