Northern Colorado Community Spotlight: I Love Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a great way to stay in
shape. I’m exhausted just watching her! I’m Brian McKinnon with Sears Real Estate and today we are featuring I Love Kickboxing in this week’s Community Spotlight.
Welcome to the NoCo Home Show. I’m Brian McKinnon with Sears Real Estate and I help people find their dream homes. I want to share with you the best tips and
tricks as well as what is going on in the Northern Colorado real estate market,
empowering you to make the best decision for yourself and your family. This is the
NoCo Home Show. I Love Kickboxing has been helping
people in Northern Colorado stay in shape since 2017. Manager Lena Bozzo: “We teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle and not just something
to reach a goal and then stop. It’s a way of life after you come here.
I’ve never punched anyone in the face. Okay, I probably would be too scared to, I’m too kind-hearted. We always work independently with a bag. We’re different than any type of group fitness class because nobody’s watching
to see if you’re keeping up with the person next to you. This isn’t like maybe
say a dance class to where you can really tell who’s off and who’s on, this is a
very individualized workout and movement is better than no movement at all, so we
just want you to come in here and have a good time.” Student: “Just take your first step in the door that’s the hardest thing because there really is nothing to be
fearful here. First day I couldn’t lift myself off the mat and you know coach V
really helped me build my strength and every single one of them they really
break down every technique, really show you how to do it right and you know I’m
a technical or I’m a nerd so I love that I absolutely love that.” For a creative
and fun way to stay in shape, sign up for your first class at In real estate, who you work with matters. I’m Brian McKinnon with Sears Real Estate and this is the NoCo Home Show.

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