NEW Real Estate Apps like ” QUIGLER ” Will 5X Your Real Estate Listings INSTANTLY!

all right told you I’d be bad guys
what’s up this is the million dollar listing mentor back to report this new
article that I spotted alright so this new real estate app can help you 5x your real estatelistings very
easily if you pay attention let’s be a little bit creative here your honors
channel you know we think outside the box went on unorthodox alright so
there’s new app aims to add transparency between real estate agents so I’m gonna
tell you what this app is and then I’m gonna explain to you how you can use it
to get more listings okay so how many of you are in the
competitive area alright you’re in a competitive market where every five
minutes somebody you’re trying to get the list with you they tell you they’re
already in negotiations with somebody else and it sucks because you got on
your favorite suit or your yeah suit skirt or whatever you want to call it
right you get everything prepared you know how to add value and all of that
you practice your closes and you get one liners that you learn from time carry
and all of those guys right well this one right here alone is going to help
you get people to list with you and it’s gonna increase the amount of closes you
do not watch this and you can use this app with your buyers and your sellers
but this is mainly geared towards the sellers so I’m gonna show you how to use
it alright so this app is called quick
alert okay quickly we’re name I know right alright
let’s read what it is so suppose I increase integrity a new app is looking
to add more transparency to the home buying process particularly in regards
to real estate agents dubbed Quig lured the tool informs consumers of their
agents States federal and ethical obligations as well as when that agent
meets those requirements throughout the process all right so what does they got
to do with you guys getting new listing well it’s just like when you go to a
dentist or any type of physician or surgeon or somebody’s offering office
you’re going to get checked though right when you see all of their credentials on
the wall it gives you a sense of comfort a sense of trust all right so it’s a
trust built in fact that’s exactly what you can use this app is tool for this is
one of the best real estate tools I’ve heard of so far in a way that it can be
used to help you get listings like the one I just talked about a minute ago
which was forewarn that’s a safety app that’s awesome too but this one is used
to get you more listings they don’t tell you that but I’m telling you that it
will increase your listings if you can have a seller or potential seller
download this app be able to walk through all of the processes with you
they have all of your information they know all of the steps you’re supposed to
go through they know where they are in the sequence and everything like that
they’re comfortable so it was a comfortability tool you see what I’m
saying so any seller you you come in contact with the first thing I would do
is give them something tangible why do you think when you walk in a store like
a clothing store they tell you to go try it on because once you try it on it
becomes part of you and you do not want to part ways with it it’s very very
simple that way they can you know do what they will with the price because
now you have a more emotional attachment to it once you tried it on looked at
yourself in the mirror and everything like that now when they tell you the
price for it be like oh man I really want it and you start moving things
around in your head trying to but right same thing with this app once they see
how many different parts they’re going through after they sign with you and all
of this no banking out will come okay alright so and they can they feel like
they know you more because no other realtor is walking up to them and
introducing them to the app okay okay nice to meet you I want you I want to
have full transparency with you I know you’ve met people
before that might have burnt you in the past so what I want to do is be a mirror
to you all right so download this app you’re gonna know
exactly what I’m doing at all times you’re gonna know everything about me
and we can get your house sold of what you want to get us out for all righty
boom look I said I don’t have to tell you guys how to sail you know how to
sail all I’m trying to do is give you something in addition to make you a
superhero to the seller okay Anna bye okay because then the seller though
you’ll be able to get the wiggle room because they’ll be more understanding
because they trust you more than any other realtor they were talking to any
other agents that was talking some right okay so let’s continue reading a win for
real estate agents and consumers alike a new app called Quibbler was just
launched to foster more integrity within the real estate transactions available
on iOS that’s what iPhone and app store and all
that via the web the school informs buyers and sellers exactly what
requirements their agents need to meet based on state and federal law it also
brings down the code of ethics requirements set by the National
Association of Realtors so it’s kind of like if you got pulled over by an
officer and they don’t read rights and they try to rescue I mean if they didn’t
read you the race or they’re not wearing their badge then they’re not supposed to
be able to arrest you but but according to law that they made and that’s how
it’s supposed to go so this is how it’s supposed to feel for the buyer and
seller they feel like okay I see right through you I know what you’re about
you better not burn me because I got everything on you and that’s fine you
want them to feel like this all right because then they have less objections
so you guys are you two looking at all these different objections and different
real estate scripts and seller scripts closing scripts and all of that well
this app right here can delete 85% of it you can just have them download this app
and within 10 minutes okay they know everything you’re supposed to do
no reason not to trust you guys understand I hope you understand if you
watch this one youtube comment comment below and let me know how you feel about
this app do you think it makes you feel vulnerable alright do you think is the
greatest thing since sliced bread because it’s going to increase the
amount of listings you get it’s going to look people are going to throw
themselves at you when they know the whole process the scary part of a seller
is not knowing what happens when when you like go ahead and sign on with the
with the agent like they’ll know they’ll know what’s supposed to happen they’ll
know who you are really you just contacted them saying look I can sell
your house so that’s the scary part but now all that goes away so this should be
like the first thing you approach a person with don’t even tell them your
name your downloa map I’d like you build that there download this app ok and
we’re gonna we’re gonna be best friends just look at this app every day you’ll
know exactly what I’m doing you’re not working hard you’ll know about me you’ll
know I’m not fraudulent you know it everything that I’m supposed to follow
in order to sale your own own okay so I just wanted to show you guys about this
new real estate app this in the market called quick alert and how it can help
you 5x your listing do it man when I when I do these videos and I’ll put
theirs now the job is because I’m using the things that I teach my six-figure
per month real estate clients okay these are the
things that are taking them higher than they have ever been before they came
upon me okay all right so I want you guys to know that this is not just some
news story I’m trying to I’m trying to help you so you want to build trust and
then you can get more or less all right so talk to you guys in a video

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