Hello sunshine Come in let’s show you where we’ve been I Do want to say that this home it’s clearly Very much bigger than our apartment that we were in Texas and not California. So there’s that big disclaimer it’s so crazy to see like where we are now and to think back in here and feel like all we could really do at the time was a little tiny space in order to Finish painting off like our adoption and just so much that was going on at the time Anyway with that being said I am super super thankful and excited to show you guys what this looks like. So Let’s go. So when you guys first walk in we mop this little area which Yeah second living room that’s where It’s really big. We don’t really have that much stuff and I don’t really intend on buying along and stuff to fill it up so we just on the whole sitting area for chit chats and Hanes and then we have a little bookshelf over there, which is Super edgy. This is the way we have the kitchen over here, make sure also humongo in super pretty it was probably one of my favorite parts about the house because It’s so spacious. Then we have this little island thing too, which is really cool And it’s just nice anything in spacious. And then what crazy things is we have this little pantry over here little pantry It’s not little it’s actually really Crazy, but that’s it’s like a walk-in closet like carry water go away Who’s there? It’s the next to the kitchen we have the living around and it is also super amazing because it comes with a bottom plate which I don’t understand because It’s super hot. I don’t even know if it gets really cool I can’t believe ever anything but people say you need it if you’re from San Antonio Specifically, let me get up how cold it gets here because this is pretty cool but I’m gonna need it and then we actually ended up buying this media stand which is so pretty because And if you guys didn’t know the Media stand that we used to have our old apartment was actually thrifted and I painted it and stuff So it was super super old and busted and we thought of it we still think it’s super cute But we were really excited to buy a new one Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu and then on this side of the downstairs we have what is just the bathroom and a little closet and then the garage garage Ready there. So ready Lucas favorite part of the house the stairs He was so excited concert. I think that for him was like oh Our room because when we first got here we were like, oh the master room like let’s put things in master room and look I was like master boy We’re past those days, I know I didn’t name it that it was the big room man so this is the bathroom, which is Humongous and it’s kind of unnecessarily huge honestly Again, we don’t have that much stuff in here But I actually like when things are ending this is what it looks like. We have one closet over there the bathroom way of a super echo in here, and then they have another in there, which is She’s Shane’s face. Which mine I would show you if it was in presentable. Sorry Any that now you know? That this year this is like half of our apartment. Yeah, it’s crazy to have such a big space, but it’s amazing Let’s go to the boys room away So you have this little hallway Right over in this play. We have the washer and dryer in there and a bathroom and This is the kids room Which one of our your parts of this house is the windows? they bring so much natural light throughout the house, which is Literally, like what we noticed first thing you were like, wow, this is so bright. That was a huge deal for us Ah, yeah, this is one of my favorite parts of the house and so this is where the kids sleep coming out we have this little Loft area which we essentially just turned into like another like an extension of the boys room. I would say it’s my favorite room Ah, yeah, I think it’s everyone’s favorite room But yeah This is kind of where the kids hang out with some games and the switch and just this is where the fun happens mostly for that Yeah, I think it’s super cute. This is one of my favorite parts from this room because the Sun sets and It shines through this little crystal thing and then it like creates all these little rainbows all over the room So finally the last room upstairs is what? The finally the last room of spirit is the third bedroom which we turned into an office awesome super thing because as you guys know the reason why we are in It’s because Shane is going to school and he needs a study area Hmm. So along with his study area we also have The computer and just kind of where I do the video stuff So we thought it was just probably a much much more organised Idea to put these two pieces in one room And that way we can also keep the kids out when we need to go really get down and do some stuff It’s like super refreshing, right? Yeah Like it just it feels like you get to actually step into somewhere and like focus and not have the chaos America I’m excited. We’re gonna put more plants here Yeah, we wanna and again with the window then like all the natural lighting and stuff We are able to have plants and actually have that some light leaking in So yeah, that’s that’s the best Want to do a magic trick? And Alakazam I Didn’t move Okay. Well, yeah, I don’t know Is a closet Hocus pocus that’s what they say. Well you can think. Oh I said Alakazam and now we’re gonna go to our Favorite part of the house. Are you guys all ready? It’s not the kitchen, but it comes close that’s joints Knock-knock Got some water. Thank you Okay, hey, do you guys want to show everyone your favorite part of the house so this backyard is also anything because they have just so much space to actually burn off that energy and it’s Seriously, like my favorite part about this house and it’s definitely something that we really have Wanted for so long. So it’s just it’s a dream to be able to live in a space like that You want to try to touch it? Babies are gonna plan it. I don’t know. Look at favorite part of the backyard is that they can have some sprinkler action. Oh, Yeah our backyard You want to show us? We have a soccer goal. And what do we say when we make it? Okay, so this is the end of our house story, I hope that you guys like it as much as we do We love it so much and we are so happy. We are loving pan Antonio. It’s honestly it just been so amazing Except these the heat they can’t beat the heat Yeah, they’re getting used to it is that we’re getting used to it, but we’ll get there So yeah, thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to Love one another and we’ll see you Got for your name’s sake You will leave me back. Oh dear


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