• Jamie, where did you get the kitchen rug in front of your sink?

  • I'm obsessed with Endust now! It smells so good and it makes my furniture really shine. Thanks for the tip! Merry Christmas!

  • My closets, pantry and fridge are my new year organization goals. Things get cluttered so fast. During the week myself and my 3 kids are away from the house for over 12 hrs per day. That leaves me basically zero time to do anything but cook, shower, and relax. Everything gets saved for the weekend. I really want to stop that cycle as well.

  • Jamie please be careful with the cleaning products you use. They are highly toxic. Watch STINK on Netflix. 😷

  • Is that a Champagne Toast Bath & Body Works candle that I spy? 👀 It’s my absolute favorite candle! Hands down the best scent they have ever made. ☺️

  • Another fab inspiring motivational video Jamie I'm the same I always seem to start on the kitchen first I hate the clutter on the benches and dishes in the sink I have to tackle them immediately, I got one of those to do list pads at our version of dollar tree which is Poundland and immediately my partner said 'did you get one of those because Jamie has one and I said yes correct lol! They are just very useful, I hope you, Mike and Avery have a wonderful 1st christmas with your two new little angels Addison and Emery wishing you a wonderful 2020❤☺ ps-its not snowing in the UK yet but it's frosty❄

  • Thank you so much for posting today, my house is a disaster and will probably take me 2 days to get it all calm and cozy in time for Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! xo

  • Kelli’s Life from her chair

    we did a massive clean out in June and July and in January i will do an extreme clean out of all the rooms! just so i can adjust to the changes coming up.. i will be an empty nest soon.. i am in mississippi so we always get cold weather and warm weather all in the same day… lol

  • Jessey Christensen

    Zep has a grout cleaner that you literally just put it on the grout within two minutes it’s clean.

  • It’s gonna be 60* here in KY on Christmas! I hate the snow so I’m completely okay with it!

  • needed this today!! 💖

  • Kat & Her Kiddies

    i really want to do my bedroom . get new sheets and comforter and declutter . my twin veins are still in our bedroom bc we don’t have the space . where did you get the name sign for your twins

  • I’m so glad you post on Sundays! Your videos always give me the motivation to get things ready for the week. No snow here. I live in Alabama, it’s been mid 50s and raining for a couple of days and should be in the 60s on Christmas.

  • I really need to clean my base boards and blinds more often. That's the 2 places that I just seem to forget or overlook. I'm going to do that right now. Thank you Jamie !!

  • 😍😘.

  • Karolina Leszczynska

    It is amazing how much suction Dyson have

  • Karolina Leszczynska

    Love your video,still don't understand how you stay motivated and willing to clean at all

  • I am the same way about the kitchen. My dishwasher is on the fritz 😳. I can’t live without one lol. I am really weird about my floors being vacuumed. I sometimes I do it twice a day.

  • Your cleaning videos are such inspirational and satisfying to me 🧹🧼💗!

  • I live in texas so we dont get snow here.. love your videos

  • Happy Holidays to ALL of you! 💖 If you need some CLEANING MOTIVATION for the holidays, I hope you find it here on my channel! Here's some EXTRA MOTIVATION, if you REALLY need to get your house in order for the holiday – We are gearing up to celebrate Christmas with our families here in a couple of days and can't wait to spend this holiday with our girls! It's extra exciting to spend holiday with the twins since it's their 1st Christmas! 🎁🎄

  • Kimberley Perkins

    I live in Alabama and it's looking like its going to be around 70° on Christmas. So no snow for us!

  • Im in OR and we never get snow or very very little. A skiff will cause schools to close 🙄 we are originally from WA where we got lots of snow ❄️ I have to say 4 years here I dont miss the snow we get rain 🌧. Last year in Feb we got a huge snowstorm and it shut down our little town for a week and outlining areas were 2+ weeks without power! It was crazy! I used a few days with no power during the day to organize cabinets and closets lol plan to go back thru this year again! My paperwork cabinet needs some attention!

  • Miss those days when my couch was full of cherrios and goldfish! Merry Christmas from Canada😊

  • Cleaning my whole house today & tomorrow (including laundry AND bathing dogs 😱) since I’m hosting Christmas Eve & Christmas. So glad to clean along with you!!

  • I love your videos Jamie. I am a grandmother and actually babysit for my great grandson who is 6 months old. I love scenes with your girls. They are beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas.


  • I am looking forward to tackling my drawers and cupboards in the kitchen 🙂

  • New subscriber here love ur content! U have a beautiful family

  • Great video!!!

  • It's suppose to be 50 degrees here in lower Michigan on Christmas!

  • Crazy Cleaning Mama

    That grout cleaning was SO satisfying in the hopscotch like pattern🤣 Will def have to try this🙌🏻👏🏻

  • Kids are gone and I live alone but after all these years I
    Absolutely HATE Laundry..I didn’t used to when I did it for 6 people..go figure! Merry Christmas and carry on👌🏻

  • Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family, Jamie!! ❤️🎅🏻. All the Cheerios under the couch , beyond relatable 😂 I always start in the kitchen, it’s the room that drives me the most crazy when it’s messy, so I always like to just get it out of the way!

  • Yay! This video was fun to watch while I clean and work on last minute teacher cards! Happy holidays!!

  • Good morning and Merry Christmas Jamie!

  • I live in Arizona and I have never seen snow in person. Hopefully one day soon my husband will take my kids and I up North to see some snow.

  • Decluttering/reorganizing on speed videos are my favorite! Love you sharing some of your life with us❤️. No snow for us… live in the Austin, TX area… will be 65/70 Christmas Day 👍

  • I woke up in a mood to start organizing things. Got all of my laundry done and cleaned out the biggest two closets. I am addicted to your videos! Have a very Merry Christmas. I look forward to more new videos in the new year (and new decade!)

  • What do you use to clean your blinds?

  • Such an inspiration!

  • We are very close!! I’m in Buffalo, NY 😊

  • Happy Holidays to you and your family! Have a ton of fun with the girls.
    Loved your cleaning today and picked up a few tips.. Using Endust on doors and baseboards….the dryer sheets n beads for fresh smells. Etc. love it.
    I look forward to getting your notification that your vlog is ready for me. Lol
    Enjoy and have a blast then rest up a bit before clean up. L9l

  • Georgia…No snow…Ever😞

  • I needed this video! Calming and also very motivating. I’m hosting Christmas Eve a kick in the Butt that I needed! Thank you 😊

  • So looking forward to the decluttering and organising in the new year!! Merry Christmas x

  • Greetings from Great Britain. I fully understand your frustration on trying to ensure it's all done, today I have had the house upside down and have felt very on edge because it was NOT perfect, I started in the kitchen and did the bathrooms, but I felt like there were bits on the carpets I had to get up, but there were gifts all over the place that needed to go, and things to wrap and things to put in the attic that were no longer needed now, so I knew this was going to be a half now and half later routine, which ordinarily I'd try and smash in at least an hour or so. I try and mop the tiles at least daily, but again the past two days they have not been done, again this frustrates me, so will have to see what tomorrow brings, but Christmas Eve I will do a deep(ish) clean, I usually reserve that pleasure for New Years Day, start as I mean to go on. You said you had snow, we have very mild weather here in GB, it has been about 12o c or 54o Fahrenheit, so mild for December, it was cold the other week, but we have had no snow, a few icy mornings and foggy, a lot of rain, but we have a dry spell now and just the typical winter of cold and mild and vice versa, it can't seem to make its mind up, that said, we do occasionally get very early Spring, February has been very warm in times, but if it comes too early, we suffer in April on occasions, so I'd sooner that did not happen. Anyway, if we don't see another vlog this side of Christmas, then I'd like to wish you and your family a truly enjoyable Christmas, and hope New Year brings all you want and more besides. I think you can take credit in the fact your gift to us is truly that of motivation and determination to get going, keep the vlogs coming. Enjoy. Chris xo

  • omg, here in brazil is summer hahaha, it's sooo hot

  • We haven't had any snow yet. I live in Newton NC⛄

  • I use resolve on the carpet in my living room and it gets it really cleaned and gets the stains and odors out the carpet it works great for me! 😁

  • Hi jamie I hope this doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable but how many kids do have including your miscarriages I’m sorry if your uncomfortable

  • Hi Jamie, love your videos. It’s summer here in Australia so very hot. There are major bushfires around so very smokey too. Would love to experience a white Christmas one day!Merry Christmas 😊

  • I also use this hack😆.
    Avery is so sweet helped to clean her bedroom👍.

  • Not snowing here.i live in south Jersey.

  • You’d been on my mind a lot today anticipating your video and as soon as i went to binge watch your old videos i got the notification of this video! I love your vids ❤️ Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

  • Hello Jamie. Merry Christmas to you. The scrubber you used to clean your kids bath tub where rid u get it? I had bought one at the dollar tree store but it broke on me already. I was wondering where you got your scrubber for cleaning the bathtub.

  • Merry Christmas to you and your family. Having 3 little girls to celebrate with is going to be so much fun! Do you think the Endust does a better job than the Method?

  • Awesome job!!! Love your channel and family!!! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  • Oh and NO snow (in Florida). Just rain ☔️

  • Same here in Mentor Ohio!

  • Merry Christmas!! Thanks for this well needed motivation!

  • Jamie I just finished decluttering my 13 year old girl room got rid of her size 14 clothes my closet and got rid of things in my kitchen that I didn't want anymore will be hitting my bathroom after Christmas. Thankfully I have no snow on the ground here in Louisiana I hate snow it's to cold for this girl to enjoy!!! Its pretty on the mountains where it belongs and I am not…LOL but hope you get some for you to enjoy!

  • Awesome video

  • Merry Christmas! Love your videos !!

  • Love this!!

  • What’s ur opinion of using windex on your stainless steel appliances? I find it to work well and it leaves no streaks

  • Merry christmas for you and your beatiful family

  • Life with Ro Nicole

    This is some serious motivation. Thanks!

  • Yea! Can't wait for the videos. I want to clean everything in my house starting the first of the year. And definitely get rid of a bunch clutter.

  • I love snow too. But no snow in Ashton, West Virginia. It's suppose to be 63 Christmas day.

  • I’ve used that dryer sheet hack for years! I put them in all my dresser drawers and in my closets. I’ve even put them in our coat pockets when they are just hanging in the hallway to keep them fresh and I even put them in my car….under the seats and tucked into the door pockets.

  • 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Were I live it have no snow only sun rain I live in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

  • I live in the Phoenix, AZ area, so no snow! I’m not a fan of cold at all, though snow is pretty to look at.

  • I look so forward to watching your videos! It gives me so much motivation to clean my home as well. Loving all your Christmas decor as well 🎄💝

    I have a very small YouTube channel as well and I’d love any support 🥰

  • We are going to have rain here at least the city i live in.. But i live in California.

  • felicity carruthers

    Merry Christmas to your sweet family Jamie and yes i love watching your videos and where i live we have snow I live in Canada

    and i would love to declutter my bedroom in the new year

  • No snow here! Happy Christmas to you and your sweet family! 😊🎄

  • John Paul Rodriguez


  • You the best loveeeeee channel 😘🇧🇷

  • Your videos are awesome enjoy them very much

  • Lady bug where do you get your energy? You are amazing!🙂

  • Ug, i needed this today! My kids are on Christmas break so my vleaning routine is a little off. I speed cleaned yesterday fpr 3 hours on the 1st floor because we had ppl over by i need to do the top floor(bedrooms,master bath and kids bath today plus laundry. Plus finishing shopping this afternoon.
    Your so inspiring, can you come and help me!
    BEAUTIFUL home.
    Tiny bit of snow. Praying for snow. I know-boring. Just enough for kids to play in is fine😂.

  • I would love to see all the organization videos you have planned. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄☃️🎅

  • I love your cleaning video’s. I also have twins. Twin boys, they are 10 months 💙💙 in the beginning I never had the time to clean and take care of them but now that they are older I have more time to cleannn 🧼 🧽

  • I watched your video while cleaning my kitchen and getting ready to bake cookies. I made peanut butter blossoms, which my family loves. Wishing you, Mike, Avery, Addison, and Emery a very Merry Christmas! 🎄☃️🎅

  • Happy Holidays to you and your.  Its okay that Avery want to put a SPIN on her room and put her thing where she want to, just vacuum around it and KEEP GOING, I thought it was cute.  She have to start somewhere (express her self). LOL.  Love the MOTIVATION (I really need it with the holidays here).

  • How do blinds get so dirty? Here’s to vacuum lines, clean sinks & a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁❄️❄️

  • Jamie you get me so motivated to clean my house I love you so much and have a nice Christmas with your family xx

  • lnbox

  • Merry Christmas! ❤ This video was super motivating! Ready for the new year & new videos! ☺

  • We moved into our home about a year and a half ago and I currently have 7 junk drawers in my kitchen and a huge pantry that is just packed full of stuff. I need to declutter and organize my drawers and figure out how my kitchen works best. Thank you for your videos. I love them!

  • I just found your channel and looking forward to the motivational videos.

  • I just moved! I moved 15 minutes away from my old home. Not a long distance but I do need to organize my new home! So I definitely will be watching you organize your sisters house!

  • Meu Deus rs que energiaaaa… 😘💚💛

  • hey i love your channel so much good inspo!💖 where did you get the dish with your mrs meyers on it?

  • I'm cleaning With you Jamie… it's 850pm right now here in edmonton Alberta…. .. 🥰🥰🥰

  • Definitely no snow in Melbourne, Australia. It was really hot last week.

  • Danielle Richardson

    I'm in southwestern Illinois. We had a big snow-ice storm roll through a little over a week ago… Had about 6" snow and .5" of ice. It's mostly melted now and we've had 50+ degree weather for the past couple days. Supposed to have record breaking highs for Christmas Eve and Christmas. I'm kinda sad. I like a good snow storm too, and Christmas is just not supposed to be hot.

  • Love the Resolve hack!!! It works great!!!

  • Good morning, Happy Christmas Eve to you!!! We got a new dishwasher too a few months ago, Bosch….we are in Texas, so um, no snow…like really never here in the Houston area (some northern parts of Texas do get snow, but not us) Temps today from high 40s to low 70s, yes maam, 70s! Hugs to you from me in Houston…simply love you, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! XOXO

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