My Rental Property Damaged and Trashed

OK… about to …take a look at my property that has… according to Carlo and James been seriously screwed by my tenants here. (that) just moved out last weekend. Alright so… This is the main floor, and we are just having it repainted and everything. (Let’s)take a look at the basement. So this is their idea of how you utilize basement storage apparently… These are the same guys sending me emails asking about their security deposits. but I’m guessing this is probably nothing compared to what we are about to see. James:Don’t forget the ceiling.. right here. Ah the crack… That’s not necessarily them. James:Um, I wasn’t thinking (that) at first James: but it could be just because James: of the bathroom, directly above this one Oh it’s leaking? James:Um..not leaking but James:just take a look at it you’ll James:see what I mean. …alright Alright First room. These people lived like animals. Carlo:This thing work? If it does, we could use it. James:We have a box for it downstairs. (electronic beep) (sound of portable ac fan) You did turn off the AC right? James:Yeah OK James:It’s been of since you told me to turn it off. Especially since that window is wide open. James:Yeah Was it open the whole time? James:Huh? Was that window open the whole time? James:Which one…that one? Yeah James: (I)think so and the AC was on? (that) doesn’t make any sense. This is actually the least bad. James:Yeah I think this was James:Chris’s room because James:it kind of has that dog smell. which they weren’t supposed to have pets. There’s (inaudible) proof so this is a dog bone? James:Looks like it. Something. James: but I mean you can see they actually James: did a pretty good job painting. Yeah I know Chris did that. inaudible This is the sh** fest… Look at this sh**! Sigh…. It’s like they’ve never cleaned the bathroom. once in their whole history. James: Inaudible Got it. We’ll leave the light on for now. This is on it’s way up to the top. Hole in the wall This must be when they got arrested James:Um hmm cause there’s a bunch of soil James:Yeah The cops must have uprooted everything. James:Yeah I imagine so. But even still… James:It might have been like mostly James: cops going through the trash. You know it’s not nearly as hot up here as I thought it would be. James:Inaudible Yeah but the AC is not even on. Sigh This is just insane. I don’t even … I don’t know it might not have been like this when the before the cops came in and tore it all up. but still James: …but I’m seeing a lot of the cigarette buts James:and like just food everywhere… That doesn’t have anything to do with the cops I guess. James:yeah Plastic bottle caps, What other kind of sh** (do) we have here? Carlo: It looks like they had pots here. Carlo:POTS. Where you are standing. Pot? Carlo:Pots. Yeah. There is evidence of soil and pots everywhere. Carlo:I mean it’s a f**king watering can here… Yup Carlo: …air pump? sigh ..trying to get a close up of all this sh** I mean it doesn’t even look like he tried f**king clean this place out. You know? attempt made whatsoever. James: is that the aqua teen hunger force DVD (Laughing) Carlo: God**mit! James:Oh wait no they’re both in there. Carlo:Inaudible..laughing. Carlo: CORNDOGS FU** YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James:This was just there. OK at least nobody can see this. James:Yeah What’s with all the PVC pipe? James:Irrigation? We need a junk truck. James: Yeah. Ok It used to be so nice, man. Wallet? Carlo:Um Hmm James:It would be nice to trim down these branches James:and put in a basketball hoop. Carlo:How weird would it be for me to look in there for money? James: Where? Carlo:That wallets out just for show. Yeah I know. So How did you feel when you first saw all the work you had to do? James:Well James:Fu**ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright well… James:At least it’s something to do right? Yeah! There’s your summer job right there buddy.

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