Moreno Valley Housing Market Update September, 2019 | Moreno Valley Realtor

Hi my name is Julio Sanchez and am a local real estate broker in the Inland Empire and today we’re gonna talk about the most recent housing market update for Moreno Valley. This numbers may vary from city to city but the averages or percentages will be somewhat consistent. So, before we talk about the September 2019 market update for Moreno Valley, make sure you subscribe to this channel and tap that bell so you’re notified every single time we do a new video about our area we upload videos every week with different topics, areas of town, businesses buying and selling tips, and much more. Here is the market update for the month of September 2019 for Moreno Valley The number of new listings on the market were 212 which is -4.1% than last year on the same month. And the inventory will last about 2 months if no other homes come for sale to the market There were 179 closed sales which is one more sale this month than last year. The median sales price for this month was $350,000 and increment of 4.5% over last year on the same month There are no change on our days on the market from last year in which homes were selling within 18 days of being on the market. Last month’s average sales price was $350,000 just 5 years ago the average sales price was $235,000 About $115 K difference Why would you care, you ask? Let me put it this way, your monthly payment for an average house 5 year ago would have been roughly about $1589. In today’s prices your monthly payment is about $2366. That’s $777 more per month Are you willing to wait another 5 years to buy your home and see your monthly payment go up another 700-800 dollars per month? There are excellent home loan programs that can help you with the down payment and the closing cost if you need them. If you are looking to buy your home I can send you more information about Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside and the surrounding areas, I have a free relocation guide that I can email it to you free of charge and without obligation on your part just call or text me at the number on the description below Now If you are thinking of selling or would like to know the value of your home just find out how much equity you have in your home, just call or text me at the number on the description below When you call I’ll make sure you get my free report on how to prepare your home for the sale just to say thank you. And if you call me before October 30th and would like to get qualified for a loan or would like to request your home evaluation, you will get a complimentary getaway vacation to Las Vegas or Orlando. We have 10 Vacations left for this month. Again if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to this channel we do tons of videos about what it’s like, to live in this area, the different areas of town buying and selling tips, but you gotta hit that subscribe button and click that bell to be notified every time we do a new one. That is all today for this month’s market update. My name is Julio Sanchez Thank you for watching.


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