Maui Real Estate Tips – Choosing A Realtor on Hawaii

Aloha, we are here once again for our
Maui Real Estate tip and today we’re here with Melissa for a tip on how to choose
or choosing a realtor here on Maui can you share with us some tips on choosing
a realtor here in Maui maybe give us like three tips ok sure I’d be happy to
I think really important for the first thing is finding someone that your
personality is compatible with and you feel like you can work well with two I
think you need to find someone with experience so you can ask your Realtor
that you’re talking to or interviewing what their experience is and make sure
that they have in-depth experience in working with the purchase contract
escrow process lenders etc and also the kind of property that you would want to
buy correct I have the type of property yes it’s very important and then I think
third would be great to look at their reviews and you can find those on
different social media outlets different platforms such as Zillow or realtor comm
and make sure that you read their reviews and then communicate with them
and ask them any questions you might have about working with them to see if
you’re a good fit because in Zillow they really have to be working with the
realtor for them to leave a review is correct
yes Zillow is a great resource for reading reviews on realtors and I found
that it’s it’s a helpful for me to connect with buyer’s or seller’s well
that’s it for our tip and if they have some what questions about you they need
more guidance adjusting a realtor what did they find you they can find me at
the white layer Realty website Melissa at Waimea Realty comm or at my phone
number eight oh eight to eight one one seven five one thank you so much thank

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