Market Minute: Iowa City Area MLS Real Estate 2018 Review

Hi there, Emily Farber from Lepic-Kroeger,
Realtors in Iowa City, Iowa. Thanks for joining me for my year-end market minute.
Let’s take a look back at the 2018 real estate numbers. Stay tuned until the end
of this video because I’m going to show you an interesting graph showing Johnson
County home sale prices over the years. The total number of residential
properties sold in the entire Iowa City area MLS, which includes the counties of
Johnson, Washington, Iowa, Cedar, some of Muscatine… it kind of spreads it’s not
really county specific. The average sale price for 2018, in looking at 3428 home
sales, was $238, 713 with an average day on market of 63. When we distill that down to just
Johnson County residential sales, and we’re talking about single-family homes,
zero lots, condos and acreages, the Johnson County average selling price for
2018 was $ 271,131, which is a 4.02% increase over last year. Looking back over the longview, 38 years
worth of data, shows an average annual increase of 3.78%. The Washington County average home sales
price for residential properties in 2018 was $160,939, and the Iowa County average for 2018 was $187,813.


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