MadHouse | Sitcom S01E08 – Professionals In The House | Niharika Konidela | Telugu Web Series

[Tom] Dear citizens… Press the bell icon of Pink Elephant Pictures
and enjoy the spectacle. Hello, Prashanth. Everyone just left. It’s just the two of us. Jo has also left to school. She bought some new dress. She went there to show it off. Charu is at her VISA interview. And Shant, it’s the same old story. He went to work because
he fears his boss. [Customer Executive] Sir, this is a
call center. Why are you telling me all this? I’m so bored, Prashanth. Sir, this is too much. Please talk to me. Sir, don’t you have a job? [laughs hysterically] I don’t encourage getting a job, Prashanth. It’s wrong. Prashanth!
[phone beeps] [dialling] Hello… Hello… He blocked me?! Seriously?! What have I done that he blocked me? Shit! I have to do something to pass the time. I need to do something very important
in my life. Hey! What is he doing here so early? [lizard chirping] Do it call it an ‘It’ or ‘He’? It’s definitely a ‘He’. Hey! There’s one more. [gasps] Why are they tussling? Oh my god! They’re doing it! No! No! No! It’s interesting. “Mad House!” “These conversations on life” “They go over Einstein’s head” “It’s the beginning of many tales” It’s time chaos surrounds us” [lyric unclear] “They’re all gathered under one roof” “Fun times are calling” “Mad House!” [Interviewer] No. 7, Ganesh! Hey! Hey! Hey! Psst! Sorry. My brother Alex… He looked exactly like this. Where’s my phone? [devotional song playing] Let everybody listen. It brings good luck. You’re here for the VISA interview, right? Yes. Yes. Thank you so much for reviewing
my files, Shant. – You’re so helpful.
– That’s okay. – You’d do the same for me, right?
– No. I wouldn’t. I’m sorry. Damn! My papers. This won’t work. Project budget is too high. We need to lose one of them. It’s either Shant or Geetika. [Lady] Umm… We were going to lose Geetika. But she reviewed the files perfectly
in the last minute. Even Shant is good. Works like a dog. [Boss] Let’s have a fair deal. Let’s fire whoever is late to the
11 am meeting today. – Okay?
– [Lady] Okay, sir. Let’s move. [Geetika’s mind voice] I have to be
at the meeting before him. [Shant] Oh shit! Only 5 minutes left
for the meeting. [coffee spills] Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, Shant. Is it burning? Clean it slowly and come, okay?
– It’s okay. It’s okay. No! Not okay. Oh god! My job. [door shuts] Sorry, Shant. Are you okay? Get first aid, clean up and
come to the meeting, okay? Bye. [peppy music fades] Hello, Tommy… There’s a birthday party going on
over here. They didn’t invite me. I feel like crying. -Is it your colleague’s birthday?
– No! Is it your principal’s birthday?
– No. – Whose birthday is it then?
– Pinky from kindergarten. What?!
[kids clapping] She’s also got a cake. Cake?!
[Pinky] I’ll be right back. Jo… Doesn’t Pinky look so cute today? Tom! Who says Pinky is cuter than me? Just look at her! – I’m busy. Hang up.
– Hi, Miss. isn’t my pink dress cute?
[Teacher] Yes, Pinky. Red shoes. Pink lipstick. I’m so cute, aren’t I? Yes, Pinky… You look so cute
and so does your dress. You think Pinky is cute? Red shoes and pink dress? Weird combination! It’s not cute. You both look just like each other. Pinky! You’re suspended. Will you get your dad like last time? Go ahead… You’re suspended! – Okay?
– Thank you, Miss. Goodbye. May I have your token number, please? It’s no.8. Not lucky for me. Can you please change it?
– What?! And also your interiors… So black! Not auspicious at all. I think you should change it
to something like… Maybe…
[Interviewer] Okay. Okay. Can I please have your VISA form? Okay tell me why you want to study in US. So I’m an aspiring environmental scientist. I’m applying to an Ivy League. So basically I love plants and I feel
they should be treated equally to humans. So basically I really love plants and I feel
everyone should treat them like family. I have so many plants at home. I have Charlie, Sujatha, Chinnu
and Shamitha… I have Pintu, Babloo…
I have Debby… I have so many of them and I feel
everyone should treat them like family… And just like your brothers and sisters. Oh. You both are on time. Yes, sir. Guys, I need to tell you
a very important thing. Huh? One of you is going to the free pool. And that is… [grunts] Okay. The paper that had the name is missing. We’ll meet you tomorrow then. – Take care.
– Okay. Aravind… Aravind…
– Yes? Actually, we have a crazy dinner party
plan tonight. With some crazy friends. Can you please come? Umm… – Yeah. Okay.
– Great! Thanks. [Tom] Why is he fondling
another lizard now? Oh my god! How, Prashanth? How? How many mates do you need? I don’t even have one and
you have a couple of them. You’re cheating on your wife. How could you do this? Upendra… You don’t get it, Upendra. Prashanth is cheating on his wife. He’s fondling some other lizard now. I don’t know how to tell you this. I get it. I just did this and you got it? Oh my god! I’m so expressive. That’s not what I meant. Everyone in this flat has something to do.
Except for you. Including that lizard. And that’s how the icebergs melted. Bloody buggers! How could they do that? I mean how? You know what? These rich countries cause
the highest pollution. All these countries are the same. I hate these countries. And your country is also one of them. I just hate these countries.
I just hate them! [exhales sharply] So that’s how I’ve come up with a plan… Okay. Okay. Okay.
Your VISA form has been accepted. Oh! You’re accepting my VISA? Yes. Oh! That’s great! Umm… Do you have a red pen? You see? Blue is not lucky for me today
according to my horoscope. So if you have a red pen,
can you please use that? Sure. I have a red one. But it’s not for acceptance. It’s for rejection. Your VISA form is rejected! What?! Take the form and leave. Rejected?! I can’t believe this. This is my dream. Please understand. I think you should leave. My plants… Alex…! [Shant] Tom, I invited my boss home.
Prep everything nicely. ‘Oh dear boss…’ ‘My dear boss…’ ‘You have the guts to call me a mess.’ [mocking] ‘Oh dear boss…’ ‘My dear boss…’ ‘You have the guts to call me a mess.’ ‘Oh dear boss…’ ‘My dear boss…’ ‘I have the guts to call you a…’ – What can we call him, man?
– Fuss! But you’re not so daring. – I am.
– ‘Fussy boss…’ ‘Fussy boss…’ ‘Fussy boss…’ [door bell rings] Fussy boss?! Come on. Let’s go. He’s here.
This dinner is really important to me. – What do you want me to do?
– You? Umm… I’ll open the door. You kill him. Kidding, bro! Remember. We are nice people. And we respect our enemies. Okay? Okay. Ah! My hand… – Hi, Shant!
– Hi, Aravind. Please come. Umm… This is Tom. – Hi, Tom.
– Hi, sir. We are nice people. And we respect our enemies. We have a lot of plans…
Please come. Please come. [Jo] You came home directly? Don’t you have any rules and regulations? Damn! Pinky doesn’t have dress sense. You don’t have common sense. Err… Sir… What are you talking about? Shant! What’s going on? Jo! What are you saying? What’s wrong with you? Everything is wrong with Pinky’s dress. Not me! Tom! Remember what I told you? He’s Pinky’s dad. Oh, really? Look at his head. It’s brighter than my future. You’re torturing Pinky at school
and now this! Jo! This is Aravind. My boss. Oh. We’re being screwed
by the same family. On the daily basis. Sir, I’m sorry. Shant, you know where
this would reflect, right? Tom, do something! Jo, come with me.
I’ll give you a facial. Hey! I’ll not spare you or Pinky. Sir, she’s a little unstable in some places. – You see?
– Yeah, I know. I met her at school. I’m forgiving you only because
I know how she is. [exhales deeply] Thank you, sir.
– [Jo] Shant! You were singing something
a while ago, right? ‘Fussy boss…’ That’s him, right? Baldy Aravind! – Tom, let me go!
– A second chance, sir? I’m leaving. Sir! God! I hate these features. That bald-head! That French beard! Those glasses! These people are ruining our lives! [grunts] I’m sorry for this mess, sir. Yes. You have to be. Welcome to the free pool. Sir! What do I do without a project, Tom? There. Look. [lizard chirping] That’s Prashanth. Characterless fellow! Look. They’re his girlfriends. [All] Wow! I miss you so much! Let’s go to a coffee shop
when I’m back. Love you too, baby. [mind voice] She’s out of control. Hey! I think Lucky is in love
with someone. Let’s find him and kick his ass.


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