Lucy Loud’s Family Fortunes 🥠 The Loud House | Nick

Good evening,
fellow people of the paranormal. Welcome to Madame Lucy’s
Chamber of Fortunes. It’s a rainy October night
at the Loud House. A perfect night
for one of my favorite activities. I will use these cards to tell
the fortunes of each of my siblings. And remember, the cards don’t lie. Cue the lightning. Cool. First up, Lincoln. The first card shows a boat. The second, a fish hook. And the third, danger! Hmm, it seems that Lincoln
should avoid the water. Oh, I think I got something! Reel it in, that’s our lunch! [screaming] [smashing] [gasping] Well, the important thing is…
we caught one! Edwin, whose fortune
do you think we should read next? Luna it is. Card number one, a heart. Card number two, a guitar pick. Card number three, an envelope. Maybe music isn’t the only love
in Luna’s life. Roses are red, Mick Swagger is sick,
my token for you is my favorite pick! – See you later, Sam.
– OK, see ya! On to my oldest sibling, Lori. The first card shows a golf ball. The second, a bandage. And the third, my family. Looks like one of my siblings
will not have a good time with Lori on the golf course. [screaming] Woah! We turn the cards
to find who’s fortune is next. Luan. We’ve got an octopus wearing scuba gear. A shovel. And a calendar marked April 1st. Looks like Luan has dastardly plans
for the next April Fool’s Day. Next year I’m gonna give you all
an April Fool’s you’ll never forget! What have I done? [screaming] Let’s see who the cards want next. Lola and Lana. Two fortunes for one. The first card shows various headwear. The second, salt and pepper shakers. And the third, candy. I’m sensing a clever plot
that leads to something sweet. – Trick or treat!
– Trick or treat! Oh, aren’t you two adorable? [knocking] – Trick or treat!
– Trick or treat! So cute! [knocking] – Trick or treat!
– Trick or treat! Great costumes! – Thank you!
– Thank you! And that is how it’s done! One house, six pieces of candy! OK, cards, whose fortune is next? Leni. I’m seeing a senior citizen. A senior citizen. And a creepy mannequin head. This fortune is a mystery,
but I’m predicting finely aged chaos! – We’re gonna need matching active wear.
– Got it! Lemme see what we have in the back! Ahh, help, I’m trapped in this hat! [groaning] Tonya, no! We can fix you! Missy, stop playing with that mannequin! I needed this wrapped yesterday! Coming! Don’t forget my gift cards! I was here first! On my way! [crashing] [screaming incoherently] [screaming] I’ve got a chilling feeling
about that mannequin head. What’s that? I’m getting word from an ancient spirit
that I need to read Lili’s fortune next. Let’s see. A mysterious cloud. A nose. And a diaper. I’m sensing a smelly situation
involving Lili’s diaper. – But we were just having fun!
– Poo-poo. Fecal incidents are not fun! Who’s next? Ah, yes. The resident doubter, Lisa. Could these predictions
be anymore non-specific? Let us reveal the cards. Vanzilla. An equation. And a music note. Could it be that Lisa has discovered
the formula for musical magic? ♪ The only gasses I smell
Are the noble kind ♪ ♪ There’s no better place
For my scientific mind ♪ ♪ Look, it’s a chimp
I can observe how it swings ♪ ♪ This lab’s so amazing
It’s making me sing ♪ ♪ With so many test tubes
My tests won’t go wrong ♪ ♪ This lab is where I belong ♪ And finally, my room-mate Lynn. I see a meatball sub. Hot sauce. And another meatball sub. This one’s obvious. Lynn will have two meatball subs
with extra hot sauce. I predict a long bathroom line. My team did it, we’re number one! Oh… time for number two. Dad! I think we’re gonna need
Big Bertha again! Now, I will read your fortune. A phone, a thumbs up and black. My favorite color. Hmm, I predict that you will return to Madame Lucy’s Chamber of Fortunes
in the future. But now this session is over. Cue the lightning. Sigh. [lightning striking] Cool.

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