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Hey there! Are you looking for the pros
and cons of living in Naples Florida? Well, you’re watching the right video
because that’s exactly what I’m gonna talk about next. Hello everyone and welcome
to my channel. Alex Belan with MVP Realty and and today we’re counting down the pros and cons of
living in Naples Florida. Before we go over the pros and cons list be sure to
check my related video called “Moving to Naples Florida” where I give you my top 5
reasons where I should be moving to Naples Florida. Alright so let’s get down
to our pros and cons list for today Pro number one: The Beach. Naples Florida has
all the beautiful Gulf Coast beach stretches you can want; all with free
parking and spacious areas for any resident. Pro number two: It’s Affordable.
Naples Florida is actually almost more affordable than any other coastal town
in the US. You will be surprised at the cost of a three bedrooms two bathrooms
house with two and a half acres of land Pro number three: The Golf. You can usually get an exclusive membership included with the down payment of your house; or
you can choose from an overwhelming amount of other courses. Pro number four: The Weather. Beautiful coastal weather year-round sunshine almost every day
with that perfect seaside breeze mixed in. Pro number five: Arts and Culture. Museums,
galleries, music, comedy, and so much more Naples Florida is an international
destination for artists who want to relax for the weekend or maybe spend a year in
paradise. Number six on our pro list is: Safety.
Sure, Florida gets a well deserved bad reputation for crime but that’s not the
case for Naples. In fact, Naples has a 60 percent lower crime rate
than the Floridian average. Next on the pro list: The Food. Do you like to eat?
Well, Naples has over 400 restaurants to choose from and they’re all from
different cultures. Let’s just say you will not go hungry or unsatisfied in
Naples. Next on the pro list is: Wildlife. Naples
is home to some amazing wildlife especially exotic birds;
tortoises too. You are likely to see more species of each on any given walk than
you would in any other state. And finally number none on my list: The People. The
people are friendly and welcoming and why wouldn’t they be for living in such
an amazing place? Everyone is happy to be living in Naples
Florida! Next we’re gonna move down to the cons list. Number one our cons list
is: Seclusion. Naples is one of the lowest geographical points in the US which
makes it kind of hard to roadtrip anywhere else except for the southern
states. The closest International Airport is only 30 miles away but even so
visiting family say in New England or the Pacific Coast could be an enduring
and costly trip. Second on our con list is: The Summer Heat. Yes the heat and
humidity can be a little bit much in the summer. You might have to wait a couple
of extra minutes until the AC kicks in and cools off your car. Number two on
our list is: Wildlife. Exotic wildlife can be a double-edged sword and that’s because
you will be sharing the land with Alligators, Panthers and Bears even
though it’s extremely rare that you’re going to run into the last two. So there
you have it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video: My pros and cons list of living in
Naples Florida. Thanks again for watching. Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE as I post
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  • Georgia Coast Homes by Karin Carr

    Naples sounds so awesome, I can’t believe it’s so inexpensive to live there.

  • Angela O'Hare - Las Vegas Realtor

    Great video! Naples seems like an awesome place to live.

  • Are you considering making #naplesflorida your future home ? Let us know in the comments below why.

  • It looks beautiful there! Not sure about the crocodiles though.

  • Jacqueline Kraszewski

    I have family in Fort Myers, only con is those reptiles!!!

  • I have family in Fort Myers as well as friends in Sarasota and love visiting the area. Beautiful beaches and amazing restaurants! Great info! I didn’t know there were so many restaurants but awesome!

  • Just don’t go in the summer – it’s like having a hot wash cloth your face while you’re baked in an oven. But good news! It’s also storms every hour so you’ll come to love that moist frizzy feeling! Hairstyle? What hair style! The beaches are beautiful! You get to share them with lots and lots of people in the winter. In the summer when it’s not storming, you get to swim with wildlife. Mostly sharks but maybe a crab or too. Seriously it’s a wonderful place to visit but it’s not paradise 24/7 and just go knowing that. Safe travels!

  • The White Trash Jedi

    Florida also has the American crocodile. The only crocodile found in North America.

  • I'm moving there and I wanna buy a house.

  • Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos

    I love Naples but heard that Bonita has a younger population which is better for a younger person like myself. Still not sure where i will choose.

  • I’m looking for an 55+ apartment complex community with all amenities.
    Please address these

  • you forgot about the snakes

  • I'm from Naples and still live here; I'd say your video is pretty accurate. I live less than a mile from the beaches off Gulfshore Blvd. N. so the beach is always within reach which I sometimes take for granted 🙂 That being said, my property taxes are also HIGH. In my opinion the only property worth the price at the moment is in the Golden Gate Estates…Sure it's a bit of a drive to the beach, but now it's no longer considered the sticks! All in all, Naples is a great place to raise a family and relax!

  • Forgot the biggest con…snowbirds, they drive like crap they walk around like they own everything, they make getting service in restaurants a nightmare. And so many events are geared to cater to them. Luckily they head back north half the year so things calm down.

  • Andrew Hollendursky

    I lived in Naples, and found Ft. Myers Beach more affordable for beachfront property. The closer you get to the smell of salt water the more money you will spend in real estate and property taxes. Younger crowd in Ft. Myers Beach also.

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