LibreOffice Base (14) Form Properties

I had made a copy of odb- 13 pattern field and named this one odb14-form-properties in an earlier video I mention that there
are times when we want our table name to start with TBL then have our tablename. I want to do that with
our employees table so I’m going to click and tables in our
database window and right click and our employees table rename input in the name TBL employees clicking OK now let’s go to our forms I’m going to
double click and try and open up our form employees and
we get an error The data content could not be loaded there
exist no table named employees and that’s correct
we renamed our employees table. I’ll click OK I’m going to close this and reopen it in edit mode by right-clicking and
selecting edit down on our form control toolbar we’ve got something called form. if I
click that it opens up our form properties we see this is our main form. I will go into data. We see the content type is table and the content says employees we
need this to be tbl-employees to do that I’ll click this drop down arrow and there’s
our new table name select that will go down into design view and we see all the data just how we left it in the
last video I’m going to go back into edit mode and clicking back in our
form there’s a few other things on this form
properties that I wanna look at right here at the bottom we have
something called sort if I click the dot, dot, dot icon it brings up the sort order we have last name ascending first name
descending this is the exact sort we set from the
navigation toolbar a few videos ago so we can do that from
the form properties as well as the form navigation toolbar
if we go up a little bit, we see something called filter if I click and
this dot dot dot box we see open the filter dialog box. This is
the same filter that we saw in our form navigation toolbar so we can
set it here, is well. I’m going to cancel out a here looking at these top 3 we have “allow deletions”, “allow additions” and “allow modifications” we saw these same
fields when we were creating our form with the
Form Wizard only these were checkboxes. if I change all
these two no we will be able to view the data, but we
wouldn’t be able to delete anything, we won’t be able to add anything, or make any
modifications to data that is there the last thing want to point out here is this “add data only” changing this to yes would allow us to add records but not view them at all. if you remember back in
our form wizard we had a radio button to choose the
options of these three, or “add data only” it works the same way here, just without
the radio button down on our form design to a bar we have something called the form
navigator this is different than the navigator up at the top of our page the form
navigator does basically the same thing only just for our form. We can see here everything that we put on Form and since
we gave them all proper names we can click and something like label
gender and we see that, label gender is selected maybe zip code down here a text box zip is selected if I right click and this we can cut, delete, or rename this property or bring up the Properties dialog box I’ll move this over. Now with the Properties
dialog box open when I right click again it’s not
available we can also get to the form properties
box here, by clicking on main form If I click and something like our
text “last name” we see that it is selected, and if I
right click we have something else called “replace
with” If I come down here to pattern field
I could replace my last name text box with the pattern few text box
if I did it this way it will hold all that same formatting. In
the previous video I had to reset the border to 3d the
background to gray 10 percent and the height. I can also do that right from
the form itself I can hold down Control select FirstName we see it selected in our form navigator right clicking and they have replace
with now the reason I didn’t do this with the
pattern field was when I tried it I didn’t find it as
affective as if I deleted it and re-added
(I using LibreOffice version 4.1) it may be a bug or it may just be the
way that that feature works that’s about all I’m going to say
about form navigator at this point will become more familiar with it in the
future when we start to work with multiple tables and sub-forms. I’m going to
close this I want to save my form and close that, I also want to edit my other form I’m going to open up my form
properties go into data, change my content from
employees to tbl-employees closing that, save in that form and saving my database all all cool all


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    I'm glad you are enjoying them – thanks again for watching.

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  • +TheFrugalComputerGuy I'm building a simple database to replace an access database. In access you can put a list of commonly used entries into the properties of a text field so that when you type the first letters of one of those entries it automatically fills the text box. Can this be done in LibreOffice Base? This is a very important time saving feature. For example, say you have a table called "payments" for payments from many different clients that pay you ever week. It's a lot more work while entering payments into a form to have to type out every clients full name as opposed to just typing the first letter or two and having it come up.

  • These tutorials are excellent!!

  • Katherine Voorhies

    2017 version 5.2.6…..Edit view and design mode buttons do not work. Why is that? Form props are set to Allow Additions: Yes, Allow Modifications: Yes, etc. Can close the form and select edit (for design mode) and open (for viewing) but this is like making 4 lefts to go right each time I make a change and want to preview it. Should I uninstall and forget about this program forever? Thanks!

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  • V. Kelly Bellis

    At about 0:34, Rename table; note that in LO Base, Firebird Embedded won't allow you to rename. Instead, and as a work around, Copy the table, then name the copy as desired before deleting the first table.

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