Jimmy Carter: ‘The White House Is Trying To Stonewall’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  • Still helping the community at 95 years. What a man.

  • πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“Just goes to show you, you can't keep a good man down. Republicans tried to destroy Jimmy Carter, doing the hostages situation back when Jimmy was in office, Reagan is gone but Jimmy is still here, still doing wonderful things, him and his beautiful wife Rosaline a true southern belle. Stay with us Jimmy we need you.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Our intelligence agencies must stop playing with Donald Trump it's time to put it all out there on the table and get it done our national security is at its most dangerous time in years because of trump.

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  • Prince Otter Channel2

    I love and respect President Carter. A real American. The only way he exploits being a past president is he makes sure he gets to help build houses for the needy πŸ’–

  • Prince Otter Channel2

    Whatever happened to your eye, I hope you get well soon sir !

  • He is too senile to know that it was Vice president Biden that withheld aid to Ukraine to get Hunter Biden a phony job at Bursima Ukrainian gas company for $50,000 a month and Hunter Biden didn't know a thing about the gas industry anywhere let alone Ukraine. And Hunter Biden just got kicked out of the Navy for using cocaine. No company in the world would ever hire someone for an executive position with that kind of record if their wasn't bribery involved .

  • 2nd worst potus ever Obama is #1

  • William Weitzenecker

    This is sad. Carter was not a good President during his time. So now he is being used as a tool (In a very sad way) to push the Democrats narrative. I think he speaks better than any other Dem running for the presidential nomination. He was atleast respectful. Yet.. Its sad the Dems have to use him to this way.

  • Casey and Kelley

    Jimmy carter is straight out of the looney tooooones.

  • Guess he needs a refresher on how Impeachment is run….not through the Intel Committee. Not through the Speaker. Through the Judiciary Committee….no wonder he sucked as President….

  • GOD bless this beloved man who has done so much.

  • LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!

  • pretty sure bernie didn't have a heart attack, but ok

  • Thank you. We miss your honesty and guidance.

  • President Carter could run circles around the fat orange turd who occupies the white house currently.

  • So Mueller crawling up his butt for 3 years was not thorough enough….

  • I am sure that you want to form a case "for" him, not against him….certain of it

  • I remember gettin stitches to my face after a altercation. He got his falling down.. I'm in house tending wounds.. Almost like a week or so. He's outside the nxt how many or so hours after… WOWπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ™πŸ’―

  • Jimmy Carter got his adrenochrome injection I see.

  • Wonderful man. Love that former President Carter is still healthy and full of spirit!

  • The fact that he is giving back to the community says a lot of his character and leadership.

  • This is war between Pres. Trump and the Deep State spies in the CIA, DNI, Democrat supporting officials of the DOJ and FBI. It proves what Chuck Schumer once said that "if you mess up with the Intelligence Community, they have six ways till Sunday at getting back at you". Pres. Trump and the American Patriots should wage a campaign of revamping/reforming these ABC agencies from TOP to BOTTOM subjecting all of them to polygraph and other tests to determine their true allegiances. They are meant to work for the Executive Branch, not against it. Anyone found undermining the Executive Branch which they are working for should be considered a traitor and charged and prosecuted for TREASON.

  • We need his heart in the WH again.

  • CommercialVehicle

    A credible honorable potus right here.

  • Wonderful interview! President Carter is so inspirational! Glad he is doing better! πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’—

  • Carter is too out of touch to even know about Biden threatening to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless they employed Biden's son Hunter the coke fiend at Burisma in Ukraine as a phony gas industry executive for $50,000 a month www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXA–dj2-CY

  • President Carter. I cannot think of anybody who I respect more. He fell down, got stitched up, rested for a day or so and was back to work at Habitat for Humanity…. He and Rosyln have.been doing that since he left office..bless his wonderful heart. You are a profile in courage Sir and a shining example of an extraordinary life well lived.

  • There is no case FOR…he is a criminal who abuses the highest office in the land, and the more he denies the worse it becomes…innocence never hide. Trump wouldn't know or accept the truth if it was shown to his face. This place America is in right now is an affront to the good it has done, no matter the errors over the years, all countries make mistakes, but… Trump was never a potus, he has undignified the USA, and continues to abuse it. That cost will be high for years to come.Talk, talk talk..on he rolls

  • First Carter says he is not criticizing anyone that is running, then he calls Trump a liar and should tell the truth for a change. All decent people can agree that Trump is the most honest, smartest and greatest president America ever had.
    Carter drove America's economy into the dirt with the worst recession since the great depression. Trump has made America's economy the strongest in history and the unemployment rate the lowest in history along with making a peace agreement with North Korea.
    Carter was very happy when Obama became president, so Carter would no longer be considered the worst president America ever had.

  • a god damned inspirational hero right there.


  • Get Well Soon Mr. President Carter! You are a class act!!!

  • Hyperion Supreme

    Jimmy Carter! I love you, sir! History will forever remember you for your fine work at Camp David. Criticism of the Jewish Government is not Antisemitic. God Speed sir. God Speed.

  • Florida Crypto R

    As a republican for republican canidate, Mr. Weld who supports the Democrats moving forward with Impeachment and suggested Trump be charged with Treason, I always admired Jimmy Carter and I am happy that he is still around with us. God bless him.

  • judith sterling mendoza

    God loves this men…we need more like hem…

  • Larkworthy Antfarm

    Stonewall Trump meet Hammer Jimmy Carter.

  • A real love for poor people he's there help building houses that 95 years old you don't have to see that anymore he was always honest he spoke the truth whether they liked it or not he was bold may the Lord continue to bless him in his old age

  • This is Laflare Tv

    Jimmy Carter is dope

  • Carter was one of the worst presidents ever. Trump actually has the balls to go up against the left wing idiots in Washington.

  • Carter, unanimously regarded as the worst president of the past 50 years. What's your take on the current times sir? LMAO! What a bum

  • This itch has no decency, asking a dying man about this crap,
    Go pound sand, no Kangaroo courts in a democracy, transparency.

  • Love ya dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JΓΆrgen Persson

    Trump is the best US president ever…

  • What a good man. An American Hero.

  • This is what a man of honor looks like. He has always done what he believes in the best interest of our country.

  • In the 70's people always asked me if I was related to President Carter. I really like how President Carter continues to display the american value of Honesty, Truth, and Integrity! We need more people displaying Values rather than relying on transactional outcomes to base their decision making. I loved it when our President wasn't a criminal. Criminal president is a criminal. Criminal Lawyer is a criminal. No Exoneration.

  • Where did the black eye come from?

  • What kind of fall makes such a wound ? It looks like he fell on the edge of something hard. It's kinda scary but it looks like the eyeball was not damaged, luckily.

  • I admire President Carter Humble
    Wise God Fearing ManπŸŽ“β€οΈβœοΈ

  • Sounds like there should be an age limit on this "journalist"

  • By definition, Carter would be the least likely ex-POTUS to denounce Trump. If he even verges on it, that is a big deal.

  • I miss having a president that can speak a full coherent sentence πŸ™

  • wow,,people from his generation ,,,,tRump and his stupid jockstrap jokes,,,you, sir, are no Jimmy Carter,,,

  • Looks like JC took a 2×4 to the eye.

  • Jimmy's on the "Bum Fight" circuit again. Go Jimmy.

  • Coasting & Toasting!

    AS SPOKEN BY CARTER? THE FARTER STARTER the CLOSE 2nd to OBAMA the WORLD'S WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY! EMBARRASSING CLINTONIAN COMMUNIST PEANUT FARMER PEANUT BRAINWASHED SHELL OF A MORON! !!! It was only a miracle that Reagan had to restart our country and save it from Oblivion of 22% INTEREST RATES and deregulation from the best phone service medicine Science and Industry to CREATE the biggest GOVERNMENT CONTROL FACTOR BESIDES Mao's COMMUNIST CHINA!

  • Thank you president Carter for your service to the Lord, mankind & this great country! My Baptist women's group eent to hear Mrs. Carter speak in Fresno, CA years ago & were truly blessed. Your lives ave ministered to so many.

  • I have always liked former President Jimmy Carter, he's a decent type of chap.

  • Jimmy Carter should be protected at all costs ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • Jimmy Carter cooler then a fan πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜€

  • Wasent a good president.

  • Jimmy Carter advising trump to tell the truth…
    Now I've heard everything.
    And I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Carter knew he was wasting his breath.

  • I don't care if you're left or right, this man has done so much for humanity after his presidency. I am glad he was blessed was a long life to inspire us youngin's to get out, help people, and be kind.

  • What's up with Jimmy's left eye?

  • The media tried to use him to stir up the mob, but Carter chose his words very carefully.

  • now that is class!

  • Carter has convinced me, despite his argument, that there exist 95 year olds who are more vigorous and sharp-witted than some recent presidents…

  • Semoga sehat selalu Presiden Carter

  • Zombie Carter 2032!

  • A truly great man.

  • This is what an intelligent, thoughtful and honest president looks like. For the opposite all you have to do is look for the fat guy staring at the sun. The answer to Trump is to just keep saying that he is too stupid to put a bullet into his own head until he proves us wrong.

  • still swingin' a hammer for poor people. what did you do today?

  • Advice: take it like a man.

  • Mr. And mrs. Carter service to our country has always been priceless very few human beings.

  • keyboard freedomfighter

    Jimmy Carter…….that's American history right there in the flesh. Hope he's living well.

  • What a sharp mind!

  • The Mariel boatlift What a time to be alive… Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy!


  • Worthless peanut HEAD drop DEAD

  • Mr. Carter is one of my fav presidents.Β  He is such a good and decent person.Β  God Bless you, Jimmy.

  • The truth is not in the current occupant of the white house.

  • Guess Trump is finally building a wall, just not the one he wanted? Maybe Mexico can help pay for his defense lawyers? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Who cares what this old turd thinks? He was statistically one of the absolute worst presidents in American history… What a joke for you people to talk about how bright and sharp he is. He’s a dullard and could most likely hide his own Easter eggs.

  • Worst president of all time!

  • Used to like carter until he badmouthed Trump in a different video then I realized hes just another self rightous democrat

  • Typical democrat its ok when they stonewall

  • Stupid democrat Trump did release the evidence the phone transcript

  • Jimmy Carter was 1 of the WORST Presidents EVER and was a 100% wusbag…on his watch inflation was sky high the biggest oil and energy crisis EVER because of his crappy foreign policies he negotiated and fratrinized with known terrorists putting the country at great risk…And him building homes etc is just PC BS propaganda..I WILL give Carter this though he's NOT the WORST president that America ever had…that's actually a toss up between Bush II and Obama….

  • I agree age does impact endurance and mental abilities. It’s a physically demanding job.

  • I have it on pretty good authority that Jimmy got that black eye because he pinched his nurse's bottom and she smacked him in the face with his own bed pan. Hey… this new "Whistle-Blower" protocol that the Dems passed behind closed doors sure is fun!

  • President Carter is 95 and the clarity of answers he gave, I can’t even come close and I’m only half of his age.

  • Jimmy Carter was a major failure as a President. The fall he just had rattled his old brain. He needs to stick to what he knows, early bird specials, holding his mud, and playing shuffle board. I can't believe he has the old balls to criticize President Trump. You know President Trump is doing the right thing when the entire Democratic party is coming for him and making lies up.. President Trump 2020!

  • The hardest working man in the United states!What a good man, God bless former president Jimmy Carter.

  • This man will have an amazing legacy unlike trump.

  • MR.CARTER the only prez that dandy

  • Let’s face it. Trump will never command even a fraction of the respect this wonderful man does.

  • All Iranians hate this man, he threw the entire country under the bus and handed it to a bunch of Islamic Fundamentalists in 1979.

  • DEMONCRAPS news station, mostly lies. I bet YouTube doesn't cut your narrative in half. I couldn't watch your disgusting channel, it's full of misinformation and totally partisan against the sitting President. I hope he sues you, you've gotten away with everything so far, but believe me, he will. I've sent him this clip…aaaah isn't that nice!

  • Sorry old timer, you are not like Trump, he thrives on getting kicked every day by the biggest corruption in American history, and all you have to do is search on YouTube, it's all there. See my post below, now that is truth…truth you can believe in. Also try FOX News…they tell it exactly how it is and prove it. trust this lot with the truth? Your loss…

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