Is Wholesaling Real Estate SATURATED?

saturation let’s talk about saturation
is the market saturated whole selling real estate is the market saturated when
it comes to whole selling real estate stay tuned a my friend this is all are
coming to you live from my Empire Pro Studios here and in fact I have I have a
question here I don’t know if it’s a question a comment honestly we stood up
honest with you I was watching a video here and I do watch a lot of other
YouTube videos too because honestly in the comment in my comment in other
people’s comment I get a lot of questions I see a lot of questions that
I answer ok and and I an hour and I decided to answer this one today and
there’s this person here says oh my god this dude is just money hungry
first of all who’s selling houses is saturated in almost every market and a
smaller market is dead and you can only make two to five thousand dollars per
deal well first of all okay whenever somebody say somebody is just
money hungry because they’re sharing something on YouTube it’s typically a
hater okay it’s a lot of in a lot of ways usually a hater
anytime somebody’s trying to sell you something and the first thing that comes
to mind for you is that they are money hungry or there is count artist or you
know if you the fraud whatever if that’s the first thing that comes to mind any
time you see somebody trying to sell something chances are you are the fraud
and I’m not calling you names but it’s something in you that has probably been
bitten in the past because you really thought you bought into the
get-rich-quick scheme thing you know at some level in your mind you bought into
that and you wanna you wanna kind of like you want to believe that it exists
whereas just that’s just you thinking that way you know but at the end of the
day you’re watching me on an internet and you paid for it
somebody paid for it somebody’s sold the Internet to you and you watch me on
it right now so get out of the mode of always thinking it’s gotta be negative
somebody’s out to get me whenever you have somebody sign it sell stuff so
that’s first of all that one out the window because somebody’s sharing
information about who selling doesn’t mean there are money hungry because they
try to sell you of course does not mean their money hungry and yes it’s easy for
me to say that because I have my own courses my own books that I offer and I
know from my heart that it doesn’t come from wanting to hurt other people okay
it comes because I have the creative use I’ve had the experience and I have the
expertise and I can share what I know I’m to help a lot of people so that’s
first I want you to pay attention to anytime you see somebody be careful with
people that are very quick to write out things and just say hey it must be a
scam and what they must be money hungry or something whatever okay
that’s what you should think because at the end of the day we all buy we all
sell we’re all trying to sell we’re all salespeople every time you walk into a
room you trying to sell them an idea that you know who you are whatever you
think you are okay ideally they either at a subconscious level or level of
consciousness it doesn’t matter we’re all salespeople
so that’s the first I wanted to point out since its first of all wholesale
analysis is set to retail in almost every big market and in smaller markets
is dead you can only make two to 5k per deal first of all if all you can make
for me do this two to five K that’s not bad
okay as a matter of fact if you can make two to five thousand dollars from every
deal then all you have to worry about this creating volume okay and yes you
can still make up to eighty ninety thousand dollars one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars in wholesaling so that’s a completely bogus lie over there
too so this wasn’t says for example Arizona
is saturated by Sean Terry and many more Giants what is the meaning of giant what
does that mean somebody intimidating to you is that what diet is okay because if
you see a giant you aspire to be like them if you see a giant abyss is not
start looking at that as a negative why you shouldn’t get into the business okay
I don’t use because Giants are the business as a negative to not get in the
business if anything motivates me to want to be in the business if I am
remotely interested in that business at all it to be a proof that I need to get
into the same business and not be intimidated but it be inspired
does that make sense Cali California Texas and all them big states are
completely saturated again when somebody using the word saturation over and over
like this if you look at it as this is come a complete amateur that doesn’t
know what they’re talking about they are pulling out opinions out of their own
ass and that’s this is a lot of generalizing in these statements it’s
not it’s subjective there’s not an objective about this statement and yes
who sterling still works but I’m gonna talk about that more a little bit okay
and I’m gonna actually tell you what ho selling is in case your first time here
please don’t forget to Like share and subscribe if you’re a first time I here
and click the bell to become part of the notification squad so before you think
you can even make money just do your research it’s not what we are supposed
to do anyway you know I’m actually tired of hearing people say do research
because people most people that think that word research are people you die
usually over analyze information and then get paralyzed okay they get
paralysis by over analysis okay and and there’s nothing wrong with doing
research I didn’t say that I’m just saying if you are very outspoken about
that chances are you’re not doing anything with your life chances are you
suck at execution okay you may even have a bunch of ideas
but you’re suppressing it by yourself by saying I gotta do research first
so everything there every statement in this I don’t know if it’s a question is
a comment okay I guess the comment every statement in this has been wrong
completely wrong money hungry no because somebody is selling you stuff doesn’t
medium hungry hosel instituted doesn’t lie okay
I’m gonna I have a quote that I’m gonna read to you and and I’m gonna explain a
little bit further what I think it’s a lie
no no I know it’s a lie okay every big market small market dead
okay two thousand to five doesn’t know what I do that’s not actually bad you if
you close one dealing you make one grand that’s not bad
then all you have to do is create leverage and find ways to create volume
so you can bring in 1k per day how was that that’s still not bad right
so Sean Terry you know saturate Arizona that’s a lie don’t be intimidated by
gurus the gurus are supposed to inspire you if you are remotely interested in
hosting real estate not the other way around
they’re not supposed to intimidate you so it goes so before you think do
researches so again do research anybody that’s doing research word at you of
course as well do research especially in efforts to discourage you I would run
away from that person because they are enemy of progress so have a cool to have
a reply that I’m actually gonna put here I’m gonna put in the comment here as
well and that I put together and I think you’re gonna find it very interesting
okay there is no such thing as a saturated
market if you’ve ever done hosting a real estate business before and claimed
that the market is saturated you’re just a wussy we’ll quit on self
the cream always rises to the top if you’re doing the wrong if you’re doing
the right thing if you’re doing it the right way all you have to do is beat
anyone else at consistency consistency as hard as L okay that’s the one thing
that’s always gonna be hard okay in the matter what market no matter what
generation you come in it’s always going to be hard and I agree with you okay
watch this I’d agree with you that it’s a lot more
easier to complain about saturation than it is to make money and wholesale in
real estate oh yeah you rather go on the internet and put comment and complain
about what doesn’t work that’s easy of course they’re making
money I mean we all can I agree with that okay that’s why you’re not making
money though it makes complete sense okay but you can still make even up to
one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from one deal if you plug into a system
that positions you for consistency okay then you make one K 152 K 5 K it
doesn’t matter you could make whatever and these can go dead okay it’s a matter
of having position for consistency and having volume that’s the key there are
tons of houses out there Suntory okay would you the Google guy
from freedom bomb from flip to freedom right and the other gurus cannot buy
them all they can’t buy all those properties out there don’t be
intimidated about that and don’t be a hater
like listen I’ve been a hater something really it’s not cute about that okay
find something good in people in general if the first thing you do is always
looking for the negative things it’s not a great place to be as a human being
okay nobody’s gonna like you and they can smell it you can smell that your
hater and there’s nothing attractive about a hater right so this business
about traction we all know that it’s about traction wholesale in real estate
home businesses in general and network market is about attraction
you gotta attract the right you can attract the right mood to be a seller
okay no matter what market you find yourself always remember that the top 3%
is still the top 3% the cream always writes to the top okay
it’s always gonna be no matter what the number is cooking 1000 people it could
be 1 million people the top trip is at the still thought to represent and that
means they get to pocket all that money okay they talk to business review
because they refuse to accept the saturation excuses
I’d consider saturation and excuse that make sense completely an excuse in every
market there’s always gonna be something I shows up that look like saturation but
it’s because somebody was sleeping on themselves it’s typically because
somebody could have done a better job by staying on top of their game okay and
they got complacent and they went to sleep and then somebody else took over
and they will call it saturated it doesn’t change demand and supply never
change it never change we just need to choose what side of that
do you want to be on producer and consumer never changes you just need to
choose what side of that you want to be on so when it comes to wholesale in real
estate consistency in generating leads consistency ingredient bias to the table
consistency in engaging in the market and try and understand the market and
staying in the game because if you’re not in the game you’re not gonna win
okay and I’m guilty of there I’ve been in places we are not in the game and I
can’t win you can’t win from the sidelines
okay maybe even the right team but you’re gonna make so much more money
right but ultimately you need to understand that you cannot win unless
you’re in the game okay so that’s something I have for you that’s
something very simple for you today again to answer your question is the
wholesale real estate business is saturated no it is not there’s no such
thing it doesn’t exist for winners okay if there’s anything that remotely looks
close to saturation is a sign that the business is working and you should get
in and then try to be the best at it okay if you be the best at it that cream
always rises to the top the top to present is always the top to represent
the bottom 97% will remain the bottom 97% and yes sometimes people will move
from the top represent into the bottom 97% because they became complacent and
the went to sleep they disregarded
technology this disregard disregarded how people evolved and how people
respond to information and marketing that’s completely your fault if you fall
in that category your cos must be as an entrepreneur to stay on top of your game
so the fact that the game is changing or a lot more people are aware about the
game does not mean a saturation okay it means you’re not making money it means
you have too much time to be complaining about saturation and maybe it’s time
that you wake up and start collecting your own piece of the pie but becoming
consistent by positioning yourself for consistency mastery marketing and being
the best person that can bring traffic into the marketplace if you learn how to
bring traffic especially from the internet into the marketplace you will
continue to win and that’s something I cover extensively in my book Empire
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