Is that LAND I smell on the horizon? (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 138

Woah, we just had a squall We just got that in time hey Got the headsail all the way in What has happened here mate We took you away last week to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with us as we reached the halfway mark. We’d been at sea for seven days and we’d covered thirteen hundred and eighty six nautical miles Which is an average of about 200 nautical miles a day We had some good winds. We also landed our first fish I cannot believe that that just happened Im reading this book it’s called, ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ It’s about this indian lady who studies plants and it’s kind of like she’s celebrating the relationship between Plants and humans, and how we kind of need each other and like this give-and-take kind of thing Which is funny that my hair and the fish incident happens? Yeah it’s just funny that I was reading this book and I was like you know giving something out to the ocean not that the ocean really needs hair, but it was I think more the idea, an then we got a fish, so.. But anyway, it’s a really beautiful book about plants and stuff, ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’. Highly recommend it What has happened here mate? Just listening to Ray Charles, spilling my wine everywhere. Took his first sip for the day, and this is the result And we just hooked a marlin. Good work Your dad would be very disappointed in you That wasn’t my finest moment it’s on your nose I should be a lot madder at you I think we should be concentrating on what I saved. That’s what I think Na sorry about that ran to get the camera and yours wound up in the sink exactly yeahhh I’m an idiot too Im very relieved What a waste of wine, well actually, mine wouldn’t have happened unless yours happened, so this is still all your fault This is Riley’s last white clean shirt so, decided we need to make it socially acceptable to wear, because I don’t think I can get this out with bleach It doesn’t smell like a brewery, which I thought it would It’s a big pink it’s a bit pink yeah. I don’t know if I should be running the pony tail I know I was just thinking that That’s a real summery look you got there. It’s a bit pink Elayna. You’ll be right Well the starboard engine is vibrating, like a lot, so we think there’s something caught on the prop, but can you Put it in forwards and gun it Whoa whoa, not gun it, gun it. Just go two four two five All right now neutral I can hear this, “waa, waa”, and I’m pretty sure it’s to do with the prop. Put it in reverse Then neutral Turn it turn it off I’m just gonna stick the GoPro in the water to see if I can hold it still enough so that we can have a look and see if somethings caught around the prop because there’s water in the bilge a little bit more than usual, nothing to worry about.. But I’m a little bit concerned So, from the GoPro footage that Elayna took before you can see that, it’s It’s all but shut, like, I guess it could go just a little bit closer but.. I’ll have to have a muck around with it. I’m not gonna… We could turn around into it and I could dive in and snap it shut But I don’t think it’s I dont think it’s too big of an issue. And the water ingress that concerned us when we first opened. I just turned off the bilge And there’s just there’s this much water in there, which that’s also not an issue Gracias de nada Okay, so the vibrating propeller shaft. Earlier that morning we’d hooked a Marlin an event that you’d think we would be crazy not to film But that’s a perfect example of the things that we miss when there’s just the two of us out here In the process of pulling down the sails Trying to reverse up on it and a Marlin doing circles around the boat the line must have gotten tangled around our prop which I Had thought about earlier, but dismissed there was nothing more that we should attempt whilst out here But that would be a job for the future in calm water I’m just putting new line on, so if and when we get the big fish.. We’ll be able to snaffle him Its not supposed to do that I think that people will probably be confused because I’ve been doing stuff like Winding fishing rods in and mucking around with the Watt&Sea and if it feels okay I’ve been doing stuff. I’ve been like I said before if I feel like I can do this, ill really only be doing This much But then there’s been times when it’s been quite painful like last night Elayna. Yeah You had to like put me in bed hmm and I was lying down. I couldn’t get comfortable, then I had to stand up again and All we wanted to do was watch ‘True Detective’ and it was too hard So and that’s the sort of stuff that you’re never going to get on film Yeah, I guess I’m explaining the other side of it Cuz you’re you guys are going to see me winding in fishing reels and doing that sort of stuff There’s also the other side of it, which we haven’t been filming which is Why we’re still pretty concerned so yeah Thats the situation at the moment 300 nautical miles from the caravan and my coconut oil has finally started to melt which means it is getting warm my friends. Oh Yeah, oh, yeah Do that again, we’re starting to lose our marbles thats like the plant off Jumunji Yeah, open and close it. Do you remember that scene? It is high time we got back to land I agree We are going to drop the main and put out just the headsail and head directly downwind That is because the swell has built to probably.. they’re saying three and a half and then in the middle of the night about four meters, which isn’t huge but We’re just getting enough forwards momentum with just the swell that heading off on an angle and getting it on a on a corner and Rounding up all the time and doing stuff like that. We’re just we’re doing between eight and Ten and a half just heading directly downwind So we’re just going to do that for the next Probably couple of days also in the middle of the night it blows up from 20 to 25 And yea, we’re just gonna take it really.. not slow, but conservative So we’re a day from arriving to Antigua yeah, can’t believe we’ve been out at sea for so long like the days of just gone So quick apologies if it appears as if I’m being a little inattentive i’ve got one eye on the instruments here Yeah, we just had a squall come over and this wave got us side on it’s the first time this has happened and the whole wave splashed over the side of the boat and Like we healed over quite a bit. It like kicked the back end of the boat around It wasn’t like a dangerous way, but it was pretty it was big, and it was loud and things went flying I don’t know it some of you will definitely know when Admiral Ackbar yells out. It’s a trap and I yell that out when there’s a squall “its a squall!” and Elayna doesn’t think its very funny Yea I haven’t seen it so but anyway Haven’t seen any sea life on this trip, which is pretty unfortunate, but kind of Understandable given the wave size like it’d be pretty hard to spot some dolphin fins or a whale fan in this swell But I would have really loved to see a big pod of dolphins Or a turtle or something we did get that mahi-mahi, which was the only sea life that we’ve seen, but yeah I just started to see Birds, there was a bird chirping outside this morning Which was nice to go out and have a look so there is signs of land I would say I haven’t smelt land yet. I reckon I reckon I will keep my nostrils open I can smell it no you cant I can smell it from a thousand miles away I’m just amazed at how comfortable it is in today They’re saying It’s not at the moment, but they’re says on the weather report four to four point two meter waves and we’re just.. its just easy Cruising along under reeved, eating the squalls up Really? yea over here just after i said there was no sea life Just as I said we were sad to have not seen any real sea life we had two whales come and visit the boat But they were pretty shy we didn’t really get to see them, marked or identify them, but they cruised around the bow of the boat for a little while and yea, it was exciting All right, yeah, well, I might say goodbye, but honestly Thank you so much for arranging all that, you know we couldn’t have done it without you mate Thanks mate, thank you very much all right chat soon, bye So that was our friend from Australia, and he’s been organizing for a specialist to meet us when we arrive in Antigua Which is.. He’s been talking to the yacht services girl there yea theres a lady at yacht services who’s teed it up so all we have to do we get there is called the lady. She’s gonna take us to help Thanks Davey we’re gonna see straight away if Riley’s spine is Is a bit messed up and I was gonna say it’s hard for us to Like we it’s hard for us to capture this on film, but basically for the past two weeks we’ve been at sea, well since the accident There’s not a day that we don’t sit down and kind of go down each each Outcome like if his neck is damaged if it’s not if you need surgery permutation Elayna You know the boats in the Carabbean if we can’t sail it, we’ll have to get someone to sail it out of the hurricane belt like we’ve just been going through all these different scenarios in our head and it’s really hard for us to get that on film. It hasn’t really left our mind. But anyway.. It’s good to know that there is help waiting Woah, we just had squall and we had to run outside We just got that in time got the headsail all the way in before we got drenched what’d it get up to? thirty two dinner’s on its way, and it’s our last sunset its a windy old night, just getting the sunset before dinner Winds are starting to pick up and I just checked on the radar, and you can see here, this is all rain So we’re just gonna cop the right-hand side of this squall I guess Here it is. Just got 26 “its a squall!” The roof is leaking Thats where we stuck the satphone antenna out, so I can’t exactly shut that And everything drips on my stove, and then I got to dry it before I can use it its the last night I’m allowed to whinge “oh i dont like it when you both make me cry its just how it feels” Oh there are my clothes I was hoping to dry. Add that one to the list Go to bed I cant, I cant sleep “Oh I cant sleep Riley” I can’t sleep because the donkey slaps are so hardcore right now that every time you you’re just about asleep You get a whack right on the bottom, and it sounds like I’ll whack you on the bottom in a minute It sounds like a gunshot We’re nearly there although I joke about the Not sleeping thing as if it’s kind of funny, but like after 14 days at sea and only getting like you know two hours sleep a night if I’m lucky it adds up and like it’s so hard on my brain like I’ve been getting headaches this whole time I Haven’t slept a wink at all for the past 24 hours and I’m running just so on nothing, you know I’ve got no energy my brain is freakin hurting and I’m having a meltdown and we’re only like I don’t even know how far away we are, I cant even think Its 20-25 miles or something and yeah, I can certainly vouch I know you haven’t slept in the last 24 hours ive seen you other crossings haven’t been this bad but No sleep just keeps getting worse and worse out here like I just can’t sleep You’ve been getting Worse as the years go on with sleeping Now whats happened? I spilt something on the floor Oatmeal everywhere Oh I made you laugh didn’t I I’ve changed the words to Sugarman by Rodriguez to our really basic Spanish that we know necesito tranquilo It really made me laugh, thank you Next week we arrive in gorgeous Antigua, so be sure to join us as we finally get some answers You


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