Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Welcome. I thought I’d have a conversation today about some tips I’ve picked up over the years on investing in commercial real estate. Obviously, one of the things you can do in investing in commercial real estate is just simply buy shares in publicly traded real estate companies. There are many high-quality real estate companies out there who specialize in shopping centers or apartments, warehouses, medical facilities, office buildings, every imaginable type of real estate. And if you’re a passive investor, and you have a small amount of money and especially if you want liquidity there’s nothing better than investing in these publicly traded real estate companies. Almost all of them are real estate investment trusts. Commonly referred to as REITs. Their main advantage is you get New York Stock Exchange governance, you get SEC quality reporting and disclosure, you get a research community following these companies so you can read what others are saying about them and make your own judgments on buy and sell, you get very good liquidity. These companies have been

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