Inside Seth Everman’s House

[Past Seth]
“Oh, this is my lawn.” “And over here is my neighbor’s lawn” *whispers* “And I don’t think they like me, because I haven’t cut the grass once” [Present Seth]
I still haven’t cut the grass. And the neighbor’s lawn looks perfect as ever. It’s been two years and I’ve never talked to them. [Past Seth] “Just got a new house.” “And if you touch it, you’ll get electrocuted.” “The fireplace that I will use once and burn down the house.” *BANG* My entrance looks exactly the same. And over here’s the kitchen, now with a table! And here I consume. *Minecraft eating noise*(good ASMR) *swanky music* Now, you may remember my dishwasher. *slams the dishwasher* [Past Seth] “My dishwasher currently has the small problem that if you touch it, you get electrocuted.” It turns out the electricity in my whole house was illegally installed, and very dangerous, and had to be replaced very expensively. *swanky music* Then, next to the kitchen of course, I have my workout-piano-computer room. I use my expensive gaming PC to do tasks such as : Go on Twitter… Go on YouTube… … This is the workout/bar area where you can get extremely injured. *more swanpy music* Okay listen. I put this IKEA TV bench on top of an IKEA desk for cable management and to like put stuff in there. So I drilled the holes in the back of it to like, pull the cables through, and it’s working great! No cables to be seen! *hundreds of cables are being seen* *swanky music again* (plays piano – F# to F natural) And over here is my living room, where I’m extremely proud of this wall. You might be aware that I love Nintendo 64. So basically, um, I bought all the colors. And also, matching LED lights from IKEA. And at the bottom, I have two very rare Nintendo 64’s. The Daiei Hawks console, which was only available in Daiei stores in Japan. And the Jusco 30th Anniversary console, which was only sold at Jusco in Japan during their 30th anniversary. And then I have my wall of the 151 original Pokemon cards. And some are first editions! *swanky music* Do you know how hard it is to get a couch like this from the street into your house by yourself? That’s why I sit here from 10 to 15 hours every day. I put this projector up myself, so I hope that one day it’s gonna fall straight down onto my head, killing me instantly. And this is also the room where I filmed my latest video, the Billie Eilish video. Which got like 8 million views on Twitter and 8 million views on YouTube, which is crazy. It’s almost got like 1 million likes on YouTube. O N E M I L L I O N L I K E S So, thank you so much for that. 🙂 And it’s kind of funny how it’s like, the response across different social media platforms can be completely different. Which is extremely noticeable on like, Facebook I feel like I’m talking into a cat. But thank you so much for all the views and likes and stuff and subscribers. I gained like 200,000 subscribers in one week. Hi, if you’re a new subscriber, I make videos. Barely. *swanky music* Let’s go upstairs~ Okay! *stomps up the stairs* [Past Seth] “So here’s my bedroom” “We have… a bed and one single cable.” “Window.” “Floor.” So here’s my bedroom We have a huge wardrobe that I haven’t built because it’s too much. Just- it’s just too much work. And then I have a new bed because You were all complaining that my last bed was too small This bed is bigger than the biggest bed they sell at IKEA. *swanky music* Hey guys This bed was a lot of work to get from the street upstairs into my room. I’m honestly so lucky that you guys are always so supportive of me everytime I get a sponsorship deal. I feel like you guys want me to succeed. And that’s why I’m extremely happy to say that this video is sponsored by ExpressVPN.
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