Innovative Marketing That Sells Homes FAST & For More MONEY

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay realtor Lance Mohr
and in this video, I going to go over innovative marketing that’s going to get your home
sold faster and for more money. When I say innovative marketing, I’m not
talking about traditional marketing, I am talking about innovative marketing. What you need to be doing now to get your
home sold. So as many as you know by watching my other
videos when you choose a real estate agent, marketing is the number one thing you need
to look at. It’s extremely popular. If you take a real estate agent that doesn’t
do good marketing, you’re probably going to lose money. If you get a real estate agent who’s really
aggressive that knows how to market. You’re going to make more money. So you want to choose a real estate agent
for marketing. Now let’s talk about two different types
of marketing. One, which I call traditional marketing the
other one innovative marketing. So traditional marketing is basically what
most real estate agents still do. It’s what they have been doing for years
and things have shifted over the past 3 to 5 years. Traditional marketing, stuff like going out
and taking a nice picture, putting it in the MLS. Maybe, putting it on Facebook and putting
it on some few national like Zillow and Trulia. Those were good and that’s what pretty much
what most agents do right now but that’s traditional marketing. That’s old school. You need to be looking at what is going on
right now. Where are the consumers right now? And I’m just talking about where the millennial. I’m talking about where everybody is looking
for homes. The first thing you need to do when it comes
to innovative marketing, you need to make sure you’re on Web 2.0 websites and also
Social Media sites. Sites like Tumbler, Reddit, we’ll take other
sites, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Youtube, all these different sites. These are where the consumers are. They’re not just going to the internet looking
at google. They are going to all their favorite social
media sites and looking at homes. Talking to people and doing your research. You need to be on this sites. You need to make sure the agent you hire understands
social media. They understand web 2.0 sites. The second thing they need to do is they need
to do GEO Marketing. When I say GEO Marketing. This is the beauty about marketing these days. I can take one of my listings and will just
say in branding. So I take a listing and brand it. I could go out and GEO target. I could take everybody within a 2-mile radius,
a 5-mile radius, a 30-mile radius. I could break it up to their age range, male
or female, married or not married and their income level. And I could GEO target those people specifically
for a home. So I have a geographical area that I am targeting. In other words, I’m not just throwing something
out there on Facebook and hoping people see it or throwing something out there in Zillow
and hoping people see it. I’m not passively taking an approach like
the traditional marketing is going to do. I’m going to take more of an assertive,
more of an aggressive approach. Because if you’re paying all the money for
a real estate agent to list your home and look I’m in the same position as you. I might list my home and not charged myself
money but I still have to pay other agents money to come and show my homes and it’s
not cheap. So if you’re not paying money for a real
estate agent you want to make sure that you really understand the difference between the
traditional marketing and more of what’s going today, what’s happening today, where
people are today and where they are in the future. The other note that I want to bring up is
a lot of agents when they do marketing, a lot of it is you want to
get away with agents the self-promotion marketing and you want to see what are they actually
going to do and what are they going to do different than other agents just to sell your
home not sell them, not sell their company but what are they going to do to sell your
home. So if you have any questions let me know. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area I would
love to help you. If you like this video please give me a thumbs
up. I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish
you the best of luck.

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