Indian From Coronavirus Cruise Land In India

Last month in Japan, the British Diamond Princess cruise ship carrying 3,711 people on board was kept in quarantine because of a coronavirus outbreak in the ship. There were 119 Indian people in the ship and were quarantined by the Japanese authorities. An Indian from Madurai, Tamil Nadu had shared several videos by saying that passengers were made to remain in their room. It was a difficult situation. They were allowed to walk outside but had be back in their rooms to prevent an outbreak. The food was sent to the rooms and everyone was suffering. The video has gone viral. In the video all the Indians requested & appealed for help from the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. An Air India flight flew to Japan and retrieved all the Indians as well as people from Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nepal, and Peru. They were all safely brought back to New Delhi today morning. They have all been qurantined and are being checked by doctors for possible infections. S Jaishankar the foreign minister has sent an IAF flight to Wuhan, China, to retrieve 76 Indians and 36 people of other nationalities and bring them safely to India. The Indian government is closely working with China to make sure all Indians are safe.

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