I Thought My House Was on Fire!

So this is the story of how my house burned down well almost burned down so in the house it was me my mother my father and my brother Michael and my mom is really Adamant about the house being super clean all the time. So today she was like, okay guys We got to make this house Sparkle because my best friend from the Dominican Republic is coming So you guys better be on your game today? And so we were just like fine. Whatever so my brother handled the inside of the house and My mom kind of just gave me the rake and said rake the leaves not what better be on the ground And so I got out there. I did my thing I had my headphones on jamming out because you know I didn’t wanna hear my mom scream anymore until all of a sudden I heard her scream dios mio which is basically Spanish for oh my god, and I walk up to the front door I’m like mom what’s wrong, and she just Rushes out and I look out and there’s like this blur of like smoke and flame when I realized it’s my brother Michael Holding this on fire pen until I realized something when my mom sent me out She was cooking Fritos Which they’re basically these things where you just push down the slice of a plantain and leave it to fry in oil So while she was cleaning and getting ready in the bathroom, she left the oil there on high heat So the oven must of caught on fire So he took out the fire and I thought everything was fine and normal when I was sudden I seen my mom just freaking out and I look at my house and I can’t see anything inside because there’s smoke coming out of Everywhere now. I don’t freak out on the outside So I kind of just stood there but on the inside my brain was basically on red alert And I didn’t know what to do So I pulled out my phone and I called 9-1-1 and I told them oh There’s smoke coming out of my house. You guys gotta get over here quick So I still don’t hang up the phone My mom yells at me because oh there’s an actual fire to smoke what’s wrong with you and I just say what’s wrong with me Growing up. You always told me all the fire department kids. You see a fire. I see smoke coming out in my house I did the right thing. So I was expecting the fire department to like take their sleep timing getting there No, there was like a whole horde of cops and like two big fire trucks these guys are ready to save our lives and all of a sudden I was like Hi, so it turns out that they’re just smoke coming mild in my house Sorry about that, and they just gave me this look and they’re just like okay fine So they set up this fan which basically blows all the smoke out now I’ve got me off I was still nervous because I was afraid that the house something might be damaged like irreversibly broken or something But we looked inside and everything was fine. But there was dust from the fire extinguisher everywhere Not just look at my brother and he goes what and I’m like dude you basically reversed all of our cleaning today I said he just looked at me like mmm who saved your life and I couldn’t say anything because he is the one who put out the fire. So I’m gonna end the video off saying this if you ever see smoke or sign to a fire in your house call 9-1-1 right away Oh my god, we totally talked about the cliff had him all the way short You


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