I Bought Them a House!! – Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams (Ep 1)

Whoo! – Yeah!
– ( donkey braying ) Oh, yeah! Sweet!
That was awesome. ( music playing ) Yeah!
Whoo! Run it, dude.
Yes! Run!
Go, go, go! ( laughing ) Whoo! – That was awesome, dude.
– Dude, awesome. – What did you guys think?
– Nailed it. All right,
so we got this boy Angelo. His mom sent in this video. He’s in a wheelchair. He loves to be active. – He can ride wheelies
and do 360s.
– Whoa. This boy’s awesome. He deserves an epic day. An epic couple days. I am Angelo Moss. I’m 16 years old and
I’m in the 11th grade. I am in a wheelchair because I am an amputee
and I have spina bifida. Spina bifida restricts
a lot of people ’cause they won’t be able
to use their legs as much, so I work around that and use my arms and upper body
a lot more. Life has been awesome! I’m very active, I love playing sports because it just brings me happiness, makes me keep going. Whoo! I love basketball a lot because I have so much speed. How I play sports is
with my own chair unless they let me
borrow one. This chair might
break in a while. Lilliana: I am nominating
for Angelo to have
a day of fun, where he can continue to smile and the world can see… the joy… and the energy
that Angelo radiates… out of his little soul. ( music playing ) ( siren wailing ) We are headed to Angelo’s house
right now. I’m so pumped
to meet this kid. Like, I can’t wait to give
this kid an epic adventure. You always do. You give me an epic
adventure every day. ( laughs ) All right, so I’m gonna
call Lilliana, that’s his mom,
and give her the heads up
that we’re on the way. Lilliana:
Hello? Is this Lilliana? Yes, it is. So, we’re like
three minutes out. I’m super, super excited. The boys have no idea. I hope he’s ready
for a great day. Okay, we’ll see you soon. Yeah, this is gonna be great. I always know
I’m really excited when I actually get nervous ’cause I don’t
get nervous easy. All right, stop here,
stop here, stop here. I don’t want him to see us. ( music playing ) Yo! Oh, my God! What’s up? – What’s up, my man?
– Hi. – How are you?
– Good. – Oh, my God.
– Hi, Mom. – How are you?
– Good, and yourself? I’m awesome. I’m so excited
to meet you guys. I can already tell we’re gonna
have a lot fun with these guys. Strike me out. – Oh!
– ( laughs ) I just ruined the game. I’m out. So what’s going on here? This is my basketball chair, this is another
basketball chair, and this is
my hand cycle. – Whoa, this one looks cool.
– Yeah. You’re gonna have to show me how
to do a wheelie or something. Oh, I should take
him down there. Yeah, let’s go. – Don’t touch the wheel.
– All right. Yo.
( laughing ) Yo, where– Whoo! Dude, we’re drifting! And that chair’s obviously
built for, like, romping. No, not at all. Angelo’s out here killing it. He does tricks. I’d just fall
and hurt myself. Probably. Well, we’ve seen the tricks, we’ve seen the skills. Show me around.
Let’s see your place. This your place? Yeah. Hold on. Dude! ( laughs ) What did you just do? – You’re used to it.
– Yeah. You’re like,
“That’s what he does.” – That was fast.
– Yeah. – Wicked fast.
– He’s super speedy. This is the place, huh? Lilliana:
Apartment’s really,
really tiny, and so we kind of share
space all together. I have a day bed,
it has a trundle, so one child
will sleep with me. – This is the bed, it pulls out,
so we have two beds.
– Right on. Well, look, man, we’re gonna
have some serious fun. – I can tell.
– There’s nothing
I want to do more than just give you guys
a great time. It’s all we got to do. Lilliana:
That’s all that counts. If you guys want, I want
to take you to a skate park. Okay, that would be perfect. – Yeah?
– Yeah. Fun in the sun, baby. Lilliana:
Let’s get ready. ( phone line ringing ) Man:
Hello? Listen, uh, just met
with Angelo and the family. These kids are so inspiring. Just went to their house. He’s got to actually
climb up stairs to even get in his house. There’s no wheelchair
accessibility. Oh, my gosh. I’m thinking, like,
you go apartment hunting. – Apartment hunting?
– They need space. A nice place
that feels like home for the mom
and the two boys. All right,
got it, I’m on it. Have fun. So let’s do it. Let’s hit that skate park. Lilliana:
Let’s do it. ♪ Tear it down ♪ ♪ Ratchet up, ratchet up ♪ ♪ Come on, know it feels
good to me ♪ ♪ Tear it down ♪ ♪ Na, na, na, na… ♪ Roman:
I’m gonna surprise Angelo. We’re going to a skate park and the legend Aaron Wheelz from Nitro Circus is gonna show up
and surprise him. And they’re gonna
get to ride together, skate in this park together.
It’s awesome. We’ve got Wheelz hiding behind,
like, this little saddle. We’re gonna bring him in,
try to surprise him. – Place is huge, right?
– Yes. It’s like the biggest
skate park I’ve ever been to. Angelo:
It’s ginormous. – You excited?
– Yeah. Roman:
This doesn’t look
too intimidating? – Angelo: Somewhat.
– As a mom, it does. Who’s the one guy
that does this? His name is Aaron. He’s amazing. He did the first back flip
on a wheelchair. Crazy. Aaron Wheelz. Yeah. ( music playing ) ( Lilliana laughing ) Hi, Aaron! Hey. Angelo, how’s it going, bro? Good to meet you. You know what you just
got yourself into? – (laughter )
– Yeah. Aaron’s here to have
some fun with you, like… – Dope.
– Give you some tips,
some tricks. – Let’s send it.
– Let’s go. It’s Aaron.
This is crazy. I’m a big fan,
he’s pretty awesome. This day can’t
get any better. I definitely think you can
do this one wheelie. – Like the one-wheel manual.
– Okay. Just, like, go fast
and pull it up. That’s crazy. And then keep pushing
the other one. – Okay.
– So the one that’s
on the ground, just… – So like that? ( screams )
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. ( laughs ) Roman: I love
that he loves falling. – That’s the first step.
– Oh, you got this. All right, so while
they’re having a good time, Aaron’s, like, giving him
some lessons, some pointers… Oh! But I think Angelo
needs a better chair, with, like suspension,
like Aaron’s, so we got this. Boom. Aaron:
Yo, he’s getting it. – Yo, you want to
try this one out?
– Yeah. This looks pretty sweet? – Yeah.
– Right here. A new chair?
This is crazy. Feels great. – Yeah?
– Yeah. This new chair is amazing. It’s especially
designed for skating. Yes! Just what I needed. You got some suspension
in the front wheels, and then you got
the springs in the back, so makes those landings
a little less rough. You want to carve some bowls? Sure, why not? I like that. ( music playing ) Oh, yeah. Yeah, he’s not afraid
to go fast. That was crazy fast. Man, keep pushing. Wow. In this moment, it’s Angelo’s time. There’s no boundaries,
there’s no limitation. He’s good.
It gives me great joy to see him ’cause
he has such a big smile. You see him happy. ‘Cause no matter
what he goes through, he’s always smiling and he never lets
anything stop him. – You want to try and
drop in on coping?
– Sure. When you go over the edge,
you want to – just kind of
keep the front up.
– Okay. Just real smooth-like. Yes. You’re killing it, buddy! Just try to turn
and lean on that one wheel. You make it look so easy. No. Ugh. ( screams ) Roman:
What do you think? – Oh, it’s awesome.
– He’s so good. Hey, man,
I need some good luck. Good luck. Alonzo:
He’s gonna do a flip now? I’ll jump off here
into there… No pressure, buddy. – No pressure?
– No pressure at all. No pressure, but land it. ( laughing )
No pressure. He’s coming in. Shoo. Yes! Yes! Yes! Aaron:
Saved it. No way. That was nuts. You both looked
crazy out there, but you killed it. Completely unstoppable. What did you think
of Aaron’s back flip? It was cool! You’re gonna do
a back flip someday. Yeah, someday, but not today,
that’s for sure. What do you think
of the chair? The chair is pretty cool. You should bring it
on our trip. What trip? – Tomorrow.
– What’s tomorrow? – We’re getting on a plane.
– A plane? Going to Rochester
for Nitro Circus. – What the heck?
– ( laughs ) The whole Nitro Circus crew
is pumped to meet you. Roman:
Aaron’s going with us. – Can you believe that?
– No. Going to Nitro, baby. That’s awesome. I’m so excited
to go to New York. This is amazing. Nitro Circus does
the craziest stunts ever so I am psyched to go. ( music playing ) You guys ready for some fun? – Yeah.
– Of course. Let’s go see Wheelz. – Hi.
– Hey. How was your trip? Angelo:
Cool. So did you check out
the ramps yet? No, I haven’t yet. – Oh, no?
– Yeah, you want to
roll out there? Uh, sure. ( laughter ) You got to see this, man. It’s something to see. ( music playing ) Roman:
This sweet or what? Angelo:
These people are crazy. Oh, my goodness. I’m at Nitro Circus. The mega ramp is crazy huge. That’s like two million of me
trying to get up there, that’s how high I think it is. They have a stretcher ready? I know, that’s not
that encouraging. They should put a blanket
over that or something. It really should be, like,
hidden a little bit, you know? – Where you guys headed?
– You know what? We’re just checking out
the place, letting him see some practice,
some warm ups. You want to come up
to the top of the ramp? – Yes.
– Come with me. There was no hesitation. ( music playing ) Oh, my goodness. How’s this
for a front-row seat? You’re the closest you
could possible get to these bikes right now. Here we go, dude! ( engines revving ) Whoo-hoo! Yo! Yes! Oh, my gosh! That was awesome. ( music playing ) So just landed in Los Angeles. That’s a famous road
right there. Now I feel like
I’m in the movies. We gotta look for an apartment
for Angelo and his family. He’s in a wheelchair so we need
handicap accessibility. I’m meeting
with a realtor named Sandra. I figured I could use the help
since I don’t have much time. Hopefully everything checks out. It’d be nice to just walk in,
buy the place, boom, done. This, uh, postal worker
wants to race. Bring it on. I’m from Ohio!
Let’s go, buddy. ( music playing ) It’s two bedroom, one bath,
hardwood floors. Plenty of parking,
that’s good. Here it is,
it’s upstairs. Oh. Upstairs isn’t gonna work. Um… we need wheelchair
accessibility. This one’s out, we don’t
even need to go any further. ( music playing ) How was he
at the skate park? Oh, he was dropping in… You think he could
drop in here? Yeah. You want to drop in? Yeah. When you go down, just don’t lean
too far forward. Just kind of
chill a little bit. Okay. Aaron: You were killing it
at the skate park, so this is
just the next step. Oh, my gosh! How you feeling? Good. It’s not too bad. Come on, Angelo! Yeah! ( screams ) Yeah, dude! ( laughs ) Right into the bag! Whoo! Whoo! Five, bud! Dialed. – Was that fun?
– That was so awesome! ( Roman laughs ) – No!
– (laughs ) Yo, Angelo, since you
did something new today, I’m gonna try something
new today… All right. …that I’ve never done. I’ll try a back flip. Way out of my league here. ( chuckling )
Yo. Oh, my God! All right, here comes
Ryan, look at him. You know it’s getting close
when Ryan’s bringing her over. Angelo:
Roman is gonna go
on a tricycle. He said he might
back flip as well. He’s crazy. All right, guys. I’m headed up. The super duper staircase. My first time ever
on a mega ramp. Stay straight.
Stay straight. Stay straight,
lean back, got it. Aaron:
This is when we’re just happy
that we’re just chilling. – Yeah.
– And watching. Let these guys do
all the bad ideas. It’s straight down! Whoo! My heart is beating. There’s no way he could this. He’s gonna hurt himself. Stay straight,
look at the take off. Okay, I’m ready. All right, buddy.
Stay straight, boy. Three, two… ♪ I’m faster
than a bullet train ♪ ♪ Oh! ♪ ( cheering ) ( laughing ) ♪ Just call my name ♪ ♪ Dick Van Rock ♪ ♪ Ha! ♪ Thank you guys so much, man. Yo. You’re crazy. I honestly did not have any clue
what was gonna happen when I hit that ramp. ( music playing ) I just leaned back. I didn’t know where I was at,
then all of a sudden, I see the down side and I just
tried to stay on the bike the best I could. It’s too bad my brother Dale’s
in L.A. looking for apartments, but his job is just as important
as ours right now. Angelo and his family have
no idea what’s about to happen. ( music playing ) I’m so short on time.
This is so frustrating. Hopefully the next place
is perfect ’cause I need to move the whole
family’s house before they get back. ( music playing ) Okay. So let me call the landlord. He’s supposed to meet us.
I’ll be right back. All right. I like that there’s gates. That’s nice. Big car port. Bad news. He’s not picking up. – What does that mean?
– He’s not answering and we can’t get in
unless he’s here. I’m running
out of time, Sandra. I know, I’m so sorry. ( groans ) ( music playing ) So I just want to say
thank you guys so much for allowing me,
Angelo and his family to be a part of this today. It is an absolute honor. – We’re both having
a killer time.
– Yes. Thank you for letting
this happen. – Truly.
– ( cheering ) ( cheers, applause ) Angelo, we’re just so pumped
to have you here and have you
part of the show. But before you go
out there with us, um, let’s see…
we got you a… – Yeah, dude!
– …your own jersey. ( cheers, applause ) – Thank you.
– That is sick. This is awesome,
thank you. – Welcome to the family.
– Yeah, man. Man: Part of the team! And Roman, we didn’t
forget about you, bud. – No way! Yes!
– ( cheers, applause ) Whoo!
No way, dude! That is dope.
Thanks, guys, I mean,
seriously. From the bottom
of our hearts,
this is amazing. Let’s not sleep tonight.
Let’s just go mad. So bring it in,
say “no sleep” on three. – One, two, three.
– All: No sleep! ( cheers, applause ) This is awesome. A lot more people
than there was earlier, huh? Angelo:
A lot more. I don’t think there’s
not one empty seat. – There all here for you, bro.
– Welcome to the show, dude. – Thank you.
– Glad to have you here, man. All right, we got the jersey.
Show’s about to start. Let’s light it up! ( music playing ) These people are crazy. Woman: Whoo! – Angelo: A scooter!
– Roman: That’s right. Oh, that’s sick. Roman:
Here we go, a cooler! Whoo! – Oh, my God!
– That’s crazy. That was back to back. Roman:
That’s a snowboard, dude. That was sick. ( music playing ) Man, I’m out of time. This is one
of the last chances. Oh, nice. Fresh paint,
it’s clean. Hardwood floor, that should
be perfect for a wheelchair. This is the place.
It’s got it all. Let’s make this happen. Yes! Aw, yes, dude! Angelo, give me
some good luck, bro. – Good luck.
– I’m gonna send a front flip. Let’s go!
Let’s go, Wheelz! Whoo! Roman:
Yo, I’ve waited forever
to see him do this. This is, like,
actually kind of insane. – Whoo!
– Let’s go, Wheelz! Roman: Oh,
he’s ready, dude. This jump is dedicated
to Angelo. – Whoo!
– Way to go! What do you got
up your sleeve? Well, if you guys
get loud enough, I’m gonna send
a front flip. ( cheers, applause ) There he goes. Roman: Oh! Oh, my gosh. ( crowd cheering ) Can we do one more? Yeah, let’s do it again. He’s going again, man. He wants it. He wants it. Angelo:
He just fell, but he’s about
to try again. I’m nervous for him. – Roman: Two times
the charm, right?
– Angelo: Yep. ( music playing ) – Roman: Here we go,
here we go!
– Angelo: Whoo! ( cheering ) Yes!
You killed it, dude! That was awesome! Yeah! That was dope. Whoo! – That was sick, right?
– Yeah! Holy cow. Out of control. – That was for you, brother.
– Thank you. That was awesome. I didn’t want to roll away
with just a crash. I know, man.
You killed it, bro. You killed it. ( music playing ) Everything they do
is out of control. – It’s all for you, bro.
– Thank you. The jerseys,
everything. I hope you had
the best night ever. – It was the best night ever.
– Yeah! I had a lot of fun. Thank you, thank you,
and thank you. Seeing Wheelz land
that second jump
was electrifying. Wheelz taught me
just to keep going. Even if you just fail
like 200,000 times. You’ll get it eventually. Right now I feel
on top of the world. I feel like
I can do anything. ( music playing ) All right, guys,
just like that we’re warping back
to Los Angeles. Two flights,
all-night flights, getting here to beat
Angelo and his family back
to their house. We got one more surprise
for Angelo, and one more big surprise
for the whole family. We’re just waiting
on the wheelchair guy. He’s dropping off
this state-of-the-art
wheelchair. It’s got
an electric motor in it. It looks like a race car. Push the button
and it drives. We’re under the gun
for time, still. It’s still
an amazing time crunch. ( music playing ) ♪ I’m floating ♪ ♪ In outer space ♪ Roman: All right,
this is crunch time. We are down to the wire. We’re putting the final touches
into making this place a home. We’re getting the couch in,
curtains up. We’re so out of time.
I’m gonna jump in here and help ’em bust
some of this stuff out. ♪ …go without your… ♪ ♪ And then I can see
your smile ♪ Aw, yeah. Let me make sure
the TV’s working. I’ll make sure the cable’s on
and hooked up. Will one of you hand me
that remote? Just kidding.
It’s crunch time. All right, so I’m gonna
stage up behind this wall. They’re gonna come down here
and they think– We have a camera,
we have a crew, and they think they’re gonna do
like a walk-up for the show. They have no idea I’m here.
I’m just gonna jump out and scare ’em
and surprise ’em. – ( exclaims )
– ( family squeals ) What’s up, fam? – How you doin’, bud?
– Good. – Did you guys think
that was it?
– Yeah. – I got one more thing.
– Uh oh. All right?
All we gotta do is
hop back in the car. – You in for it?
– Yeah. – What’s up, bro?
– Hey! You guys know my brother
Dale, don’t you? – Snappers.
– Angelo. – Great to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. We got you
a little something. Angelo:
Oh, my gosh! Bluetooth,
and it’s got a motor. – Wow.
– Angelo: This is crazy! – I love it.
– Just for those days where, you know,
you don’t want to do
the one-armed pull-ups. – Yeah, I need it.
– Yeah, look at this. You wear this, and it
controls the whole thing. – That’s cool.
– It’s fast, too. – This is super amazing.
– Let’s give it a ride. You think you can
get up this thing? Oh, look at you. This door looks
so familiar, doesn’t it? – Yeah, it does.
– Yeah, those are our magnets. What?
Is this your door? No, our home’s
over there. No way! What the heck? – Oh, my God.
– This is all our stuff! What? Oh, my gosh. Roman: This looks like
you guy’s new house. It’s decked out,
new, new, new. – New stuff.
– Angelo: Oh, my gosh. – New room!
– Oh, my gosh! This is awesome.
I wanted to do this so bad. What do you think
of your beds? This is cool. Man: Yeah, he had no problem
taking that top bunk. Man: Yeah, he’s taking
that top bunk. I’m feeling
on cloud nine right now. This is insane. Roman just surprised me
with a new house. You might be able
to turn this into one
of the mega ramps, dude. – Oh, my gosh!
– ( laughter ) I’m too happy,
I don’t know. These tears are coming from
tears of joy. Mom, is this your room? Man:
This is definitely her room. – Oh!
– Dang. This is huge! This is all for you guys.
This is our gift to you. To be able
to have a new house, kids have their own room, it’s like a new beginning. You guys got
lots more space, man. It’s what we need,
and it’s accessible, which is important
for Angelo. – Ramp out front.
– Yep. – Was built today.
– Custom welded! Can’t buy that ramp. In a few years, we’ll be
at Nitro Circus, – redoing those flips.
– Yeah. I’ll be going down
the mega ramp this time. Yeah.
Yeah. Roman, I’d like to thank you
for all that you’ve done, this past weekend,
today. I know I’ll make you
proud with this. Big family hug.
We love you guys. – Angelo: Thank you.
– Nothing’s more important
than family. You guys gotta
stick together. – Enjoy this house.
– See ya. – Lilliana: Thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. – You did awesome, dude.
– Thanks, man. You crushed it.
Like, I’m speechless. That house is beautiful. It’s beautiful. ( beating out rhythm ) ♪ We’re here with Roman and
we’re thinking about ideas ♪ ♪ We can’t come up
with anything, but
I need some pizza ♪ – Yeah!
– ♪ Coming in now
and I’m gonna wait till ♪ ♪ The food hits the table,
that’s how I’m able ♪ ♪ To eat real good and
come up with good things ♪ ♪ I got great things
coming your way ♪ ♪ You are Dale
and I hate you ♪ ♪ But Roman’s my friend
so I tolerate you ♪ – ( clicking tongue )
– Dale: Not cool. Way too early ’90s. I do like you, Dale. Don’t touch me.


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