HubSpot Custom Properties and How to Create Them

Do you need to ask your visitor lead or even customer a Custom question well in this sprocket talk tutorial. That’s what we’re gonna cover right now Hey, it’s your boy Jorge be from impulse creative and you know, sometimes you have to think out of the box Sometimes you need to segment those conversations in a different way and we’re gonna show you today how to build custom properties Right inside of your house, but portal remember if you need training pass this video tutorial We do monthly trainings as well as one or two day workshops But hey, let’s go ahead and dive in and show you how to get this done Alright, so as you can see I am in the hub spot portal and what I want to do is come up to the settings gear right here and I will click on settings once the settings page loads then I’m looking for Properties over here on the left and then you’re gonna see that there is a nice button here that says create a Property Group But next to that is create a property now We’ll do another tutorial on why property groups are important and how you can use them but today just creating that custom question that Custom property that you need to track or want to use for a trigger is super easy You just simply hit this create a property button It’s gonna load in this sidebar here, and we’re going to be able to label this in this case We’re going to just use something like a sign to contact It’ll give it an internal name and then we will describe it And so we might do something like this in what we might have is where this maps to a HubSpot Contact owner because we’re going to use it in forms when HubSpot contact to owner is not able to be used uniforms, of course, that’s a whole other tutorial where we can map with workflows and all that good stuff, but Then we’re going to be able to pick the group that we want it to go with and so in this case we’ll just do something like oh I don’t know contact information and now We can easily pick what kind of information we want this to be Do we want it to be numbered if we want it to be radio select drop down select single line text multi-line text We can even do HubSpot user where you could select the HubSpot users in here in this case I’m just going to show you real quick We could do drop-down select and then you can see that we have the option to add Different labels so we could add an option here We might do something like and we could continue to add options or what we can do is we can clear all of these We can then say hey we want to do a drop-down select and we can add an option But what I love about this too is if we’re doing drop-down select and you may want to check this in other properties Maybe your custom question already has a bunch of answers Like let’s say Oh for grins and giggles You were gonna do custom question is where do you live or what state do you live? But you didn’t want them to be able to just type it in you could do something like state Country timezone days of the week month of the year and so on and so forth. Look at the satisfaction Importance acceptability just a bunch of different things that you can load there. Anyway, it’s very easy. You just need to pick what type of Input you want them to have as far as the question that you’re giving them and then you would just go ahead and hit create And one thing to remember is if we have this show in forms check mark on Then for our landing pages or any other sales and marketing area on our website It will be able to be used for forms and lead flows and things like that But if we check this off Then we’ll be able to use this as trigger moments inside our contact record on the left-hand side of each individual contact inside HubSpot You see with HubSpot and custom properties. It’s that simple. It’s that easy Look if you have more questions about how spot leave them in the comments We’re always here to help if you want to know more about the education Hey, the description has the links Remember if you liked this video hit the subscribe button and hit the bell for instant notice occations Until next time this is your boy Jorge be from impulse creative saying happy hubs body


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