How WeWork Finds Real Estate for Office Spaces | WeWork

(upbeat music) – We start our process by finding the best buildings in
the best neighborhoods. – Stargate is a software
that we’ve developed in-house to identify markets and identify specific locations. – We gather data about
the buildings themselves, the neighborhoods, and
obviously the markets that those cities are in. – You drop pin here. Now within a 10-minute walk, we can see what kind of businesses are in the area. – [Granit] From the time that
we select the real estate, Stargate automatically triggers to notify our other teams. – Design and construction both engage. We do full-building audits,
we survey the spaces, we do full 3D scanning,
to try to gather as much as we can, so that we can make very informed, but quick, decisions. – [Granit] From the time that
we select the real estate until we open it to our member, it takes us six to nine months. If you compare that to
the outside industry, it takes a year and a half to two years. It absolutely helps us become innovative and create the communities
that we want to create. (upbeat music)

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