How to UP your real estate game…

What does it mean to uplevel your game? And what game do you wanna uplevel? We both know that in
the real estate business and the mortgage business we make money by having conversations. Meaningful conversations. Conversations about people’s
dreams, aspirations, and goals, what they wanna
do next in their life. And you serve as an expert
in transitioning people into the next level. You uplevel people’s games. And to be masterful at upleveling, upleveling your own life,
upleveling the lives of others, one of the skills that
we develop is the ability to really help a person explore what’s really important to them. Like what is it that they
wanna get accomplished? Not what do they need to do, but what do they wanna do? And what are their obstacles,
what are their roadblocks both internally and all
that internal belief system that’s been piling up over the years that they have to dismantle or rearrange in order to take on a bigger
life, to take on a bigger home, a better home, a better neighborhood, whatever their desire is. Or if it’s do downsize,
to let go of a home that they’ve loved and
it meant so much to ’em and it’s just packed with memories now, to let that go and uplevel their life to something that is more in align with where they’re at right now. And those are skills, those
are conversational skills. And I would say, out of all the skills that the 21st century agent
or lender will ever learn, the most important skills
that a 21st century realtor or lender will ever learn is the ability to have
meaningful conversations about dreams, aspirations, and goals. And, so today, just think, what is the skill that you wanna develop? Is it the skill of listening,
profoundly listening? Like listening to what’s being said, listening to what’s not being said. And then asking questions,
deep meaningful, profound questions, actually
becoming a questionologist, like an archeologist or a biologist. Can you be a questionologist? So, I leave that thought with you today, is the primary function
of the 21st century agent is to have deep, meaningful conversations about people’s dreams,
goals, and aspirations. Have an amazing day, bye.

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