How to sign up for your professional dashboard

Signing up for your professional
dashboard provides you with access to manage all of your solutions
including the Essentials toolkit, a set of free tools to manage your
leads, listings, and profile. To sign up go to dashboard and click
sign up or to sign up from the home page, click on sign up then pro sign
up. Here you’ll need to enter your email address, a password, and your phone number.
Your password must contain a minimum of 8 characters including one uppercase, one lowercase and one number. Your email address will be the unique identifier
for your professional account so each account needs its own unique email
address. Your phone number will be used for password recovery so if you provide
us with your mobile number we can send you a text message but a landline works too.
On the next screen enter your MLS information so that we can confirm your
identity. You can choose to provide your MLS details including your MLS location, MLS name, your agent ID and your name. In the MLS agent ID field enter the
public identifier assigned to you by your MLS board. This is most likely the
ID that you use to designate yourself as the listing agent when entering your
listings in the MLS. It’s sometimes referred to as your public agent ID,
agent number, or member number. If you don’t know your MLS agent ID you can
choose to provide us with an active listing number instead. In this screen
just enter the MLS ID for an active listing along with the listing zip code
and then click next step. Once you enter your MLS information and click the
button wait a few seconds while we verify your information. If your info is
verified, an email would be on its way to the email address from the MLS roster.
The last step to create your professional account is to open that
email and click the button to verify your MLS information. That’s it! You’ll see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email letting you know that
your account is ready to use. If you don’t have a listing and don’t know how to find your MLS agent ID, contact your MLS
directly or if you have any trouble creating your professional account you
can always contact us. We are happy to help!

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