How to Recruit Real Estate Agents to Your Team or Brokerage – Jon Cheplak on Agent Recruiting

Everyone again appreciate Jon being
here Jon’s the man and I’m just gonna let you do your thing because this is
what you do and I’m just gonna basically sit back and listen and learn and absorb
the knowledge basically good good cool well the first thing that when I once
think Jessie so much in trusting me to present this webinar and the one thing
that you’re going to get is value the only thing that I’m going to forward you
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I’ll give you that number again at the end but I am out and you’ll text CHEPLAK to (657) 444-1500 so what I’m gonna go
is I don’t know if I’d call it the fast and furious
we’ve got 30 minutes but all the longer I tend to do that anyways because I want
to give tremendous value and here’s what I want to share with you this is a
wonderful story this is a story because there are just a lot of theorists and
with all due respect I come from the trenches I actually recruited real
estate agents as a branch manager and then as an executive led a multi office
organization so it’s not someone that saw an opportunity in our industry to
exploit and become the recruiting guru I did the work and have been committed to
it and and I would say I have not mastered it because I think mastery is
something that goes on over time but the really good news I was able to with the
principles that I’m going to share with you you’re going to find
counterintuitive that or not because that you know I like to you know just be
the polar opposite because it’s the truth that I’m really good going the
truth this stuff works any to feel all these simple principles
you can win but I want to give you some example here’s here’s an example some of
the victories that have taken place and keep in mind team there’s a gentleman
that we work with Mike true it down in Atlanta just great leader and ultimately
they do the work but partnered with our framework you
know this is this was a week of recruiting nobody a little math with
y’all there you know that’s about 20 million in production let’s just throw
out I don’t know that’s a shame that’s five hundred thousand dollars
well all of those agents were added okay at a 70/30 split so anyone doing out the
math out there that’s 150,000 okay retained by the brokerage in one week of
recruiting 150 now well let’s say that I don’t know on average one stays ten
years once these five three who knows what it is but let’s just do a little
math let’s take that you know that 150,000 times six or seven total years
of that and that’s a million dollars right retained by the broker so you know
but here’s the thing I want to share with you guys it’s so important this is
the question to ask you if you’re running a team it’s a question to ask
yourself they’re running a brokerage so how much lifting Hall how many leads are
you’re buying tell me but your CRM tell me about all the appointments go and
tell me about all the drip campaigns tell me about tell me about tell me
about the showings the open houses to close one transaction that made your
market have a six thousand dollar gross value that may have a $9,000 drugs you
know gross one time and yet I’m talking about right here you know something over
time can be a million dollars and broker/owner managers and team leaders
don’t even have a system that equals I mean this is a multiple of what
transaction is but the point I want you to get you could leave download the
document text in and leave if you capture that one point you’ve got to
have you’ve got to treat recruiting like you do generating buyer and seller leads
so here’s an example and cute little comment you could have done that three
years ago if we would have implemented and listen to me okay
there’s another gentleman many folks probably are familiar with to you know
hundred little hundred eighty companies back when I started working with with
this gentleman Anthony LaMacchia and it’s a two-step he does just take any
one eight recruits in a week and easy to throw numbers out at you guys
and this isn’t about me it’s about them and it’s about it could be you now just
bringing recruits because it showed you the dollar return that you guys guys can
get okay but this was a two-step in the two-step
meaning after there was an agreement to join and he’s still recruiting this way
oh by the way you got to come back for a second interview
we’re not playing the body shopping so there’s the substance let’s get right
into it here’s what I want you to think about
that’s really exciting for you if you want to grow if you want to keep chasing
leap listen you’re to lead your technology or software it’s all
important but everyone’s aiming at the wrong target
because tell me how many leads you’re gonna convert generate nurture and tell
me about all your amazing software and all the things you have if you don’t
have the right people mm-hmm yeah capacity of the team has always been an
issue and those bodies are producing you know when you adopt someone onto your
team you’re adopting their SOI and all of that stuff so it’s so critical to to
have that available the numerous we look at teams we have numerous teams where
they take a look and each if it’s on that team has is contributed after their
retain dollars a million dollars right I mean a million dollars to pay the bills
with an absent profit so here’s what’s exciting for you in surveying and I just
I don’t know I’m the sharpest tool in the shed
Jesse in under your shirt dude but I think one thing that always wins it’s
just hanging out a long time and and not going away being consistent and so ask a
lot of questions you’re just really cool in surveying thousands around the world
80% don’t recruiting drift campaign this is your competitive landscaper
recruiting guys by the way 90 percent no rate video recruiting initiative
cessation percent no social media activity 95 percent not making
recruiting prospecting calls consistently and there’s an interesting
team leader love but doggone it frustrates you your agents will make
their calls every day well maybe they’re mirroring us right so 90% of $5,000,000
producers and above not received a recruiting column over two years now
there’s a little caveat I know what I found Justin you two probably should
look around a lot of the teams their avatars that
it’s it’s may be done under two million or maybe done five to fifteen
transactions and they’ve had enough pain to realize man this thing’s tough on our
own maybe we need to be somewhere or it’s a different requirement leader
provided we follow the structuring system I just want to let you know
here’s the piece we have a team that’s bringing in eight twelve and thirteen
million dollar producers on Team splits right so you guys it’s not about the
money it’s not about the money it’s the experience they have with you period
okay here’s the biggest mistake everyone’s making in recruiting this is
this is how we’re taught the prospect for buyers and sellers and this is how
we’re freaking recruiting it is whatever one’s doing is they’re going to an ATM
machine the bank account and they’re trying to make withdrawals with their
debit card they haven’t made any deposits there’s no money in the bank
what I want to share with you guys this is you’ve got to make deposits and the
business relationship equity account it’s not a magical script as a matter of
fact we could dump your calls to action okay on your recruiting dialogue and
marketing pieces it creates a friction and I’ll share some statistical data
this is a universal marketing rule but it plays very well here so you think
about this 95 percent of your agents that you’re targeting right now trying
to recruit they have no intent they’re indifferent they’re not thinking
about making a move they’re just not if you’ve got a hundred agents in the
marketplace ninety five of them aren’t going to Bennett not going I wonder what
team Smith has for me boy I wonder what that is but yet so what we’re doing is
we’re seeing the right things to the wrong people stop bleeding with
conversion language only five percent have consideration where the relevant
conversation with them Jessie’s going to be one that talks about making a move
lead with value purity right yeah because I think most people it’s kind of
like if you think of real estate as a whole right we don’t wake up one day and
say oh I’m gonna saw my house usually it’s going to be driven by life if
or something like that and what happens with consistent branding and delivering
value or if we use like Chris Lindh all is an example of is advertising
basically you are a top of mine at that moment when that moment happens so if
you’re delivering value all of the time what you’re doing is that you’re getting
permission to occupy some brain space in there and basically what you’re
developing that relationship very subtly so when the moment comes available
whenever that’s going to be for them whatever the impetus to to drive that
change to go from indifferent to consideration then you’re top of mine at
that moment in time it’s so powerful 100% and yet it’s interesting you know
people and I can share with you don’t have me come out to speak and tell it to
them and I it’ll go back to we default to being to being sales he featured um
everyone wants to buy no one wants to be sold well there’s a situation that comes
up a lot if you’re listening to this watching this now live or later on how
many times have you had a recruiting interview that went so well and they
didn’t join on the spot you went to follow up with them and they ghost well
it goes to you because you thought it went well because you said what was
important to you well remember this you guys there’s three important subjects to
human beings the three most important subjects me myself and I mm-hmm so the
reason they’re not responding to you after what you thought was a great
interview is you did not connect with them where they’re at sea and you’ll see
this a little bit later on the slides here’s what you need to do you need to
create an experience of what it’s gonna be like why don’t they can join before
they joined mm-hmm all you want to do is be in second place so that when
something happens you’re the first choice exactly now makes so much sense
so much sense so you’re some
some life principles in and I think that you know I’m sure you’ve heard or seen
something like some of these before some of you haven’t but I think this will
bring us back and bridge that gap from working with the buyer and seller lead
to working with the recruiter people don’t but they’re told they believe what
they experience great you think what it’s going to be like when they joined
before they join discovery is the highest form of human persuasion number
one way to facilitate a human being to a choice or a change when you’re running
friction based conversion language Adam all the time oh my gosh your check can
be this big you’re splitting your stocks could be this big it’s ridiculous
yeah you’re also leading with something that causes them to jump when they get
recruited the same way again – right you’re making the split the most
important thing versus delivering value and talking about you know a culture and
a tribe that is there that kind of learn and work together and I think that’s
that’s something that’s really critical well it is people you know it’s kind of
what your humor them into people will leave you based on how they join you so
so you’re focused on a money relay based relationship I’m gonna give you a little
new slash ladies and gentlemen there’s never been enough money in a
relationship we can put together yeah I think the national divorce rate talks
about that so the next piece – I want y’all to look at your messaging your
dialogues or email drip campaigns or videos which you should have if you want
to really make a lot of see girl to make a lot of money you could not change a
single thing on your team tomorrow and go on a recruiting retention initiative
change nothing changes nothing a good news game over and we’ve got many
examples of this so we choose with our heart and justify with our mind stop
leaving with watching you need to make psychological and emotional bonds think
about this people ask me what’s the great model out there best model come on
John you can tell me I know you work with them all but secretly phony okay
I’m gonna tell you the secret ready it’s the leadership model because I can share
you a split with one brand and someone’s failing in
it what’s the common denominator leader I can share you a revenue share model
you know it’s like McDonald’s it’s across the board it’s the same what
McDonald’s has that stores that failed to have to know someone you McDonald’s
brings in to buy out when an operator fails the system is the same the model
is the same its leadership and you may say oh no I think it’s about money and
splits okay well if it’s about money and splits then how come the rest of your
folks haven’t left you then mm-hmm there’s the truth when people will say
oh that I can’t get people to come over because of this or that or they won’t
move over or we got a new purse but really so but you’re not having to move
or change your splits with your people that you already have so why don’t you
reverse engineer what you’re already doing over this
ladies and gentlemen leaders the growth of your business is inside your business
not outside your business period so here’s one piece to know because we
looked at we’ve surveyed a thousand broker/owner managers team leaders twice
now in the last ten years how many contacts on average does it take before
the licensed agent makes a move it takes 14 contacts of bowing transference a
video that has some business building tips an email that has three steps to
getting massive traffic to your open house the seven steps to get the listing
price rate like like sending messaging to your competitors agents that educates
them because it’s called getting people to make a micro
commitment what’s a micro commitment every time someone consumes a piece of
my content that has value they’re making a micro commitment and every major
commitment moo see people are trying to join well no amygdala kicks in
fight-or-flight kicks in and Dawn message doesn’t connect what we’re doing
is we just a series of micro commitments so that what happens there have been so
many too when the next natural step is well I
guess I just need to join literally have people saying let Anthony Lamacq he just
said I see now Johnny said someone college they say I’m joining been
watching your videos for two years exactly but and and what’s interesting
you watch Anthony LaMacchia Svidler Green not one has not one has a call to
action on it right so here’s some other pieces for you guys to take away and
then we’ll get into some of the stuff we’re not going to wait and research
team and HL we’re going to handle objections in advance you know other
things in the calling that we do you’ve got to make promises don’t try and
recruit people the first interview you’re gonna lose them why would I fight
human nature I just share the statistical data with you it takes 14
contacts but you’re gonna gain the empirical data have fun gaining the
empirical data so what we do is we handle the objection in advance there
they have sales skepticism your job in your communication and even when you do
get the appointment meet with them is remind them that you are not going to
you make the promises I’m not gonna try and recruit you may hope Felipe in the
future you do join we’re not gonna talk about my company not gonna talk about
your company we’re going to talk about the only thing that matters you and your
business treat them as if they were one of your agents to demonstrate your
competency and relevancy as a leader that’s the thing otherwise jump in the
barrel of monkeys with everyone else doing them but we’re better than they
are whoo so remember if you’re having
trouble with your making prospecting calls and you not get the conversions
you get I’m gonna get it to you to the conversions you should be experiencing
ok many times it’s not what you’re saying it’s that you didn’t send
something of value to them prior going coal traffic you’re gonna cold so you’ve
got to make the deposit then when you are making your recruiting call even
though the law of fair exchange you’ve been both the law of reciprocity and we
what we call you get call did you get kind of so
talked about going to the ATM machine making deposits 33 50 33 well gonna
remember this and this again comes from you know not being the sharpest tool in
the shed just hanging around for a really long time so if you are putting
out good content consistently across all channels okay when you’re following the
right language patterns on the phone one out of three people should say yes I’ll
meet with you and this is for in a recruiting appointment basically whether
it’s a coffee or just the kind of chitchat and build a relationship of a
three said I’m willing to meet if it’s less than that either you’ve got a
problem in your language pattern and you’re talking on the phone or you have
sent them having symptoms an item about issues going right out of a cold okay
now here’s the big one that can be helpful to you know you gotta change out
of the way when it comes to recruiting you know I just got done this since 1995
actually doing it into a branch into a company and now you know throughout the
world supporting leaders like y’all here so this is just part of a game if you
can keep a 50 percent or lower no-show reschedule ratio killing yes now why do
I see your killable because leaders will say to me well if they can’t even call
and reschedule the appointment or they no-show on it that’s fine that’s cool
I’ve had people play that game on me six months later John you know I’m still
struggling prakruti yeah how’s that being you know they’re not sure if
someone’s gonna no show on me I’m sorry it’s the nature of the beast it’s just
what it is okay now you can combat that if you want to
increase your call volume massively increase your resource or just play the
numbers game that’s proven because we have many people that no shouldn’t
cancel on the Atlanta and man it up being a real good ROI for time money
then the final one so 50% no-show reschedule ratio if that’s hire a you’re
either over selling on the phone or be you are you’re a confirmation
process is really really weak my suggestion is this video text stop using
the word confirmation it’s weak hey it’s John I look forward to seeing
you tomorrow at 10 a.m. where we’re going to talk about the only thing that
matters you in your business I’ll see you there
now how come a video because I’ve made another deposit see they’ve got a
consume it micro commitment the power of video the unconscious brain can’t
discern the difference between one big head on a cell phone a laptop a desktop
an iPad the unconscious brain sees that moving head on the cell phone as TV you
do want to build Authority enter in the back of the brain don’t you see video
cuz it just it looks better it’s neat no think of the psychology of this okay and
it’s gonna move you further down this path but building trust
okay so that naturally adjoining now again though that one out of three
joining you in includes those that you would pick now you know discern out
you’re not a fit and those that just don’t choose you with a caveat if you’ve
made fourteen contacts with them evaluated someone reach out your system
doesn’t work oh really yeah and follow it good let’s open up your CRM Sally
Smith well they see here you contacted Sally events six she’s open your drip
email three times you call her twice you met with her once that six and what
was the number fourteen so you don’t even know yet right yeah one question
that we have that’s kind of popping up here in a group is that thirty three
percent ratio that you’re kind of talking about is that after how many
contacts is it kind of after the fourteen of making a bunch of micro
deposits where you kind of transition that over into like hey would you like
to get together or how do you make that transition from providing value
providing value to eventually try and ask for basically a phone call right so
two parts that I’m here Jesse is number one on average 14s that time when they
join if you look at that so it takes 14 to the point where they’ll join
when do you transition now watch this somewhat passive when they raise their
hand mm-hmm or now let me define reason your hand now early on you want to be
careful because you don’t even want to go they don’t push away see listen you
know I want to make a suggestion – I wouldn’t suggest that someone that has a
business that’s going on makes a decision that impacts their life in one
meeting maybe not even in two so also what I’m doing too is I’m lowering their
guard that way I’m not playing take away I’m just pouring their guard so the
other piece though is you know use your skills you know you’re where you’re at
you’re a broker owner manager because you’ve got some sales skills so so where
you can pivot in if they haven’t said hey listen this is something great Jesse
I want to join you but if they’re if they’re leaning in whoa wow I mean you
you’ve shown me more in two interviews and the emails you sent me my current
brokers well then a soft pivot well based on what I’m hearing it sounds like
you but might have an interest in how we could possibly work together or am i
hearing you wrong stay there because they’ll ghost you if you go to
conversion too early they’re ghosts they’re gone that right so I like the
analogy of like dating right so many people are trying to go stray from first
date to you know going home and you got to like work your way down that path
basically to earn your trust so you know dating in in this kind of relationship
building is almost identically the same yeah it is and so you’ve got a sense you
know when can I you know maybe bond really good with that person sometimes
your game takes longer need to know someone you know who knows but still
there’s a process in this so here’s there’s I’m gonna give you
guys three three the ways to recruit them I go kind of quick my mistake that
I make in the short time I do this like Jam all kinds of stuff in but I just you
know I’m going it here say there’s three ways to posit withdraw what I’m talking
about where we’re making deposits in the marketplace and and then we make
withdrawals we make withdrawals by getting on the film that’s withdrawal by
taking the time me with me visit withdrawal consuming my
content is it withdrawal showing me the deposit getting it to them so I’m
cleaning deposit withdraw game with them until and move them along space where
there’s no like trust now there is a sharp angle point in time where you may
be disco dancing with someone and you feel they’re cool and then others go to
conversion Mesa go John I’ve been talking this person forever it’s a big
producer it’s a team for a brokerage it’s this even brokers new big teams so
you know it’s time for though hey Jesse its John what the heck do we need to do
to work together so put some humor in it when you you know when you when you’ve
built that trust and build the relationship yes there’s time for
suspenders well wonder where they’re going to join
no though there’s times we go sharp angle the second one that works really
well recruiting events now here’s the difference in my recruiting events and
that alone is one presentation on its own we just did one in Calgary had a
hundred people in the room Justin Hammer and it’s gonna have a crate we already
have a great group of agents that are joining from that you do a two three
hour training event you invite all your all the agents in you want to have come
in and you try to give them value most of the time we don’t call to action in
that case what I’ll do in situations if you have a massive brand and you know
like Justin’s the number one Remax gene in Canada
I mean he’s what number nine in the world so he’s credibility his authority
that the curiosity Lyndall to those guys are the type of guys where you know what
and you look at their per person productivity like best in the country
they’re people these three transactions apiece minimum you know with them
there’s such a value that’s been built they can go but they’re the few they can
go to conversion but so events are one we do it and then rolling your agents
having their agent supporting so one of the things I want to share with you just
real quickly and I know Jesse and I speak this same language but I think
many people miss it is we’re so pigeon holed in our industry and we’re pigeon
holding two scripts and dial as well but I want to suggest to you is think
copywriting you need to think auditor people are gonna win right now are not
scripted dialogue people know script and dialogue is middle school okay
copywriting is grad school and copyright is the words you say the
word you write that’s scripting of all your language but there’s smart ways you
know why create something when you can use something based on your science
which I did this is called the SMI cue from one of my coaches I’ll always give
proper attribution to Ryan Lebec who wrote the aspect most important question
when it comes to choosing a real estate company or team to work for what single
greatest reason that would keep you from joining please be as specific as
possible I surveyed a thousand agents a thousand doing I think was five million
and above and I I got all their you know this just gives you an example some of
the things he said I put it in a word cloud anyone want to look on there and
tell me how big the word commissioners say Oh word cloud works it brings out in
size based on the words used most okay sure don’t see let’s see Commission can
anyone find fear splitting in there or split splits tiny to business support
black is a word they used now what I want to share with you is there’s a lot
of things that come from the SM IQ I don’t want to create cheesy dialogue you
know I want to guess what this is my avatars if I’m a recruiter this is my
avatars language what brilliant salespeople brilliant marketers do is
they echo back the words their audience uses to them so now what we have
compiled here are the words that our avatar our prospect our recruit uses so
we’re going to use the top ten words in writing a subject lines of emails of
writing text messages of doing Facebook posts guys it’s 2019 you gotta get
sophisticated that’s why there’s outside forces that have jumped in our business
because we might be like okay so I should see that encourage every when
I’ve been in this thing for thirty-one years on around now here’s what happens
when you get your message right folks I’m gonna spoil some myths right here
for you message two matches everything I want you to notice they’re in 28 days
see spam is and how I hit people emails 28 days we sent 9 emails to an
audience that we progressed up if you look at the third column from the right
it shows how many were sent so I grew the audience up the number of people I’m
sending to you guys who’s getting 43% email open rates sending an email every
three days bringing this is from my platform I launched these and worked
with the message in the subject line so ladies and gentlemen couple things that
are universal in anything span is not how often you send something span is the
quality of your message right but but notice you guys notice the audience
this is sending to 6,600 agents I’ll tell you where Phoenix Arizona
6600 people recruiting emails every three days 43% email open rates get your
message right everything I’m telling you about messaging is what was going into
these okay here’s an example here’s two live ones stop talking down to your
audience these are the dirt campaigns and you’re ready for this anyone that
knows Douglas Elliman a very chic company in a Long Island this was their
Long Island branch targeting top agents look at the message for tips to drive
this is a drip email this is a recruiting drip email but you know what
people go that’s done that’s fine here he goes in the way I’ve launched
100 million emails written by me through my email servers in the last ten years I
might have empirical data more than anyone based on how people babe I’ve
written it I measure it and guess what less is more to keep it simple he’s got
massive email open rates and when they called the experienced agents afterwards
man I loved it it was the basics thank you for the reminders well yeah I’d love
to this is dripping email marketing with
truth period oh yeah in a book you know brand story it’s kind of interesting to
talk about you know storytelling and one of the things that they talked about is
simplifying the messages because human nature is that you don’t want to
you’re designed to basically survive and part of surviving is burning the less
amount of energy possible which basically makes us lazy by nature and
that’s why we take the path of least resistance and I think this really
highlights that that sense of four quick tips easily digestible it’s not a big
heavy mental investment to understand what’s going on there and they get
instant value that’s digestible so quickly so as you say it’s kind of a
instant reminder it gets them to open it because of that curiosity factor of that
type of headline writing which is kind of used by you know whether it’s
BuzzFeed and you know all of the big online click not necessarily clickbait
because you’re still trying you’re just trying to get it open that that value of
using curiosity and delivering real value in bite-sized chunks makes it so
that they’ll keep digesting it over and over so that you get the withdrawals
that you’re kind of talking about very very powerful hundred percent 100
percent yeah I studied with Miller about three years ago straight ran great stuff
okay so here the status you make a deposit
again I’m staying real high-level because I’m just sharing you guys so
much you make deposits you’ve seen the items of value you make a call did you
get cheque you ask questions about what they did get say if it’s something I
haven’t how to generate more business on Facebook
so tell me I’m how are you currently generating enough facebook enough
business on Facebook through facebook ads I’m not I am great you know what’s
working what’s not working when would be a good time to sit down okay that you
stay in that space pivot the appointment handle the objections in advance make
the promises I’m not going to talk about my company not going to talk about your
company we’re gonna talk about the only thing that matters you and your business
okay and here’s an example what happens this is around callers that we have
going number dials number conversations number of nurtures number of
appointments so this is pretty cool here you know this one right here recently
58 conversations it’s easy to talk about stuff and but I like to pull the real
stuff 58 conversations five-point schedule when you’re nailing
your content you’re nailing the dialogue of what’s worked what’s been proven year
after year after year good things are happening for you niggers the piece
here’s inside of a CRM real quickly for recruiting period notice the equation
now the one thing and see how many broker owner managers team leaders have
a recruiting system like this the number one place the money is in your people
yet we spend millions on systems or one buyer like a million dollars net
overtime if they stay I want you to get so sure you’ll see the ratios are low
here you look at number of interviews only hired for now this this is
illustrates though we’re still early on in the fourteen contact faith is right
but you can see that we were for sending out coaching tips notice the different
names time money assessment tools curve influence builder tool confidential
business assessment tool confidential business all tools not rob our wonderful
but you can see how the numbers come in to play my thing is this is you’ll
continue to good or you continue to struggle until you have a system that
you’re obsessed with at the same level you are obsessed with your generation of
buyer and seller leads and converting them period okay and final piece I just
want to share y’all of this but we all need to be reminded if you using video
if you’re not using video your dinosaur 55 percent of impact in recruiting its
massive massive it’s the game changer 55 percent of the impact communications
body language tell me how much body language there is on the cell phone a
text an email good news for your three-prong ain’t
gonna win any more first and breeze the fourth prong video wins let me share
this you what our friends and Nielsen rating companies shared with us about
that Nielsen rating company was so fascinated
by video on Facebook checking my clock here I’ve gone over which I was want to
go I’m looking at my stop so they said
we’re gonna study video on Facebook you guys keep worrying about your hairline
your your Botox your wrinkly skin your you know receding hairline keep worrying
about it the rest of us we’re not going to give to you know what’s and we’re
gonna win because three seconds of a video consume has a 44% cumulative
impact on purchase intent 32% impact on brand awareness and a 47% on ad recall
so hey you keep worrying about that and then keep wondering and I just want to
challenge with love so you know keep trying no it definitely definitely makes
sense because you’re connecting on a much more human level at that moment in
time and you know they can they’re gonna pass judgment out of which way when they
see you anyway so few months will just get rid of that at the very beginning
well you know while you’re worrying about what everyone thinks about you
yeah they’re worrying what you think about then so we’re on this big freaking
circle so I go ahead okay I love y’all but you’re not that important that
everyone’s worrying about you very true so here’s real quickly you know this is
the event recruiting traffic machine post an event put a marketing video out
there just like coaches and trainers in the real estate industry to you like you
can get promoting this event okay Facebook Instagram email call them and
then we put them into a video funnel that confirms out a responder all the
way up until the event a post event funnel and then they text you and ask if
they can join right hey thanks for letting me attend I love the meat and
let me talk him into letting me join you okay these are just high-level pieces
final piece is this enroll your agents in the recruiting stop giving a money
you don’t have to that’s ridiculous I’ve tested okay it’s a cultural thing you
need to bring in to the value of collective genius and how the company
grows the holes bigger than the part because a great leader builds culture
based on community then you enroll them and then you acknowledge it when they
help you here’s the point and I’ll have about two minutes left is
this what is the one thing because it wasn’t just a book it was not just about
to get you here what’s the one thing that we are doing and many of the folks
that you work with you’re out there with one of them pair with with them Chris
and the whole crew here’s the one thing that they’re doing that people don’t get
you got acknowledged human beings it’s the number one human need next to food
water air they want to belong what they’re doing is they’re consistently
publicly acknowledging their people I can tell you you’ll think it’s cool you
may run out and do it once I’m gonna tell you it’s the game changer I can
give you lists of names of people that I work with as Jesse knows humbly I’m very
fortunate to work with the best in the world by their franchises ranked them is
that like number ones you know I’ve been to some of your events and I’ve seen the
immediate impact when you share this tip in terms of acknowledging them you know
on Facebook and congratulating them and you know this is basic psychology it’s
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and that need that sense of belonging being part
of something is is very core to humans and when you have the leader who
acknowledges there are people you know they basically Rhea knowledge you and
the interesting thing that I’ve seen you know at some of your events personally
has been those being shared because I’m friends with them on Facebook as well
and in watching their posts getting Reshard by the person that was
acknowledged their age like hey look at it and that’s that’s you know this long
leg of recruiting because it’s a referral the end of the day yeah your
friends will see you’re watching happen we’re talking about my leader circle my
61 ones Rabb we’ve been sharing that a lot last week look at one that you did
her top five all top five unsolicited shared it shared that hey I got this I’m
so fortunate I’m with a company well ladies and gentle
the agent members recognize his top five and shares a post by their broker owner
team letter who is that agent friends with on Facebook oh your avatar the
people you’re trying to recruit da da it’s so simple you guys so I’ve got a
one minute hard stop here want to first of all Thank You Jesse I want to let you
all know please dudes a downloadable document
value you can use even more beyond we shared here text (657) 444-1500 and then type in CHEPLAK type in check black and you’ll get
a nice little download Jessie before I cut out on your end brother no I think
that’s it man you’ve been super super helpful and I really appreciate you know
everything that you’ve shared with us super I don’t think that people really
understand how valuable it is to keep your recruiting machine because you can
get you know get get rid of that ed them flow and just keep adding on and
building that culture based on your own leadership and providing value you’re
bringing in the people that are gonna stick because they stuck initially they
were attracted based on value and not based on Commission I think that’s a
massive takeaway that people who really need to understand and it protects you
you know on the on the down side of those relationships because they’re not
built on money you know and that relationship is always gonna be built on
mutual respect of someone’s knowledge and I think that’s huge huge huge so you
know I’m not as eloquent as you to summarize it but I I think that that’s
the big takeaway that I’ve seen and I’ve personally seen you know your actions in
place with some of the people that I work with as well and they’ve instituted
your stuff and had big wins so you know I just want to say thanks for sharing
that stuff it’s really important and hopefully it’s a value to everyone
that’s listening to here right now so definitely well I’m off to another
coaching call thanks brother thank you thank you sir
all right thank you have a great day thank you

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