How to make money as a Realtor selling new houses

hey everybody Kartik Subramnaiam
here at a brand new development just showed some property to my resale client
and they’re gonna meet me here in a second but I wanted to record a quick
video for you one thing that a lot of people and even people in real estate
don’t necessarily know is that a lot of new home builders will offer broker
co-op so what that means is literally if you bring a buyer to this new home
community this builder will pay the real estate agents a 5% Commission to the
buyer’s agent just for bringing that buyer to this new home development now
what that means is there’s no paperwork that you have to directly be involved
with as a real estate agent literally you could take two separate cars you and
your buyer sign your buyer in and if that buyer buys one of the homes in this
development you’ll get paid a commission so this is probably the easiest real
estate deal that a real estate agent can do mainly because there’s no real
showing property the Builder sales people do a lot of the work they handle closing they handle the loan they run the escrow so there’s very little work
frankly that the real estate agent has to do but if you’re in an area that has
a lot of new construction I would highly recommend that you look at some of the
builders and see if they offer broker co-op because you can get a pretty
sizeable commission and not have a lot of work involved with that. If
you’re in- let’s say LA – there’s not a lot of new construction, but if
you’re in the suburbs like I am today this is a great opportunity to make
money and not have to put a lot of work. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe and share it feel free to browse the channel and we
will catch you guys on the next video talk to you soon!


  • David Doty - Realtor / Agent

    Great tip, Kartik!

  • Standard commission from a builder is 3%. It all comes down to the value that you provide the customer and your level of knowledge of new construction and the different builders. Reloaders need to start educating consumers instead of being taxi cab drivers. This goes for resale homes as well.

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