How to make GOLDEN MILK aka TURMERIC MILK: properties and benefits

Golden milk. Everything about turmeric. Hello, friends! Today I want to talk about the benefits of the famous turmeric milk, also known as golden milk. It is considered to be an almost medicinal due to the qualities of one of its main ingredients – the spice turmeric. This root is known as the inner healer. If you like this video do not forget to give me a like by pressing the thumb-up button and subscribe to my channel. Golden milk tastes great and works great as a natural antibiotic. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This is ideal for all those who suffer from joint pain, lack of flexibility, arthritis, insomnia or simply because it really helps you sleep well. Golden milk is rich in
nutrients and health properties because it contains curcumin the active
ingredient of turmeric. It is rich in nutrients and polyphenols operating in more than 150 therapeutic activities. In addition to this, turmeric has anti-cancer properties and even similar effects to those of cortisone without their side effects. It also prevents infections, helps improve circulation, controls cholesterol levels, prevents arterial blockage problems. It acts as to purify and detoxify the liver, helps with brain health and memory, attacks cognitive ageing-related wear preventing Alzheimer, helps in fight dandruff and scalp irritation, and keep hair healthy. This drink is perfect to reduce headaches and disorders caused by stress. It is also excellent for fighting colds and flu, menstrual discomfort. How to prepare the golden milk? You can prepare it with milk or any vegetable drink according to your taste. The most important thing is to know that golden milk is a healthy ally that has many benefits for the entire body. The recipe couples turmeric with black pepper, which contains the piperine which facilitates the absorption of other active ingredients such as curcumin. And how to prepare the golden milk? To do it we will consider two simple steps, which make this drink have multiple health benefits. The first step is making a paste of turmeric which is the basis of this milk full of nutrients. Furthermore, this paste will allow us to make golden milk several times, so store it reserved in a container in the fridge and you can use it quickly every day. Using just vegetable milk or cow milk, we can have it ready in very few minutes. To make golden milk, take a teaspoon of turmeric paste in a saucepan with milk and heat it over medium heat without boiling. Then you can sweeten it with what you like. Well, it’s best to see how to do it quickly, in a short video Step 1: The turmeric paste We begin making turmeric paste. We will put in a small saucepan half cup of water and add two tablespoons of the spice turmeric. Take special care when using turmeric, as it can stain clothes, hands and cooking tools, especially whites. And as I said before also we add half a teaspoon of ground black pepper to help enhance the active ingredients of turmeric. Throughout this process, using very low heat and moving continuously, we will make the paste very homogeneous. make the paste very over genius and
after a few minutes we see how the paste And after a few minutes, we see how the paste begins to take shape and gain thickness. When we get this texture, it is ready. Then, let it cool slightly and we can store it in a glass container. Step 2: Golden Milk We put a couple of glasses of milk in a saucepan and heat it. I’m using almond milk. Then add a teaspoon of turmeric paste that you had previously made. Also, we add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and increase heat from low to medium level, constantly stirring with a spoon to mix everything properly. Additional to cinnamon, you can add a teaspoon of honey to give it that sweetness point we sure like it. We continue moving a couple of minutes until the honey has been undone. And now we can stop heating it. Our golden milk is ready. Keep it in a jug for later consumption or serve now. This drink is delicious both hot and cold. I hope you like the taste of this healthy drink and get used to it to get healthy. If you liked this video give me a like, subscribe to the channel, leave your comment and share with your friends on social networks. I see you in a few days with more recipes, see you later. yummy I hope you like this recipe that I
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