How To Leverage Real Estate To Quit My Job

You guys know that i leveraged real
estate to quit my job. But am I an anomaly or are other people really capable of
that? Truth is I’ve seen so many people do that. And today, I want to talk about
how you leverage a real estate so that you can quit a job. So, today I am joined by Jack. How we
doing, brother? -Good, Kris. -Jack has come out to one of my events here. We put him
on every single quarter. Are you enjoying the event so far?
-I love the events. This is my second one. So, everyone is different. New
perspective. You can’t… They don’t get old.
-Awesome. I’m happy to hear that. -The reason why I want to have this
conversation with you is, you’re one of my real estate partners, we’re now
getting in on a couple of different deals. But you have a very specific
motivation. For you, it’s how can i leverage real estate not to bring you
necessarily home from work but someone else? Who is that? -It’s my wife. My wife
Li. She’s about 2 years my junior. I was lucky enough to retire last year. So,
she is desperate to retire. We have 2 young grandkids. -Right. -And she was to get
with them in the worst way. -I totally get that. -And me being at home irritates her
to no ends. -And so now you’re motivated to say, “Alright.
I worked my life. I’ve got some money set aside. We’ve been able to start getting
in on some deals.” And you’re set to closure next to you in just the next 2
weeks. -That’s right. That’s right. Next 2 weeks. -And so,
really this is all about how do I focus on deals that have the right kind of
cash flow and can multiply to produce enough income to bring her home. -The
wonderful things about your partnerships is you give so many
different varieties of fast forward. I am a full believer in leveraging. I’ve done it
for years. Got burned in 2008. -Right. -Step back. -Right. -You’ve given me faith and go
ahead and try it again. My wife’s on board. And that’s like,
that’s like 90% of the motivation. -Wow. -With your cash flow option, we can see
within half a year. Maybe a year’s time, we can bring her home comfortably. -Alright. What’s up!? Listen. Happy wife, happy life. -It’s so true. -It’ll always be true
that way. I’m so glad that you are recognizing what you want and
then what you’re doing that’s different than so many people, Jack is you’re
taking massive action. You know, there’s a lot of people like, “Oh, my gosh. I’m not
ready. I need more knowledge. I need to know more.” And at some point, you have to
say, “Alright, I need a certain amount of knowledge. I need a certain level of
confidence that I need the deals that will work. And then lastly, I need to act.”
And you’ve done all of those things. -I have to say. I’m 65. almost 65. And I’ve
seen a lot of the chaos. In real estate… So, I know it exists. So, you can’t do
anything about that. But you’ve structured in such a way it’s
predictable within the context of a path forward. So that to me makes me feel
confident. -What Jack is specifically talking about is that
there’s so many people that are like, “Hey, what are you working on?” Well today, I’m
working on a multi-family deal. Then I’m going to work on an apartment complex. And
then after that, I’m going to work on a single-family deal. And you never master
anything if you’re focusing on being a jack-of-all-trades. And in real estate,
you know, we believe on having very specific focuses and then staying
focused, staying on target. I found that single family was a predictable jam. Where
that’s the biggest real estate sector that individual families want. So, it is
the most expensive commodity out there. And we basically found a box to play in
that it produces that predictability. I’m glad you’re doing it as much as I do. You
know, this point Real Estate’s almost boring. Because it’s just numbers and
everything fits inside this box. And what’s beautiful is how the formula
works. And at the end of the day, it’s just a matter of plug and chug and going.
And you’re doing that. So, I’m thrilled for your future. And I’m thrilled for the
next 6 to 12 months. I want to personally know the day she gets to
actually put her slip in that she gets to be done. Join you enjoy the grandkids
and move on to the next phase of your life. -I’m looking forward too. I used to be
a jack of all trades. But now I’m a jack of this specific kind of trade. -Yes. I
love it. For those of you that are watching today, whatever age
you’re at… Jack, whether it’s 65 and live in his life in a way where he
could retire the way that he wants. Or whether you’re trying to get there
sooner or whatever it looks like for you to have the mobility and the options in
your life to live the life that you want. You know, more than anything, retirement
is usually not about not working. It’s about shifting focus and doing the kind
of work and the things that bring you fulfillment and joy. And in real estate, I
have found to be one of the best vehicles for creating an early exit or a
reliable one that can actually make that happen for you. So, if you want
to learn more about that, if you want to learn more about Jack’s journey and what
he’s doing to bring his wife home, then I’m going to invite you to click the link
below. You have a chance to connect with my team and learn what that looks like.
In fact, there’s a document that you have access to get for free in the link below.
It’s what I call Krohn Consortium. It’s my track record on my last 4,000 deals.
About a billion dollars worth of real estate. When you got that document, was
that useful for you and kind of understanding the track record of this
thing? -Absolutely. The thing about real estate is that there’s so many fake
opportunities out there. -Yes. -So, when your opportunity came along, I was skeptical.
-Yeah. -Because of the past and the things I’ve done. You lay it out, it’s open. It’s
an open book. And it was… There was nothing there that came up and maybe
concerned. -Yeah. I think what’s interesting when I got started and I was
doing my first deal, I had no track record. And people were skeptical. My
father-in-law was like, “Why are you buying a house? You’re 22 years old. And just
seemed premature.” Right? Like, “Why are you doing that?” I remember when I bought my
second and my third house. I had my friends kind of scratching their head.
None of them… I had caught the bug. I had a drive. I wanted to be free. And none of
them quite got that. That age, it’s like go to college and focus on
education. You’re not even in career mode yet. I’m like, by the time I’m done with
college, I want to be done with career mode. Not because I don’t want to work
but because I want to do a different kind of work. It’s interesting that when
I got my 50th deal under my belt, people started saying “You know what? This track
record is like catching on.” But my real track record came in 2008 and ’09. -Right.
-When the market fell apart and we started soaring, who is 3 4 years later
that people realized, “Wait a second. You kill it when the economy is up and then
you make even more money when the economy’s down.” Doing a track record on
thousands of homes has now got us to a point where it’s not a question of
does the system work. It’s not a question of are the numbers good enough?
Now, it’s just an understanding of we have a track record. This is predictable.
And does this fit where I want to go? I’m glad it fits for you. It doesn’t fit for
everybody. But the link below has that document. You can get it for free. Cover
the shipping, my team will send it out to you. And get your hands on that track
record. It comes with my entire system and how I do this. And if it can benefit
you in your own life to going and doing real estate, I want you
that tool. I want to thank you Jack for being here today. -Thank you. -Thank you for
sharing more of your story. I’m looking forward to doing an update video when
your wife comes home from work because we’re going to celebrate. -We are. -The biggest
way. -We are. -Totally pumped for you, brother. Thank you so much. -Be good. -Alright, guys. Take care. Make sure you subscribe. Links below. And we will see
you tomorrow.


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