How To Land Your Dream Job (BEST Job Search Strategies)

I am Marat from EMMOTION, HR Professional, Career Strategist and Coach and today we’ll go through the essential tips to make YOUR job search successful. Job search tools might vary a lot depending
on a country you live in. But here are the job search strategies which
are completely universal and which will make your job search more productive, less tedious
and hopefully even enjoyable. Research the Right Jobs and Companies
Start by defining your goals, which is your preferred role, industry, type of the company,
whether you are willing to relocate for the role. Create your target list, with the companies,
job functions and responsibilities that you are interested in. This target list should also match with your
background, experience and interests. Be as specific as you can, you could start
with 10 concrete companies with the concrete roles that you think would be a match with
your profile. 2. Prepare a strong CV. A strong resume does wonders for job search
and for your chances of making it to the interview stage. Your CV should be organized and easy to read,
2 pages long maximum. You could also have a couple versions of it,
and adjusted to the areas you would like to emphasize. Depending on the job you are applying for. 3. Use Networking to get to the desired role. According to statistics at least 60% of all
jobs are found by networking. Use your personal and professional connections,
develop contacts through friends, family, neighbors, university alumni. Anyone who might help generate information,
to identify opportunities in your target companies list. You may be surprised by the amount of people
they might know. Contacting recruitment agencies expands the
reach of your job search. LinkedIn is also a great tool for making professional
connections and connecting to your target group. Tell people how they could help you. This may sound a little self-serving, but
in networking environment it’s acceptable to let people know what is it you are looking
for. 4. Stay focused and eliminate distractions. Looking for a job is a full time job itself,
the only way to get it done is by staying focused and by minimizing distractions around
you. This means: No TV, no Social Media, the phone
use at a bare minimum, sticking to your “to-do list”. Also getting out of the home environment will
be very helpful. Traditionally your home is place where you
relax and take care of personal tasks. So finding a proper and dedicated workspace
for your search will help very much. 5. Get Your Interview Basics Ready
Once you start applying successfully you’ll obviously land your first interviews. Think ahead and prepare at least the basics
necessary for your interviews. Like practicing the possible job interview
questions and answers, preparing your interview attire and putting together your professional
portfolio, if necessary. Also practice by tellling your resume story. 6. Stay optimistic and motivated When you’ve been on the job hunt for some
time, every rejection can feel crushing. Hearing nothing at all can create just as
much frustration, especially you’ve put so much effort to tailor your applications
to each position. Use your spare time to do things you’ve
always wanted to do “if only you had time…” Like getting in shape, reading that book,
taking that class and learning something new, spending time with your friends and family. Anything to help you feel good about yourself. Exercising and eating healthy will help to
keep your spirits and your energy level high. Aside from being essential to your mental
state, keep in mind that no one wants to hire someone who is sad or negative. Nobody said that job hunting was easy. It’s a process that needs your full attention,
persistence and patience, the only way for you to be successful. The more diverse your job-hunting strategies
are, the more opportunities you’ll discover and the greater is the chance of landing the
job you really want. Thanks for watching, hit the subscribe button
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