How to Install a Flag on a House Mounted Flagpole

Hi, this is Patrick with Gettysburg Flag Works I wanted to show you guys our two-piece spinning house mounted flagpole and how you would attach both a grommeted style flag and a pole sleeve flag to that pole. Let’s take a closer look. This is our Battle-Tough American flag It has the header and grommet attachment with embroidered stars and sewn stripes This is our US Marine Corps pole sleeve flag with a leather tab down the side of the neck that we will use to attach to the pole This is a mourning ribbon with grommeted attachment and is used with the US flag only at times of half-staff Here are your two rings Which you will use to attach your header and grommet flag to the pole. These are included with the pole. Here is the flag pole This has a built in rotating clip at the top Below is your flagpole joint which spins independently, there are ball bearings both here and at the top of the pole beneath the ball Bottom piece has a cap on the bottom and threading at the top to connect the two pieces together first Let’s attach the pull sleeve flag slide your pole through the sleeve and attach the leather tab to the clip Flag is ready to fly Next the grommeted flag, you’re going to use these two rings with nuts to attach through the grommets You are not going to use the clip on the flagpole Slide the rings onto the pole and remove the screw Place the grommet over the opening put the nut back through and tighten You want to leave a little bit of spacing below the screw Now we are going to do the same thing for the bottom of flag Removing the nut putting through the grommet and tightening to the flagpole Make sure the two clips are in line so that your flag is straight Then tighten the screws on your flag, and you are ready to fly So we have our flag and pole pretty much ready to go I wanted to show you guys one last thing which is how to attach your mourning ribbon for times when the flag is at half-staff You’re gonna take the clip that you would have used for the sleeve flag Pop it through the grommet on the top of the morning ribbon and you’re good To fully display your flag Placing it into the bracket Tighten it and your flag is displayed . For more how-to videos, check us out at Gettysburg

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