How To Have Great Communication With Your Realtor

Hello everyone! Your real estate expert, Lance
Mohr, and we’re talking about how to sell a house. Today I want to talk about the advantages
of appointment setting services. So the question is, what is an appointment setting
service? Well, first let me tell you a little bit about what a lot of agents are doing out
there, is if I want to set up an appointment, if I have a buyer and I want to set up an appointment, I’m
going to the MLS, I’m calling the listing agent to set up the appointment. Then they’re
having to call the seller, call me back and the problem is, what happens if they’re out of town? What
happens if they’re in a listing appointment? What happens if they’re working with buyers?
What happens if they listened to the voicemail and just forgot to give me a call? Well, they’re
missing my call and I might not be able to get in and see the home. So then what happens
if there’s been an adjustment on the price? Maybe the price was lowered or maybe the home was
pending and then it went back to active. Is there a way to notify? Well, if you can’t
notify the agents, you can’t tell them, and if the agents are just logging everything by hand, you’re
not going to be able to do that. So what I do and what a lot of agents are doing is they’re
using an appointment setting service. Now, first off, some agents, and I’ve heard this, will say,
“oh no, I want the agent to talk to me directly. I could tell them about the home, I don’t
like appointment setting services.” First off, the agent doesn’t care. We’re in an instant gratification
society right now and the buyer wants to get in and see the property. You need to make
it as easy on the buyer and the agent as possible, and you have to have a system for doing things.
So here’s what happens, I use a company called CSS, and what happens is the agent
will call up, CSS will get their name, their number, everything, ask them when the appointment
is, call or text message the seller. If there’s an alarm, they’ll give them the alarm code,
but they have to give a password when they call in to verify the agent and they already have everything
so it’s very, very, very secure. Now, let’s say the agent is looking tomorrow between
3 and 4 o’clock. At 3 o’clock, they automatically get emailed a response asking for feedback. If
the agent doesn’t fill that out every 18 hours, they get another request for feedback,
up to 4 requests. So of course you as a seller you want feedback, don’t you? Of course you do, that’s
very important. So the other thing that’s really good, everything is logged in, so all
my sellers could see exactly what’s going on. They could see who looked at the home, when they looked
at the home, what feedback they gave, if the seller ever has say a price reduction. I could
go in and if we’ve had 20 people look at the home, I could instantly email all those agents
with the picture of the property and a description with the address, everything, price and they
know exactly what’s going on or maybe the home was, you know, pending a contract or
if it came back or you just need to tell them anything on the home. Well, you could, you
have everything accessible right then. So it’s really a system. It’s better than going around and
calling people, because a lot of times if I’m meeting with the seller, I’m meeting
with the buyer, I’m not picking up my phone and answering. Everybody who wants to look at my listings,
they could go in from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock at night, far better than real
estate office hours and set up an appointment. Or they could go online and set up and appointment
24 hours a day. So there’s a lot of different appointment setting services out there, but
I would just say no matter what, have your agent use an appointment setting service. I personally
use them because I spend so much money and effort on my listings for my sellers that
I cannot afford to miss any showings whatsoever, plus I want feedback on all of them and I want a
log, not only for myself, but for my sellers. So make sure your agent you hire uses an appointment
setting service, they’re vital. All righty! You have a wonderful day. Of you have any questions
whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact me. Have a great day, bye!

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