How To Get 15 Real Estate Leads In The Next 30 Days!

All right, so today I want to show you guys something extremely cool If you are a real estate agent, if you have a marketing agency that you run ads for real estate agent clients This is literally the simplest way to get a facebook lead generation ad Completely set up a tizzy Without having to go inside the Facebook Ads manager without having to copy and paste without really having to do anything There’s really no thought that goes into this. I just want to show you guys how Simple this is to get a lead generation ad completely set up and this is a proven ad that we have tested with Thousands of agents now we have spent well over a million dollars Testing these we have generated well over a hundred thousand real estate leads in the real estate space Well, obviously the real estate leads, right? so I want to show you guys how Simple this is to get set up if you like what you see here in this video you want to dive deeper? We actually have a 30 day a real estate leads challenge where we’re gonna help you. Get your next 15 leads in the next 30 days So there’s a link down in the description as well in the top comment to be able to jump in get started with that real Estate leads challenge right now back to this let’s show you guys how to get all this set up without going in the ads manager have to worry about targeting the Special ad category with housing that’s now in the United States all this stuff All you have to do is come in here inside the Arsenal ads tab Which everyone should have if you have an Arsenal account and you haven’t had this previously You should have that now and so you’re just gonna click on create your first ad or create an ad up here Now this is gonna take you through a very simple walkthrough. Do you have a listing to market? Okay, if you don’t listen, don’t worry, you don’t have to have a listing K There’s other options we have ads that are compatible with that as well. But let’s say you do have a listing Okay, actually the safe for this one Let’s say you don’t have a listening because I know a lot of times I go through and I show these demos these examples Assuming that you have a listing, but if you’re brand new to real estate lots of times you don’t have a listing quite yet Right, and if you don’t have a listing you still can use an agent in your office you use their listing? But make sure you ask permission first because you can’t legally go through and market their listing without them knowing about it but typically They’ll give you the green light Because if you’re willing to go through and mark and advertise their listen to kind of test these things out They’re gonna be all four, right so we’re just gonna click on right here. And so this is great Let’s get some information for your new ad Look at this guy’s you just have to go through and put some basic information in here So for this one, I’m just gonna give it a I’m just I’m gonna call this demo Leads campaign. Okay, so you can call it whatever you want then from here All you’re gonna do is choose your Facebook ad account and this is a test account right here So I’ve got a my ad account that I’m going to choose right there and then says hey choose the Facebook page you like The ad to be placed on now, sometimes you have multiple Facebook pages I’ve got a few but sometimes you just have the one single page which is totally cool But these will all pop up right here. So let’s just do the JC or the Arizona real estate one for this one Okay And then we just fill in some details right here and the cool thing about this These details that we feel fill in they’re not only going to pre populate on the Facebook ad the lead capture form But they’ll also pre populate inside all of you follow-up emails and text messages So you literally don’t have to touch anything after you go through these basic steps. Okay, so let’s go through it Let’s pull up our website let’s go to our celebi’s comm and Obviously you’d put in your website right But we’ll pull this up grab this link go in throw it over there and then we want our privacy policy URL typically at the bottom of every site you’re gonna have the privacy policy and we’ve got this Just gonna go down to privacy Oops, I think that I think we gotta put in privacy policy Boom, there we go So all you gotta do is grab this link and you should have one on your website if you don’t have a website Then what you can do to get buying it on this which I don’t necessarily recommend But if you need to do this option, you can usually put in your Facebook page URL for the Facebook business page You’ve got okay But go grab your Facebook prior your your privacy policy for your website Throw that in right here and then type in your city like this is gonna be super cool It’s gonna go through this is good. We’re gonna pull and automate all the targeting for you It’s gonna make everything in the Facebook ad the targeting the lead follow-up Specific to your community, so let’s just say I’m in Mesa, Arizona Okay, that’s not too far from where I live. So Mesa, Arizona and then my average deal size So let’s say I like to focus on you know, kind of like maybe mid market homes like five hundred thousand six hundred thousand so put in right here five hundred thousand and Then we’ll throw in an image of a home Let’s see coming down here. And this is just gonna be like any home that’s in your area Right doesn’t have to be a specific listing. Let me just see what Images of God I swear God an image right here. Okay right here so let’s pull this up and then we will hit next and then Just going through craning All right. It looks like I got a except the Facebook Terms of Service really quick and add a payment method I’ll show you guys this really quick because this only takes a second. So we got accept pay or accept the Terms of Service Now we come back over here Make sure we got a payment method set up and I’m gonna do that really quick and then we’ll jump back into things All right. So now that we’ve got everything filled out All we’re gonna do is click Next right here and it’s basically going through and disconnecting with Facebook and the ads manager creating your ad and Will not create your ad quite yet looks like because we got to come over here We got to set a budget but all the targeting is taken care of for you Okay, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff any of the confusing anything? So look, it says attention Mesa because we were targeting Mesa Arizona, right? Are you or anyone looking to buy a home? we have compiled a free port from Homes for Sale under and then this is gonna actually Auto Populate with the average deal size if you want to go in here and like actually just throw this in here yourself you can easily Do that just like see what the preview looks like. Some of these homes may even qualify for special financing programs Get your free report and listen homes below Okay, and then this is the the headline right here the title list of homes in Mesa get list of new homes in Mesa so you can see exactly what the ad is actually gonna look like right over here the image pulling everything and This is going to create the lead capture form It’s gonna sink all believes in with Arsenal and they’re gonna drop into your Lee’s database and if you have the Arsenal mobile app it’s gonna hit you up with a lead notification anytime a new lead comes through and Also on top of this once we hit finish guys It’s going to create a 12 email and text marketing to follow up with all of the data that we previously put in That’s pretty awesome. Right? So anytime an automated text goes out to one of your leads and that lead text back You’ll get hit up inside the Arsenal mobile app And so you’ll be able to go and have the two-way texting back and forth with that lead So if you’re out about open house showing wherever you’re at kids soccer game You’ll be able to have instant contact with every single one of your leads So this point all you gotta do is set a budget. Okay, what is your daily budget? and at first I usually recommend $10 per day if you have a bigger budget great if you have a smaller budget like five dollars per day probably wouldn’t start there because the thing is Even if you look at this and you’re like man, I don’t have a 300 dollar per month budget Well, the thing is you don’t have to spend $10 per day every single day for the whole month, right and if you do spend $10 per day and things are working well well That’s 300 dollars per per month can actually go through and help you end up closing a deal Which then you’re making five thousand to ten thousand dollars back in return, right? So the ROI on that is a hundred percent worth it Okay, so that’s kind of the way I look at my budget, but I usually like to start out at least ten dollars per day Because then we’re at least giving ourselves to get a you know Get a lead and once I go and have my ads start running I want to give it about three to four days for Facebook to go through and optimize and see who’s engaging with your ad and Knowing the exact type of people they should be showing your ad to okay So now once we’ve chose the budget we make sure this is all looking good. So what’s ready? We’re just gonna go through and hit finish I’m not gonna do it in this video because obviously This is just a demo campaign demo ad but once you hit finish it’s going to go through and create the campaign Have the email follow-up everything’s connected with Facebook And if you want to go inside your Facebook Ads manager You can easily go in there pause the campaign. Delete it You can even delete it pause it within Arsenal as well, but it makes everything super simple right now obviously I went over all this fairly quickly in this video if you like more In-depth training and analysis on how to get all this stuff set up They’ll lead follow up the lead acquisition all that stuff. We have that 30-day lead Is down in the description as well as in the top comment So go jump in there and we’ll walk you through step by step how to generate buyer leads listing leads how to market open houses like everything that you need to go through and Generate leads on a consistent basis for your business So with that said guys, thank you so much for jumping on watching this video and I will see you in the next video


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