How To Generate 43 Real Estate Leads/Week For New Agents ($1-3 Real Estate Leads)


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  • Sonia Alexander Castro

    Pretty cool

  • emmanuel ohwojeheri

    Can i use one account of $99/mon for multiple real estate agents?

  • this is amazing, arsenalmkg .. awesome, Ill be using this for my clients.

  • Honestly a great software but.. It's not affordable even if I had 2 clients at 2k per month each I still would feel comfortable paying that much per month that was a real let down even though it is an amazing software and bring great value, I'm disappointed with the monthly price, $100 per month I feel it should be max, $300 per month I feel your over excited and pushing it a little just my honest opinion bro I do see value here, But not for that much, great job on the software though.

  • Cool sales process

  • Jason, what is the follow up protocol for a lead after they opt in for more photos?

  • very simple man thanks for sharing

  • Can other agencies use this software?

  • Hey jason, have you tried a funnel through Messenger?

  • Can you make other corrections, like after submitting, it says phots instead of photos?

  • Jason do you recommend using this software to get RE leads for clients? or FB ad? which one do you recommend? i just started and i think im gunna land my first client, i want to get them the best result. what should i do? i didnt join your agency program yet ( will soon ), what way is the best for me? and your suggestion?


    Hi Jason Can this work in the UK

  • Would you recommend using this for smma, starting out? I have not landed a client yet.

  • Can this work in Nigeria in West Africa

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