How to Find a Realtor : Realtors vs. Real Estate Agents

Hi! This is Paul Louis Muller your neighborhood
Realtor, you can find me on the web at, there’s no www in that address folks, on
behalf of I’d like to welcome you. I want to talk a little bit about
the difference between sales agent and Realtor. Now there is a difference and let me explain
what that difference is. A lot of times you’ll meet people who say they sell real estate
and they’re Real Estate Agents, but they may not be a Realtor, I’m a Realtor and
I belong to a Real Estate Association, and by being a Realtor I have to pay quite a bit
of money every year to belong to that association, but I get all the tools and the resources
that I need to market your home properly. A Sales Agent who’s not a Realtor will not
really have those tools at his disposal, and a Realtor will have access to the MLS which
is the Multiple Listing Service. That’s really important and we’re going to talk
about that in segments after this, but the multiple listing service is really the main
place where Realtors and their clients go to look for properties, that’s pretty much
the place to market your home on the internet, the Multiple Listing Service. So again a Realtor
will have access to the Multiple Listing Service, so you want to make sure that you hire a Realtor.

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