How to Draw a House in 1-Point Perspective: Narrated Pencil Drawing

Hi, Tom here welcome to this week’s new
video: How to Draw a House in One-Point Perspective, from three different angles,
in this video I’ll show you how to draw a house from three different angles in
one-point perspective, the first step is to draw a horizontal line slightly below
the middle of your page, next to a cross on the right-hand side of the horizontal
line for our first vanishing point, now draw two diagonal lines from this
vanishing point to the left side of the page, these two lines will represent the top and the bottom height of our first
building, next draw a vertical line for the left-hand edge and then another
vertical line for the right-hand edge of our first building,
now on the left-hand side we can make this vertical line into one side of a
rectangle and this will be the side of our first building, next we can draw a
triangle for the roof of our first building, just by drawing a triangle on
top of this rectangle and then from the top point of this triangle we can draw
another line to our vanishing point and this will be the top edge of the roof
and now we can copy the angle of the front of this triangle to find the same
angle for the back end of the roof and we can repeat this angle again in the
middle of the roof to create two houses and then just add one vertical line
below it, time to erase some of the lines that we
no longer need, next, draw a line to the vanishing point, for the top line of the doors and windows we can just add some
vertical lines below this line to make the doors and windows, we can just draw another
line to a vanishing point to find the bottom of all of the windows, so once
you’ve chosen where you want the windows to stop, you can just draw a line from
that point to the vanishing point and that will show you where all of the
windows, which are in a row, where they would all stop, in one point perspective,
now we can repeat this process above to draw more windows, we can find the lines
of these new windows, by drawing vertical lines up from the earlier
windows below, once you’ve got all the basics looking okay in your drawing, we
could add some chimneys, first draw a rectangle to the top of the triangle on
the left, now once we’ve got this rectangle we can find the side of the
chimney by drawing horizontal lines from the top and the bottom of the chimney
going to our vanishing point, in this drawing all the horizontal lines
on the right of this building, all these lines will go to the single one
vanishing point that we have because they’re all getting smaller as they’re
going away from us, once we have the basics of this first
block of buildings done we can start to darken some of the lines and maybe thicken
the line under the roof and some of the lines in the windows and doors, we could
add some chimney pots on each of the chimneys and a bit of details to the
windows, now in one-point perspective all of the
parallel lines go away from us, they will be going to this single vanishing point,
because they’re all part of the same building and they’re all parallel to
each other, within the building, but if we want to draw a different group of houses,
which aren’t parallel to the first group of houses, we can just draw another
vanishing point on our horizon, now for this second vanishing point is only
going to be used by this new group of houses as it were, it’s their vanishing
point, only used by them! we could add another third vanishing
point on our horizontal line, for a house on the left, again this new vanishing
point, this third vanishing point, is only to be used for the new house on the left,
and in this way we can make a picture in one point perspective, but actually using
3 vanishing points, but each of the groups of houses is only using one
vanishing point! once we have the
outlines of the house, we could add some tone, some shading, to the sides of the
buildings, for this drawing I’m using a 4b pencil, there are some details of the
art materials I use in the video description, as I’ve said in this drawing
if you have a different block of buildings, they don’t need to follow the
same one vanishing point, they can have their own one vanishing point, so this
drawing actually is, it is a drawing in one point perspective, but there are 3
groups of buildings and each block of buildings has its own one-point
perspective going on, so as long as all of the vanishing points are on the same
horizon, because the horizon is the height of at the eye of the viewer, they
need to be on the same horizon line and you just need to be careful that you
don’t mix up using more than one vanishing point for any one group of
buildings, so each group of buildings has its own single vanishing point and
that’s it and then you can get a variety of different buildings at different
angles, but all in one point perspective, we can draw a curve for the road now,
this curved road will be getting much wider as it approaches us,
I will also draw some trees in the background, I think, we could draw a dark tree here at the
end of these houses on the right and then some thinner trees behind the
houses on the left and the right and then in between the houses in the middle
I could draw a little bit of a hill and some trees around this area too… I think I might put some plot pots
outside the houses, I’ll add some shadows to the trees on this hill and the light is
sort of coming from the left-hand side, so I’ll make the shadows go to the right I’ll also add some tone to
the sky, using the side of a pencil and then just smudging it with my finger or
an eraser, to get a sort of mid-tone in the sky, but I leave a little patch of some
lighter part of the sky on the left-hand side, as a sort of light source to create
the shadows which are going to the right, we could add some smaller details to the
windows of the houses, I think I will erase these plant pots they’re not really
needed in this drawing, I’ll add some dark reflective shadows too, to the
building, just sort of shadows going down, so anything in the building that’s dark,
I’ll just make a reflective darkness below it as well… Thank you very much for watching this
video, I hope you find it useful for your own drawings, I post a new video every
Saturday, please subscribe to my youtube channel Circle Line Art School, so that you
can watch all of the videos as they come out! Thank you very much for watching
this one and see you next time…


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