How REALTORS® Can Use American Lifestyle magazine to Close Expired Listings

Hey are you a real estate agent that’s
trying to close expired listings but you’re struggling? In today’s video I’m
gonna give you a tactic that you can leverage your magazine to help you close
that expired listing. Alright so expired listings are a great source of leads for your real estate business. So, you can collect these leads off the MLS, you can use products like REDX. You should be working expired listings. What
I want to share with you guys today is when you get that listing appointment,
you know when you actually present to that prospect. You’re up against a
mindset where they don’t really trust real estate agents anymore. They just
went through the listing process and they didn’t have success so they have a
mindset of failure. You need to show them what you bring to the table that’s
unique. How are you different from their competition? And this is where you can
really leverage the power of your magazine. One of the greatest value
propositions of your magazine is how it makes you look. How it makes your brand
look. It’s your differentiator. So what you want to do is when you show up to
that listing appointment, bring your magazine with you. And if you’re really
good, customize the back cover with a listing ad. And now when you’re giving
your listing presentation not only can you share you’re gonna put it on the
Internet, MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist. You’re gonna put a sign in the yard. But
now you can pull out your secret weapon of the magazine, show them the listing on
the back cover, share with them how you can bring this to the table to get the
word out about their home to help them sell it. This is gonna help you overcome
that mindset that maybe you are just like the last REALTOR® and there’s
nothing unique. This can be your unique differentiator and show why you’re the
rock star and why you deserve the listing. So, there you have it guys.
There’s a tip to help you use your magazine to close the expired listing. If
you like these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, comment below, try it out. Let me know your successes your failures, I want to share it with the audience.
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