How I Lost My Butt In Real Estate And Got It Back

Have you lost your butt in real estate
and you want it back? I’m about to introduce you to man that lost his butt.
He got it back. He tried to do it on his own then he found a superior way. Real
estate can be a super challenging game when you’re a lone wolf and trying to
figure out how to do it especially if it’s out of state. But there’s always a
better way. We’re going to talk about that today. Craig, how we doing, brother? -I’m doing
fine. Great. -How’s this event? -Very good. -Now, this isn’t your first event. How many
of you been to? -This is my fourth. And I’ll tell you. I’m old. So, I was like, “Okay.
Do these routines.” There’s a most excited I’ve been. I’ve learned so much. Like I
don’t know what happened but I’ve learned a lot more this time. -Are these
life changing now as they were in the beginning? -For me, even more life changing
because I’m becoming in tune with working on myself. And Kris, I’ll
just tell you. And my wife the same way we’ll say the same thing. Doing what
Kris calls the breakthroughs. I had a lady just talk to me. Patti said, “Craig…”
Her husband I guess was here earlier another one. And she said, “Man, what’s
happened to that guy?” And I don’t… You know you don’t notice yourself growing
because you’re with your self all the time. But she said, “What happened to that guy?
He’s a new guy.” And I really appreciated her sharing that because that excites me.
-Wow. That’s amazing. I love that. So, let me ask you. Craig, as you’ve been doing real
estate, you had an experience. I’m calling it “Lose my Butt”. Because you live in
California but you bought a bunch of properties where? -Kansas City. -Bought a
bunch of properties in Kansas City. How many homes did you have there? -I have 5
homes there. -And when you bought them, what was happening with them? What was the story there? -The bottom line was in in a real estate process… And I’ll
say this, besides Kansas City, I flipped homes in Southern California. That’s
where I live. I brought a mobile home over from a reservation Arizona. My son and I
fix it up and sold. We made some money. But the whole process including Kansas
City is me versus that property… I say versus because I kind of attack it. And
after 3 years of attacking and learning, I think I broke even really by
the time wind up selling. I just sold them in September when we were in Hawaii. And
I was so relieved to sell them because of that mental energy. I wasn’t going to be
able to go further than that. Once you’re me, versus a property only can do so many
like that. So, that was my limit. -Yeah. And those 5 properties, were they
performing? -Some were but for lack of knowledge, one zip code and you can look
it up in Kansas City, 64130. It’s called the killer
zip code. -Yeah. -So… -Not as in like, “Oh! That’s killer, man.” But more like, “It’s… ”
-Yeah. And I had a wonderful gal there. Wonderful Miss Betty. She’s old school
and she took care of the house. That was the exception. I was very fortunate. -Right.
-But her… She burnt down the kitchen. -Oops. -With too much chicken boil… -I love
you. I love you. It’s like, “Dude, she’s amazing. I like her. She’s wonderful. She
burnt down my kitchen!” -Yeah. Man… -That just shows what an amazing heart that
you have. I love that about you Craig. And some things have changed. I mean, to be
able to flip some homes and do some things and realize, “Wow, we put all that
time and effort in.” And it was more of a break even. We don’t have time for break even. And we don’t have years for break even. -I have 3 and a half years
until I retire. Oh, I’ll just say. I do not have another chance.
My son is 31. He has many chances. He’s fortunate he found a Kris. My fire is
burnt. You don’t have to get me more motivated. I’m motivated. -But in the last
3 months, what has happened? What have you done instead? -I bought 3 houses
with Kris. And you know how much I know about those renters? I don’t know
anything about those renters. -Yehey! You’re not supposed to. -And then Kris said, they said I’d get 1500 for the house. I got 15 25 for the house. I have one in Kissimmee,
Florida and 2 up in Memphis. -Yeah. -I don’t know anything about those houses.
And and this is the beauty of it. I have a lot of background in real estate but
it doesn’t matter. -Listen. Bottom line is you moved out of a really cheap market
where the real estate wasn’t performing. You moved into a market with way higher
ROI. -Yes. Way greater returns. -Yes. -Having it
totally be passive though. And here’s the difference: You were doing those 5
homes on your own. Now, your home’s you now have, they’re part of
thousands of homes in a system where they get taken care of by a whole team
of experts that have to make the entire portfolio succeed. -Yeah. -I don’t want my
life to be boring and I love boring when it comes to getting residual money. -Yeah.
-It works really, really well. Bottom line is this: Anyone who’s in
financial pain, anyone that doesn’t have enough retirement.. You know, we don’t
realize it in our 20’s that we’re not on track for what we need in our sixties.
-Yeah. -We don’t realize in our 30’s that we’re not on track for what we need in our
sixties. So by the way, if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, listen up. I want you to like listen and get this right now. If you do the math and
look at the rate that you’re accumulating wealth, it’s not going to be
even 10% of what you want at retirement. Which means the sooner you
recognize it, the more you can get time on your side and do something about it.
And if you’re older, it’s also not too late. Because there are shortcuts. There are workarounds so that you can actually still rise up and accomplish a
lot in a short period of time. -Yes. -I created all my wealth in 4 and a half
years retired me for my job with a six-figure residual. And you’re going to be
doing the same because you have this amazing motivation. -Yes. Very excited. -And
at the end of the day after years of experience in real estate, Craig, you
shifted. You found better tools and resources. -Yes. -And you’ll do a lot more
in a shorter period of time. -Yes. -I’ll say this. The only difference is
I knew back when I was 28 basically learned the rule of 72. I’m going to get
$5,700 a month in 3 and a half years as a teacher.
30 years. This year, I will have matched that easily working with Kris.
Kris said, “Well, people don’t necessarily know.” I knew and I’ve been struggling for
30 years on how to make it work. And I’m so excited to meet Kris. And one
reason I came to this event on that. You know, videos and everything and who knows…
You know, I could be a paid guy from Kris, right? I came to meet Kris, met his
wife and his kids and he is the real deal. -Craig. I appreciate you being here
and thank you so much. And I’m excited for the next 3 and half years to be
part of this great grand journey with you. -Thank you. It’s good to be part. -It’s going to be awesome. For the
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  • Losing is inevitable especially with real estate, business, etc. It's going to happen eventually even if we succeed right out the gate. It's preparing for the failing which can help protect us from a blow that we can't come back from

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  • I think the old saying is still true, even in today's divisive world……….If you show someone how to get what they want-they will in turn, provide you with what you want.
    One of my buddies had a rental & the tenant stayed for 20 years because he only raised the rents a min. amount, they took care of every aspect of the place, and I think they moved out because they went to Fla. from Buena Park Ca. when they retired.

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