How Agents Use IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM

[intro music] Agent Testimonials How do agents use IXACT Contact to grow their
business?>>KEITH: We use IXACT to do pretty much everything
in our office. Whether we are sending out a mailer and we have to do labels for our
clients, or we want to integrate it with the newsletter that we send out. IXACT meets the
needs of our team for communicating with our clients. We use it to invite our clients to
our appreciation events. We use it to remind ourselves when our clients are having important
life events, whether it’s a birthday or a home anniversary. And we use it to keep track
of all of their phone numbers. So that when we’re on the road, we can access that important
information that we need right with our iPhone. Powerful Email Marketing & CRM in a single integrated system. Sign up for a FREE 5-week Trial!

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