House to vote on impeachment inquiry procedures


  • MOMENTS AGO!!!!!!!!! The Children's News Network has created more fake news !!!!!! Blah blah blah. One day these idiots may look back and realize how stupid, immature, and delusional they were…..nahhh !! Stupid is a life sentence !!!!!!!

  • There are reports out there, substantiated by several sources, that the ISIS leader was already dead and had been dead for over a year….sorry I can't remember the exact time…. Trump said that they immediately had DNA proof that the guy was the right one but we all know that you can't process DNA that quickly. Trump lies and lies and lies so I can easily believe that he is lying about this too.

  • In a couple weeks the republicans will be wishing the testimony was kept behind closed doors.

  • Hurry before he starts wearing Military Uniforms.

  • or riding horses with no shirt on.

  • Let's not drag this out! Congress you have all the self admitted proof you need right out of his mouth on tapes and in documents. Since he feels he can do whatever he wants, he has admitted publically to all of his crimes including Treason. We want impeachment and arrest as soon as possible.

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