House Renovation Show: MO & CO RENO [Episode 1] – “We Bought A House” (Super Trailer)

Hi, my name is
Marques T. Owens My name is
Cecilia Owens We are looking for
our first home together. I don’t want it to be.. …a house that is older than… ME! (laughter) Good luck with that in southern California. I’m sayin’… Well, Okay… If it’s that old then we have to like… Re-Re-Re-Re-do. Okay. You know, I’m down for a fixer-upper if it doesn’t meet everything… I like to be creative so that means I have more control over the space that
I’m going to live. We’re looking forward
to this next adventure, when we get out new modern home! Mediterranean! Contemporary! Traditional! Some of the homes that MO, Cece, and I have looked at…
were each different. One house in particular I remember was a little on the top end of their budget was on a hillside… cul-de-sac community and it was
recently remodeled
as well… There was another house
that we looked at in Baldwin Hills…was a corner lot. It was actually dated and it had a weird
master bedroom. I remember the master bedroom sinking in, opening up, and just being over the top. and there was this other property in View Park… Now this property… oh my… I HAD NO CHANCE that they would actually be
interested in this property. THIS PROPERTY WAS A NIGHTMARE!!! So, this is the house that they chose…. So we bought a new house…
and guess what? IT’S A FIXER-UPPER! Big time. (laughter)
Considering all that I just shared
with you… Look at this place. Architecturally,
you don’t know what they’re doing
with this house.
(laughter) The only reason
we came over here is because it has a great view. Yes… A number of things need to be done
here on the outside. What are some things
that you want to do? I definitely want to see
those columns come down. Because they are just blocking
EVERYTHING! Exactly… Get some new handrails
up there… Definitely tear out that yard and replace
it with something nice and fresh. It’s completely overgrown
right now. Right. What are some of the other things that you
want to do? Everything. (laughter) Can we get details? Yes. I would love a new master bedroom and master bath suite because we have… HIS AND HER MASTER BATHS!! Who would have thunk it? Some of the details,
the finishes in this
house we just… from a different time. I remember the light switches,
the door handles, and just the wood…. Everything that was used in this house
was from a different era. The carpet, the toilet, the sinks,
everything! The granite. Everything needs to be touched. Stairs were wobbly ready to fall… It was mold in certain locations, drywall
falling down… If you looked at it, most people would probably
walk in and walk right out. We’re giving it a nice
‘Hollywood Face-lift’! Same savvy negotiations got them
a favorable price, which helps them
for the rehab process. We’re going to let you watch us through the whole renovation process so you can see ‘The Before’… Muscles. Toast. This looks so much better… even without walls. The inspector came and stopped the job
because we needed permits… ‘The During’…. I did this on this little free website… (HomeByMe) That’s pretty cool… Okay, so we are ready for press… Boom! Then you set the temperature… Clean air! This is the site plan. Timberrrr!!! Whoa, Whoa… So, the first step is to remove the drywall and each floor joist is gonna be replaced. Okay. New pier and a base. This is all your space. You see? This is all your space. Wow! MO… You’re over budget already,
I know you are! Stop making changes!! What happened? Make up your mind! What’s this… $3,000 charge for Daniel? And especially ‘The After’… and hopefully it looks completely different out here. Exactly, it’ll look a lot different when you
come to visit us. This is all new framing! This is all fresh wood!
(laughter) MO, What y’all doin’ man?? Now they have started their journey,
their adventure… making this house… their masterpiece. This is… “MO & CO RENO” So, come and take
this journey with us… See you soon…


  • Wow…. very ambitious .. glad the baby didn't catch anything in there 😂😂😰

  • Outstanding city view. Looking forward to the after. Best of luck.

  • Proud of you all.. soon it will all be a wonderful memory. keep laughing, smiling, and communicating the Owens goal… Giving God all the Glory!

  • Yo!! This is awesome! Can't wait to see it!!

  • love this!

  • you gotta have pastor matt come over and bless the house for the next episode

  • WOW Marques!!! You guys definitely have a handful on your plate! I can't wait to see the finished product, I know it's gonna be amazing!

    *side note, great job on the production of this video! I could soooo see this on HGTV or DIY network!!!!

  • Hi my name is Daniel. Did you get my invoice of $3,000? J/k. Congrats on your purchase! I think I can see your vision and the potential in this home. I know it has to be an amazing adventure so far. I look forward to watching the next episodes in 3..2..1

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